Chapter 42:

Youngest Brother: Aoin

Wolf Bloodline

When I opened my eyes, everyone was in front of me.

Hiroshi, Lezlie, and Babu, and three other people I didn't know stood in front of me, they looked at me, waved at me. I made my way to them, and they suddenly disappeared. I looked around briefly, but suddenly a fire started to rise around me. And then I saw something that affected me deeply.

They were all lying injured on the floor, Hiroshi looked at me angrily and said,

"Kid, you didn't have to go this far, you that right? Why did you be stubborn and go for it, huh?"


He was covered in blood and breathing roughly, I didn't know what was going on but the atmosphere was chaotic,

"If you keep this up, your actions will get us all in trouble, Kid."

After Hiroshi said that, I suddenly got out of bed, sweating so bad. Turns out it was all a bad dream. Hiroshi approached me and slightly grabbed my shoulder,

"Hey, Kid, you okay?"

"I'm fine, I just had a nightmare, that's all."

When I looked around, I realized I was in the infirmary. My shoulder and chest were wrapped in bandages. I had pain, but it wasn't that heavy. I looked at Hiroshi,

"Hiroshi-san, how did I get here?"

"According to our wizard girl, when you fell, the King caught you and ordered the doctors to heal you."

"So where are Babu-san and Lezlie-chan?"

"They are fine, they are preparing a plan with the king, for the upcoming war."

"How long was I asleep?"

"About one and a half-day."

"We've wasted a lot of time because of me, we have to get back on the road."

"Calm down, Kid, I have good news."


"According to the information given, the First Epic actually returned to his castle because of the false information you gave. Since he's back in his castle, it'll take him a long time to get to the battlefield. That bought us some time."

"And how much time we have?"

"Probably another week or so, but that caused a problem. Somehow he found out that we had saved the King and that he would fight with us. Because of this, he will gather his men and creatures on the shores, in the mountains, and in all the first Kingdom, into battle.

"And The King? The last time he spoke publicly, he said he would fight alongside The First Epic."

"He had another speech and told his people what kind of situation he was in. So the public trusts him again."

"I understand. But I want to ask one last thing."

"What is it again, Kid?"

"What if they ask for help from the epics in other kingdoms?

"According to the king, they must leave three weeks in advance to come to this war. That means they can't make it to war in time."

"How's your eye, Hiroshi-san?"

"I guess you are not going to stop asking."

He sighed,

"I'm fine. I can see, but there's a claw mark left on my face now."

"Can we talk to the King, I want to talk to him too."

"You'd better rest now, and we have a long time ahead of us."

"Don't worry, Hiroshi-san, I'm fine, I'll rest after a little talk."

Hiroshi shook his head,

"As you say, but don't stand too long, because we need everyone strong in battle."

I got up, put on my clothes, that was on the couch and left the infirmary with Hiroshi. And we made our way to the King's place. When we arrived at where the king was, he saw us, and approached us with a smiling face,

"It's not good to walk around like this when you're so injured."

"Thank you for your attention, but we're fine now."

"So why did you two come here?"

"I'd like to talk to you."

"Actually, I want to talk to you and thank you. I saw what you and Lezlie-chan did upstairs. We may never be able to repay your debt, so on behalf of my kingdom, I thank you."

"You don't have to thank me, we've done these things a lot before."

Hiroshi lit his cigar and said, "Yeah, sure."

I said, "I would also like to thank you for agreeing to join us in the war and saving me."

"Now that everyone is here, let's go to the table if you want, and we'll continue our conversation there."

I realized that Babu and Lezlie were there too, they waved at us.

Doing what King said, We went to the dining room and sat at a fairly large table. The Cooks offered us food. The King looked at us,

"Go ahead, enjoy yourselves, please."

"Again, thank you for what you did for us."

"Oh, by the way, I'm King Aoin."

I said, "I'm Ryuu, our cowboy friend is Hiroshi, that girl is Lezlie and that panda is Babu."

"I heard Ryuu's name before but I heard your guys names for the first time, I'm glad that I met you all."

Hiroshi, "I didn't expect you to be so young for a king."

"Yes, I am the youngest brother among the Kings. Tell me, why did you want to take on this, the war, Why did you want to oppose the epics? These are not things that anyone can do."

"Frankly, the reason we're doing this is that we want everyone to get back into the freedom and justice system. Even if we act unprepared, although this is our own sense of Justice, we can't just leave people helpless. Every person in this world deserves to be peaceful and happy. That's why we started doing these things."

"Don't get me wrong, Ryuu, but I can see through the eyes of many of you that what you want is not the only justice."

"Why do you think like that?"

"After all, we were not kings for nothing. I've seen the feeling in my people when they lost that loved one, the flames burning in their eyes when they want revenge on someone, I saw so many things almost in everyone. It is a king's duty to understand the feelings of the people and plan accordingly."

"Yes, most of us are here for other purposes, but the most important thing for us right now is the freedom of the people."

"As a King, I advise you not to feed on what is called revenge. Because if you do something for revenge, all you get is pain or losing a life."

After the King said this, there was silence, then Hiroshi looked at the King,

"And do we know how many men "The First" has gathered?"

"It is said that he gathered an army large enough to meet two armies. But in a war, you should never look at the number, everything can be taken care of with the right plan."

"I also want to tell you a story that I lived with my brothers. Long ago, before the continents separated, there would have been great wars between the lineages. Our father always assigned us to end the war. As only five brothers, we stood before the armies. We were unstoppable. We fought thousands of soldiers.

Until the revolution of my eldest brother Yores, they fought a great war with Alpha Prime, and the continents were separated."