Chapter 44:


Wolf Bloodline

After a long time of riding our horses, we finally reached the battlefield. The sun was rising when we arrived. There was dry cold air in the environment.Bookmark here

We could see the army of Cronus bloodline, but there was no First Epic or his army around. It made us a little concerned about this situation, so we went to talk to the Cronus lineage.Bookmark here

The King's army and the army of the bloodline of Cronus were united. Now they were side by side, it was a more crowded army than expected.Bookmark here

The king descended from his horse and approached the leader of the line of Cronus. So we went with him too. There was silence for a short while. The king suddenly reached out his hand,Bookmark here

"It's a great honor to see you again."Bookmark here

The leader shook the hand extended by the King,Bookmark here

"We are honored and glad to have you among us."Bookmark here

"It is wise to choose this area as a battlefield."Bookmark here

"Yes, my men will use the powers of our bloodline to camouflage themselves in the woods. In this way, we want to lose less and cause a lot of damage to the other side."Bookmark here

"I get it. My men will help your men settle down. At the same time, we brought extra weapons, your people can take as many as they want."Bookmark here

Hiroshi lighted his cigar,Bookmark here

"We know that the First Epic, his army, is more crowded than ours. I don't think this will be enough."Bookmark here

King turned to Hiroshi,Bookmark here

"Yeah, I know that, so I brought a couple of things with me."Bookmark here

The King went to the side of the carriage and opened the rear area of the carriage.Bookmark here

"These are the gunpowders can be found in the third Kingdom, this one's name is....."Bookmark here

"Black Death. I saw this many times before."Bookmark here

"Right, so you know about these."Bookmark here

"These are the kind of things you need when you get into this kind of business."Bookmark here

"Hiroshi, what I'm asking you to do is use them to set a trap for the enemy. Because you're good at war strategy and gunpowder, you should be the one who does this. And there's one more thing..."Bookmark here

The King pulled out a gun from the back of the car and handed it to Hiroshi. Hiroshi took the gun with a surprised look,Bookmark here

Said with a scary tone, "Where did you get this?"Bookmark here

"A long time ago, someone who an unknown person came to my kingdom. He had no one with him, he just used this weapon to attack my kingdom and me. He had unstoppable power. When I fought him, I noticed something.Bookmark here

For the first time, I was fighting a person who was empowered by his pain, it was very different from my other fights. But one day he somehow disappeared. No one knows what happened to him, all he has left was his gun. So I took it and locked it up. Now that we have a strong Musketeer like you, I thought I could give it to you."Bookmark here

The gun was quite different from other weapons. it was a rifle, but short compared to other rifles. It had a black and purple color. There was a skull in the sight section, and the skulls stretched from the sight to the trigger. When Hiroshi got his hands on it, he was trying to figure out what kind of weapon it was, loading the gun's bullet. The King put his hand into the carriage once again, pulling out a stick made of bamboo. Passed it to BabuBookmark here

"And this is for you, when my father trained me, I used to use this stick. It's a pretty solid and strong bat. With this, you can move more comfortably in battle."Bookmark here

Babu picked up the stick and looked at it with amazement,Bookmark here

"Thank you, my king, it is a great honor."Bookmark here

Hiroshi looked at the gunpowder again,Bookmark here

"We could use gunpowder as a mine, but we don't have enough time for that."Bookmark here

"Can you still do something?"Bookmark here

"Of course I can."Bookmark here

After Hiroshi said these things, he and Babu went to set the trap by taking the gunpowder. Lezlie, on the other hand, retreated to the tent to investigate a spell useful for war. It was just me, the King, and the leader. The King looked at me,Bookmark here

"Ryuu, when it's time for War, I want you and your friends to take care of the elite soldiers and the normal soldiers. I and the leader will deal with the First Epic. But you have to be very careful, when both elite soldiers are together, they can do great damage."Bookmark here

"I can understand what you're saying, but I have no idea what powers elite soldiers have. If we attack directly, we have a very good chance of being defeated."Bookmark here

The leader said,Bookmark here

"The second elite soldier's name is San. He is a samurai, and when he pulls out his sword he attacks at the very second. His sword is made of very strong material, An unbreakable steel."Bookmark here

"The other is an elite soldier, a stronger opponent than the second, his name is Aurt, a descendant of Erno,Bookmark here

This lineage can become the owner of a mystical creature he wants with a seal he makes on his body. And there are a lot of mystical creatures in the world we're in.Bookmark here

He is a person who terrorizes the places by controlling the two creatures he has. They say that the stronger the person who has the creatures, the stronger the creatures become."Bookmark here

"What do the creatures he has, look like?"Bookmark here

"One is a hawk, the other one is a panther. But they're even bigger and wilder than a regular Panther and Falcon. So you have to be extra careful."Bookmark here

"Do they have any weaknesses?"Bookmark here

"In the bloodline of Erno, there is a rule. In order to bind his creatures to himself, the master must make a seal anywhere in his body. if you remove the seal from the master's body, the creatures will be torn apart from the master."Bookmark here

Shortly after we spoke for a while, we heard the sound of the battle pipe. An army appeared from where the sound came from. The First Epic and his army had finally arrived. King shouted,Bookmark here


Everyone, including us, moved into a fighting position, waiting for orders from the king to attack. King and the Leader, stood in front of the army, waiting for the First Epic to arrive.Bookmark here

The First Epic finally appeared before them,Bookmark here

"How nice to see you here today. All of you coming to their deaths."Bookmark here

These words made The Leader and The King angry,Bookmark here

The leader said, "We are not here to listen to your bloodthirsty words. You know why we are here."Bookmark here

"You have kept me under control for a long time, tormenting my people and alliances for years. Did you think you'd get away without paying for what you did?"Bookmark here

"I did what was right, because of me they learned about pain."Bookmark here

"But anyway, I respect your choice. If that's what you want, I'll destroy you all with pleasure and rebuild the kingdom."Bookmark here

The First Epic stretched out his hand and said,Bookmark here

"Shall we start?"Bookmark here

The King pointed his sword and shouted,Bookmark here

"ATTACK!"Bookmark here

The great war had begun.Bookmark here

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