Chapter 41:

King's Awakening

Wolf Bloodline

Jixus's skin suddenly began to turn red, and quite strong heat was spreading around him. And inside of his eyes began to shine a white light.Bookmark here

If he used this blasting spell, I wouldn't be able to get out of here. I thought about touching him and throwing him away, but I couldn't touch him because of the heat he was emitting.Bookmark here

I thought about taking off my clothes and wrapping them in my hand so I could throw him away. But that's when Lezlie showed up,Bookmark here

"Ryuu-san! Stop, don't touch him!"Bookmark here

Lezlie immediately approached me,Bookmark here

"The spell he's using right now is called The "Totsu" spell, and if you touch it, you'll explode before you have a chance to throw him. So we must proceed with caution."Bookmark here

"He's about to blow himself up! We have to do something now. Or a lot of people will die."Bookmark here

"I can stop him with a shield spell that I can create. But I need a lot of energy to be able to cast such a powerful shield spell."Bookmark here

"In short, we need my energy."Bookmark here

"But Ryuu-san, using this spell is very dangerous for the human body. It could even end in death."Bookmark here

"There's nothing we can do in the situation we're in. You know we have to do this."Bookmark here

I turned my back to her and said,Bookmark here

"Come on, there is no time to lose."Bookmark here

She nodded, "You are right, Ryuu-san. We have to do this for them."Bookmark here

She slowly put her hand on my back, And suddenly I began to feel that all the energy in my body had been absorbed.Bookmark here

After Lezlie's words, I felt an incredible pain in my body. It was like I was dying. I was screaming involuntarily, I felt burns at every point in my body. When I turned my eyes slightly back, there was a really unspeakable sight. Jixus exploded before my eyes and continued to explode for a while. But I couldn't feel anything. I was almost unconscious. Looking at the view of the kingdom, I lost my balance and began to fall from the castle, my eyes closed as I fell.Bookmark here

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Bookmark here

When I completed the spell, Ryuu-san lost control and consciousness. I realized he was going to fall and I tried to hold him, but I couldn't. He started falling quickly to the ground. I realized that even if I jumped, I wouldn't be able to save him in time. It was a really disturbing situation. Just as he was about to fall to the ground, something incredibly fast caught Ryuu-San and left him safely on the ground.Bookmark here

I was afraid that he would be an enemy, so I immediately went to Ryuu-san.Bookmark here

"Ryuu-san!"Bookmark here

After the mysterious person heard me, he got up and approached me.Bookmark here

"Thank you for saving my kingdom. It must have been a lot of trouble for you."Bookmark here

In my kingdom, it was hard to understand who he was. Whoever he was I tried to be careful.Bookmark here

"Sorry, but I don't know who you are. And what did you mean by "Your Kingdom." "Bookmark here

"Because this is my kingdom. I'm King Aoin. Sorry to tell this to you this late."Bookmark here

The man standing before me looked very much like the king, but he looked much more healthy and normal.Bookmark here

"But we saw the king with our own eyes, he was older and weaker thank you. And also, how did you manage to get here?"Bookmark here

"It was because of the magic they did to me. I've been in magic for so long that my body has lost its shape. By the time you broke the spell, thanks to you, I had my personality and body back."Bookmark here

When I looked back at the King, Ryuu-san was breathing on the floor, barely unconscious. I immediately went to him and checked if he had a wound. King said,Bookmark here

"I looked at his wounds. he's seriously hurt. He's got a fracture in one or two. Somehow, his body endured that explosion, if he were a normal person, he'd be dead by now."Bookmark here

"Your friend will be fine, don't worry, but I need to ask you a few questions before that."Bookmark here

I didn't want to stand by Ryuu-San and do nothing. So I agreed to stay with the King-Sama and answer his questions.Bookmark here

"I'm listening, my king."Bookmark here

"When I was under the spell that Jixus had cast on me, I could still hear everything that was being said."Bookmark here

"That means, I heard what you were talking about with the First Epic. I know how many of you you are, where you come from, I know you want to fight. And I know you declared war. Now tell me how much time we have for war."Bookmark here

"Three days, but if we wait for the others to recover and consider that The First Epic is now going to its own castle, things may be different."Bookmark here

"Then we have to get there on time."Bookmark here

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