Chapter 43:

Ready For War

Wolf Bloodline

After the King had finished his speech, we scattered in our rooms to rest. But as I was about to leave the room, King Aoin looked at me and said,Bookmark here

"Ryuu-Kun, I want to talk to you about one or two things."Bookmark here

I nodded,Bookmark here

"Let's go to my room first, they can't bother us there."Bookmark here

We went there and started talking,Bookmark here

"I called you here because there's something I want to know."Bookmark here

"The wound you've received recently was too much for a person to handle, we both know that. To meet such a power, you only have to come from a powerful lineage and harbor a huge power."Bookmark here

"It's not right to just say things like that to everyone, but the reason I was able to handle the explosion there was because I'm a Wolf Descendant."Bookmark here

"Don't worry, your secret is safe with me, but do your friends know?"Bookmark here

"They know. It would never be right to keep secrets from people who would fight with me."Bookmark here

"I understand, you trust each other, which is good, but you have to be careful. Because it would be very dangerous for you to say that you are of this bloodline, out there or anywhere."Bookmark here

"If you mean for Miron....."Bookmark here

"No, it's not for him, it's dangerous in Miron, but it's not the only reason. A long time ago, before Alpha Prime, The Wolf lineage was a very dangerous lineage. And that's because of the man at the head of The Wolf line. The man who created the Wolf Bloodline. He was ruthless, even my eldest brother Yores couldn't fight him."Bookmark here

"So what happened?"Bookmark here

"The leader of the Wolf line wanted to create a world where there was no weak, only the strong. Because of this, other people and lineages began to fear him and all other people of the Wolf line. There was nothing to do, that man couldn't be stopped by anyone. Until my father, the first king, and Alpha prime stopped him. It is said that they started to call Alpha Prime, "Alpha Prime" after this battle. Alpha prime has taken over the lineage and brought peace by making a deal with the King."Bookmark here

"Is that why the Wolf breed is despised?"Bookmark here

"According to some, yes, but according to some, no, after the epics came, your bloodline was completely excluded, now your bloodline seems to be just a dream. This lineage is the wildest and strongest of all lineages, and if you can't control it, you'll kill everyone who gets in front of you, even your friends, without thinking. So try to stay as calm as possible and don't hold a grudge."Bookmark here

"I'll do my best. I will prove that my bloodline is innocent again, and no matter how long it takes, my bloodline will live in peace again."Bookmark here

"If you do what people want, if you become someone like Alpha Prime, I assure you, your bloodline will find peace again."Bookmark here

"Anyway, rest before it's too late, we will leave in two days."Bookmark here

After our conversation, I went to my room and rested for a while.Bookmark here

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Bookmark here

At The Time, In The Castle Of The First Epic,Bookmark here

The second elite soldier quickly approached the First Epic,Bookmark here

"Sir, as you requested, we have gathered our men everywhere, and we are ready to go to war."Bookmark here

"Great, victory will soon be ours."Bookmark here

"Sir, forgive me, but is it possible that we can take this war while the King has sided with them?"Bookmark here

"I understand your concern, but I assure you, this war will be on our side. All I ask is that you kill that boy and his friends."Bookmark here

"What about the King and the Leader, Sir?"Bookmark here

"Leave them to me, and I will take care of them myself."Bookmark here

"As you wish, Sir."Bookmark here

"By the way, one last thing, don't let me down, Understand?"Bookmark here

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Bookmark here

Two Days Later, The First KingdomBookmark here

Finally, after two days, I was awake again and ready for battle. Thanks to the doctors and the endurance that the Wolf power in me gave me, I recovered quite quickly. All the preparations were complete. Hundreds of soldiers stood on horses waiting for news of the King's move.Bookmark here

We rode our horses to the front line of the soldiers. The King walked in front of us on a white horse,Bookmark here

"My brothers and friends, this is the day. Today is the day when we end the war and reclaim our freedom. I can't make amends for the mistakes I've made in the past, but let me be your king once again today and guide you. Let's come back here again with the victory in our hands!"Bookmark here

After the King gave his speech, he began to ride his horse. Then all the soldiers shouted,Bookmark here

"Long live our king, Aoin!"Bookmark here

They said, and they began to ride their horses, following the King. There was a strong crowd of voices around. I almost rode among the King's hundreds of soldiers. Everyone was moving forward enthusiastic and ready for battle. Just as the people of Cronus trusted their Leader, the more the soldiers here trusted their King.Bookmark here

At this rate, we'd be there in the morning sun tomorrow. I was sure of that. Babu approached me with his horse,Bookmark here

"Hey, Ryuu-Kun, how are you?"Bookmark here

"I'm good how are you?"Bookmark here

"I'm fine. I was just thinking if the Cronus lineage got there before us."Bookmark here

"Most likely, they have arrived. Why did you ask?"Bookmark here

"Any unexpected attack can start a war, so I'm afraid about that."Bookmark here

"Don't worry, I'm sure we'll make it in time."Bookmark here

"I don't like to rush work, but this is different from the others. Let's do our best, Ryuu-Kun."Bookmark here

"You bet."Bookmark here

Babu said that because of my injuries, but I was better than before, and I didn't want anyone to waste time on me right now.Bookmark here

When I looked at the king, he was moving confidently, and now he wanted to end this war, and he wanted to ensure peace. I should have put an end to this war no matter what. Because a lot of our future depended on it.Bookmark here

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