Chapter 45:

The War

Wolf Bloodline

Thousands of people began to attack at the same time. And this war would determine the fate of the first Kingdom. So we fought as hard as we could. I was trying to get as many men as I could. But the task assigned to me and my friends was not to take down ordinary soldiers. We had to take down the Elite Soldiers.

When I was fighting, I was looking for them. A little ahead, Hiroshi-san was fighting, I yelled at him,

"Hiroshi-san, Can you see the Elite Soldiers?"

"I'm a little busy right now Kid, give me some time."

At that time, in the middle of the war, something unexpected happened on the enemy side. Huge catapults appeared behind the enemy army. It left our whole army in disarray. The catapults were quite solid and large.

One of the soldiers of the enemy army shouted,

"Ready! Launch!"

They were throwing huge burning rocks at us. Everyone started running away from incoming rocks. But they were falling too fast. Some couldn't get away.

At that time I took two soldiers on my back and saved them from the incoming rocks at the last moment. As the catapults finished firing, I left the soldiers on my back in a safe place and returned to help the others.

Hiroshi activated his traps by shooting at them. He managed to trap a few dozen men. But the traps soon ran out, and several were destroyed by the creatures. After his traps running out, the soldiers, camouflaged in the Forest, began to attack.

They managed to defeat many creatures and many soldiers, until the catapults aimed at them.

This time, the catapults aimed at the soldiers who were hiding in the near forest and fired without caring about their own soldiers.

Our ambushed soldiers and our traps were all gone. We had nothing left to turn the war to our advantage, and even the elite soldiers hadn't attacked yet.

The army of the First Epic, and itself, was really that strong.

I thought about what we could do, what I could do.

Just then I decided to do something. I ran to the catapults, and I was thinking about smashing them.

I was taking down the soldiers in front of me and continued to run.

When I got to the catapults, I jumped as high as I could. Just as I was about to hit one of the catapults, A hawk appeared in the air.

It grabbed me by the arms with his claws and carried me away from the catapults. When we got away from the catapults, it started to rise, it started to lift me up quite high, apparently with the intention of killing me.

I turned around and kicked it in the stomach. Then it dropped me midair. I landed somewhere in a robust way.

And I also became the target of creatures and soldiers right when I landed. Looked like nothing was going to be easy.

I grabbed one of the soldiers and threw him at the creature. And then I kicked them both and knocked them down. Then I punched the other creature in the stomach and knocked him to the ground. And the soldiers behind him remained under the monster.

After defeating a few creatures and soldiers, a Panther appeared a little in front of me. It was running towards me very quickly. It just approached me in a second and jumped at me. It was going to bite my head off, but then I put my arm in front of me and made the Panther bit my arm. He bit my arm very strongly and wouldn't let go.

I was waving my arm around and hitting him from the ground to the ground. I was trying to get him to let go of my arm. But he was pretty strong and he was resisting. I grabbed his head with my other arm and managed to open his mouth and took my other arm out of the Panther's mouth.

Then I kicked the Panther in the head and threw him back a lot. I got back a little bit to check my arm. It wasn't hurt much and I could have kept fighting.

Then I noticed that Hiroshi, Babu, and Lezlie were approaching me. They were fighting and coming to help me at the same time.

Babu said,

"How's your arm, Ryuu-Kun?"

"I'm fine, I'm only slightly injured."

Babu took the bandage out of his bag, and he started wrapping it in my arm,

"This will keep the wound on your arm closed. Try not to do too much damage to your arm."

"Thank You! Babu."

Lezlie looked at us,

"They are quite outnumbered than us, and the catapults seem to restrict our escapes. We've lost too many lives. What are we supposed to do, Ryuu-san?"

"Of course we will continue to fight. In a place like this, we're not going to squeeze our tails and run away!"

Babu said, "Ryuu-Kun is right, but Ryuu-Kun, we need another plan. You know that too."

"Don't worry, I have a plan in mind for him."

I stood up slowly, holding the wound on my arm. "Can you handle the catapults?"

Babu said, "We can do that, but it's going to be really hard for us to get to the other side."

Hiroshi looked at the catapults and said,

"Don't be ridiculous! Kid, the plan you're thinking about doesn't make any sense. Even if they get there, the first and second elite soldiers won't let them attack the catapults. And besides, the creatures there will eat you without mercy."

"Creatures of the first elite soldier... Did you see the second elite soldier?"

Hiroshi pointed with his finger,

"Over there, the second elite soldier is behind the fourth catapult, and the first is just to his left."

"Hiroshi-san, Lezlie-Chan, Babu-san, We will all go to the catapults together. And when we get to the catapults, Hiroshi-san and I will take care of the Elite Soldiers. Lezlie-Chan and Babu-San, at that time, you will take down the catapults."

Hiroshi sighed and said, "No matter what I say, we'll follow this plan, right?"

Without turning around, I said, "There's nothing we can do, Hiroshi-san. It's the only chance we have."

"So what do we do if that "First Epic" notices us?"

"I don't think he can do anything right now. The King and the leader are fighting him pretty hard."

Hiroshi looked at me and smiled, "Kid, a ton of crazy things go through your mind, but even if you are like this, you still succeed."

He approached me and stood on my right side. He lighted his cigar and said,

"We're counting on you, Kid."

When we were about to leave, he said,

"Can you take down the first one?"

I smiled and said, "Come on Hiroshi-san, you know I can do this!"

"Well, then I'll take the second one."

"Should we go?"

"They don't look like they can wait too."