Chapter 40:

Jixus's Farewell

Wolf Bloodline

Jixus kept attacking me while I was in the air, but I was determined not to let go of his waist no matter how much he attacked. As we approached the ground, I took him under me and started punching him. Then I kicked him hard in the stomach, and I released him.Bookmark here

I landed easily with the force of the kick, And I waited for him to fall to the ground, but he saved himself at the last moment, using his magic. He looked at me,Bookmark here

"Despite all my warnings, you still want to continue? It is as you wish."Bookmark here

After he finished talking, he joined hands and began using a powerful spell. The magic gathered around him concentrated on his back and took on a shape similar to an arm. He was able to increase its number to six by intensifying his magic further. The magical arms he pulled out were moving simultaneously with his other two arms. And, he started attacking me again.Bookmark here

I didn't understand what was going on, they were pretty fast and powerful. Somehow they could stretch as long as they wanted. I jumped backward and escaped the attacks. Then, I jumped towards him, I was planning to land a quick punch, but one of the Arms came at me and tried to hit me. I throw myself to the left and escaped the first punch. Then a second punch came and I escaped that by crouching.Bookmark here

Then I jumped into the air, but as I jumped, one of the arms grabbed me by my feet and threw me against the wall. Jixus approached me in slow steps, laughing,Bookmark here

"I knew we'd meet again, so I strengthened myself. Now I can create shapes with my magic. Now tell me, kid, what are you gonna do now?"Bookmark here

I tried to stand up and pull myself together,Bookmark here

"I think you'll get your answer by fighting."Bookmark here

"Stupid boy. When I catch you, I'm sure the Epic will reward me.Bookmark here

"Of course, if you can catch me."Bookmark here

After I said this, Jixus began to attack again using his arms. I hit one of his arms hard, but there was no trouble in his arm or anywhere on his body. I was thinking about avoiding attacks to come up with a plan.Bookmark here

As time went on, my areas of escape were shrinking. I couldn't move much because there were so many people around us. So I had to move the war somewhere high, a place where. I had to do it to my advantage and for the good of the people. Jumping slightly, I broke the glass in front of me and went inside. I knew Jixus would jump with me too.Bookmark here

So I kept running away in the castle. As I thought, Jixus was coming after me. When I looked back at him, I saw him walking with his arms. He moved with each arm like a wheel. He was pretty fast, and he was about to catch up to me. So I kept running at full speed. After a few floors, I distanced myself from Jixus. On the last floor, I came out of, I saw a large piece of sculpted stone.Bookmark here

I got behind the statue and gave my back to the wall. I pushed the statue by pressing my feet to the ground. It was pretty heavy, and I could hear Jixus approaching me. But I couldn't stop pushing the statue. When he saw me pushing the statue, and realized what I was trying to do, he started going up the steps even faster. At that time, as Jixus was about to enter the floor where I was, I managed to push the statue up the steps and drop it. Along with the steps Jixus got under the statue.Bookmark here

I was out of breath, but I kept running away. And I knew it wouldn't stop him, but I had to deal with him somehow. In the meantime, I kept thinking.Bookmark here

I jumped pressing the steps and climbed to the top of the castle. When I finished climbing, Jixus broke the wall of where he was and looked around. He saw that I was on top, and began to climb on top of the castle with his using his arms. By coming here, I had taken him away from people, but I didn't expect the space to be so narrow.Bookmark here

When Jixus stood in front of me, he gave me an angry look,Bookmark here

"It's time for you to stop, you little brat! You are wasting my time."Bookmark here

I smiled and said, "I'm sorry, but it's very interesting to fight people like you. It teaches me a thing or two."Bookmark here

I tried to attack him, but his arms were all protecting him like a barrier. I knew something like this was going to happen, so my goal was not to hit him but to drop him from the top of the castle. I could send him back with my blows. So I kept attacking.Bookmark here

Until he attacked again. When we came face to face with him, he blew his black magic at me, just like he did to Hiroshi.Bookmark here

My eyes started burning, I couldn't see anything. I threw myself back and tried to open my eyes.Bookmark here

But nothing was happening. He used my half-blind situation as an advantage and attacked me and knocked me down. And he laughed loudly,Bookmark here

"Actually, there is a saying that I quite like. "Everything is fair in war." I love that word. It explains exactly what I think. Enough is enough, child. You and your friends are dead."Bookmark here

I took a deep breath, and I stood up. I calmly thought about what Ronk had trained me for. He once put me in a dark forest with my eyes and ears tied. Thanks to him, I was able to activate my other sense, and now I had to apply once again what he taught me.Bookmark here

"I advice you to not stand up."Bookmark here

"Come on, we need a winner to end this fight, don't we? And after all, there's still a little bit of power in both of us. It looks like nothing will happen if we don't determine the winner."Bookmark here

"Well, then. Let's end it like you want to."Bookmark here

He again began to attack mercilessly with his magical arms. I was trying to respond to the attacks calmly. But he was getting faster and faster. I kept my calm. I calmly prevented and countered attacks. I managed to get close to him this time, and I hit him hard, and then I threw myself back and escaped his attack. He became angry at this situation and intensified his magic, reducing the number of arms to two. He very quickly stretched his arms towards me. I escaped from the two arms that came, then grabbed the arms and pulled him to me. And I finally hit him hard with my head.Bookmark here

It didn't make much of an impact, so I landed a very hard kick in his stomach. He has knocked down again, just like last time. And I was successful once again.Bookmark here

Because he was powerless, the arms on his back and the magic in my eyes was gone. Even though the spell in my eyes had gone, my eyes still couldn't see very well. But it was enough for now that I could see a little. Jixus looked at me,Bookmark here

"It doesn't make any sense for my story to end here. But it seems this is what is going to be."Bookmark here

I grabbed him by the shoulder,Bookmark here

"You can't teleport this time, you know that right?"Bookmark here

"Runaway? No, no, no. Teleportation magic can't always be used, so I have something else on my mind."Bookmark here

"Are you planning to...."Bookmark here

"I think you know what I'm trying to do. I didn't want to die exploding my self but it seems I have to do it. But fortunately, I could see the fear in your eyes one last time."Bookmark here

I didn't know he would go this far, but he did.Bookmark here

"Goodbye, Ryuu."Bookmark here

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