Chapter 39:

The King's Words

Wolf Bloodline

Lezlie and I left Hiroshi and Babu and went after Jixus. Because of the false news I gave, apart from Jixus, there were no elite soldiers or epic in the castle, even many of the soldiers were gone.Bookmark here

That was pretty good news for us. As we ran, Lezlie turned his head to me and said,Bookmark here

"Ryuu-san, I want to ask you something. How did you get so many people to believe there was an attack?"Bookmark here

"When I saw you guys getting caught, I knew I couldn't save you by fighting. So I disguised myself as a soldier and lied to them using the communication devices they used. They delivered the news directly to the First Epic. And as you can see, we're here now."Bookmark here

"But I have to say, I had a hard time saving you guys. But in the end, I'm your friend, aren't I?"Bookmark here

She smiled and said,Bookmark here

"Understood, Ryuu-san, and thank you."Bookmark here

After a short advance, a few soldiers began to appear in front of us. Without losing time and pace, I knocked down the soldiers who came before us with my fists. We went up the stairs in front of us, I didn't remember exactly where it was going, but I knew it was going outside because it had a light at the end of it, so if we went out, we could find out where we were going easier. I didn't say anything to Lezlie, and we kept going up the stairs.Bookmark here

As we climbed the stairs, we reached a small balcony of the Castle. When we reached the balcony and looked down, I saw something very, incredible. Hundreds, thousands of people were waiting for the king to listen to his speech under the castle. Lezlie looked down too and said,Bookmark here

"Ryuu-san, if he tried to blend in with the citizens, it would be very difficult for us to find him."Bookmark here

"No, I don't think he'll do anything like that, he'll probably be in a visible place."Bookmark here

As we spoke, the King came out of the big balcony, right in the middle of the castle, and greeted his people. Another man appeared after the king, and that man, of course, was Jixus. Jixus walked around like the King's right-hand man. And the people didn't call it anything, of course, because everyone thought he was a helper of the king or something. After the people's applause for the King was over, the King began to speak,Bookmark here

"My beautiful people, the reason I have gathered you here today is that I will talk about the war that will take place very soon. The Cronus lineage, which has lived on this land for a very long time, and the First Epic, will soon enter a war. But as a king during this war, I must take aside the future of all of us.Bookmark here

In this war, of course, we will go back to back with the First Epic, we cannot entrust our lives to the barbarians of the bloodline of Cronus! So, my people, I want you to support me in this cause. Together we will protect our kingdom!"Bookmark here

After these words of the King, the people began to look at the King strangely. Because they were not very happy with the bullying they experienced with the First Epic and elite soldiers, and they could not understand why the king allowed such a thing to happen. But no one could say a word because of their fear of the King.Bookmark here

After a brief silence, in an instant, Lezlie yelled towards the public,Bookmark here

"People of the first Kingdom! I humbly ask you to listen to my voice, the king is controlled by a sorcerer! No matter what he says now, it's all words spoken against his will! Please don't listen to what he says, there are people in this Kingdom who are controlling him!"Bookmark here

And Jixus next to the king suddenly shouted,Bookmark here

"How dare you! Disobeying the King's order means execution!"Bookmark here

As Jixus said these things, I could see the sweat on his face. He had a face like he was thinking about how we got away. And then I threw myself forward,Bookmark here

"Jixus, stop what you're doing, it's no good for you"Bookmark here

"I can't disobey the King's order, I will follow orders and I will execute you all."Bookmark here

The same rule was valid in public, that's why they couldn't say anything. On the other hand, the King still couldn't do anything because of the control spell. He only approved of Jixus.Bookmark here

Jixus then ordered a dozen soldiers to capture us. We were dealing with a dozen soldiers and an elite soldier. I pushed the soldiers from the stairs back with a kick or two. Immediately afterward, Jixus began to cast explosive spells on us. If we stayed on the balcony, the spells would hit us, so I jumped, holding Lezlie's hand.Bookmark here

As we jumped, the balcony behind us exploded because of Jixus's magic. I jumped without thinking, so we were about to hit the big glass of the castle. I got Lezlie behind me like last time, and I got in front of the window. Then we smashed the glass and plunged back into the castle. When we got up, we realized that a dozen soldiers were still coming towards us again. I looked at Lezlie and said,Bookmark here

"We can't waste time on these, we have to move."Bookmark here

"You're right, Ryuu-san, you go and deal with Jixus, and I'll hold them off."Bookmark here

"Lezlie, are you sure about this?"Bookmark here

"Please, Ryuu-san, do as I say and go."Bookmark here

"But there are so many soldiers coming after us!"Bookmark here

"You've always taken down our enemies, Ryuu-san, and this time there's no difference. So please go and do what you have to do"Bookmark here

She was right I had nothing to do but to leave there.Bookmark here

"All right, I'm going, but be very careful."Bookmark here

I did what she said, and I got going fast. Soldiers kept coming in front of me, but there was no crowd like the one behind me. So I was moving forward with ease. After a couple of floors in the castle, I was close to reaching Jixus.Bookmark here

I knew when I crossed the corridor, they were going to come right in front of me. But Jixus saw me coming and continued to use his exploding spells to stop me. I "almost" escaped the spells. It was quite difficult to escape because the space I had was narrow. And the walls around me were pretty hard, so I couldn't tear them apart and use them against him.Bookmark here

Jixus continued to use his spells, while I tried to get close to Jixus while avoiding the spells. When I confronted Jixus, I grabbed him by the waist, and then I jumped off the balcony with him. Jixus looked surprised but continued to attack in the air.Bookmark here

This was my only chance, I had to defeat them all, now.Bookmark here

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