Chapter 46:

Hiroshi Vs. The Samurai

Wolf Bloodline

After a while of running, we ran into the duo we have been looking for. The Kid did not act calmly and attacked the first elite soldier, of course, leaving me the second one.

As a rival, the person I encountered looked like a Samurai. I didn't know much about what kind of attack he was going to make, but I don't think he could lower my guard. But I also knew that if I get too close to him, he can cut me into slices.

"Don't you think this fight will be interesting to see?"

After he looked at me for a while, he grabbed his sword. It was obvious that sooner or later he would attack.

"I don't think you're gonna talk, so let's get this thing started."

It took him a second to draw his sword and appear next to me. I blocked his blow with my gun but I had to admit he was pretty fast. Then I pushed him back and fired once. But he cut the bullet in half with his sword. He had incredible speed and an eye that caught every move.

I took a weapon I took from the king as a long-range in one hand, and a revolver I used as a short-range in the other hand. But he kept blocking my fires. My goal was to focus his attention on the fires so I could attack somehow. As I fired, I tried to approach him, and suddenly I attacked him by getting close. He easily escaped my imminent attack and attacked me.

Of course, I was blocking the sword blows on the one hand and continuing to shoot on the other. He pointed his sword firmly at me. I had to hold it with both hands to avoid getting hit. The sword was too hard to break, I tried to break it, but I couldn't even scratch it. by pulling his sword back quickly, he saved his sword from my hands, but because of his rapid pull, deep wounds opened up on my hands. I secured myself by jumping back.

His assaults were frustratingly quick, but I still had a few more plans in mind. I pulled out my guns again, wiping the blood off my hands. When he began to approach me, I pointed my guns at him again and started shooting. He just showed up next to me. I tilted my head to the left when he was going to stick the sword in my head. Then I bent down. I threw myself back a little and tripped his foot. He jumped to get rid of the trip,

so I shot him while he was in the air. Although he was again in the air with his swords, he easily blocked the bullets.

He turned in the air and swung his sword at me, and when he was going to stab me, I rolled on the floor and escaped the sword blow. I immediately stood up and kept shooting. As he approached, he threw another sword blow and then threw a kick. I managed to hold his kick with my armpit and aimed at his face. But even at this distance, he blocked bullets by swinging his sword pretty fast. He saved his own foot by kicking with his other foot.

"Your attacks are really starting to get on my nerves."

He still didn't talk.

I couldn't figure out what I had to do. He was fighting a different kind than I've ever seen before. I knew I had to make unexpected attacks, but it was never easy to create that opportunity. At that time, for some reason, I looked a little further at the gun that the King had given me. And I noticed a button right in the middle of the skull. I had no idea what it was, but pressing the button could have been useful to me. After all, I had to use whatever advantage I had in the war. It could have been a feature of the weapon.

When I saw the Samurai running towards me, I pressed the button, even though I knew I had little chance. The skull's mouth opened, and the gun began to glow in a green hue.

I aimed and fired once. The color of the bullet was quite strange. I've never seen a bullet like this before. It had a black color, just like charcoal, emitting a rather heavy smell. The Samurai continued to block incoming bullets again with his sword. However, I noticed something. The bullets somehow corroded his sword. I realized could have broken his sword using this. I began to approach him firing, and the Samurai continued to use it against the bullets, even though he noticed that his sword was rusting. He had no choice, he was cornered, and he was getting more and more nervous.

When I approached him, I took his sword under my armpit and cut the sword in half, hitting the rusty side with my hand. Then I turned to the Samurai and threw a punch. The Samurai defended himself but was left without a sword and defenseless. He held my fist tight and wouldn't let go of his Broken Sword. None of this stopped the Samurai, he was waiting for me to attack by moving into a fighting position.

I wasn't as low as using my guns in front of an unarmed man. I left my guns on the ground,

"Let's do this without our weapons, whoever is stronger wins, partner!"


"Hey, you tal-"

He hit me hard in the face and knocked me down. I slowly got up,

I smiled and said, "You always manage to catch me off guard."

After we finished talking, we started fighting again. There was no gun, we just hit each other back with our fists and kicks. He was as strong in close combat as he was in good use of his sword. He didn't punch when he used his hands, he hit with his Palm. It was just like our panda's fighting style.

He was kicking too fast. After analyzing it for a short time, I began to counterattack. I threw my elbow forward while he was hitting with the palm of his hand and I dodged the blow. Then, as he attacked with his other hand, I blocked him by opening my palm.

Our palms collided, I pulled him to myself and hit him with my head. After I threw I hit him with my head, he pulled me to himself and threw a knee to my head. I turned around and punched him in the face. Our fight was so contentious, neither of us intended to lose. I had to stop this war.

I had a way to win, and that was to apply "Four İnvasion Tactics" to him. As he attacked with his leg, I caught his leg, and, applying pressure to his knee, I broke his right leg. Then I broke his left arm by applying attitude and pressure to his elbow. The Samurai continued to fight anyway. he laid out everything with one arm and one leg.

He was in such pain, but he was still cold-blooded and didn't lose his focus. But it was painful for me to watch him trying to fight like that.

"I was thinking about finishing this tactic, but I don't need to go that far."

Finally, I hit him hard in the stomach and knocked him down. He was on the floor, he couldn't stand up, I approached him, he looked at me, he was unable to get up on the floor, he said,

"You win, warrior, now you can kill me."

"I am not going to kill you."

"Why, Warrior?"

"I'm not someone you've met before, whose goal is just to win. No matter what kind of war you're in, you have to empathize with your enemy. Besides, I don't get anything by killing you, you can't hurt anyone in this state, you are pretty much harmless."

"But all these years I thought you were growing a grudge."

"What do you mean?

"Against the Samurais. Or don't you know? It was a samurai who destroyed your village. But he is no ordinary Samurai, he is almost strong as the fourth epic. They call him the king of the Samurais. He doesn't know what death is. You may have defeated me, warrior. But one day he'll meet you, and this time your life will be over. So be careful, warrior.

I lighted my cigar slowly and looked at him,

"Don't doubt it, maybe one day I'll meet him, but when that day comes, we'll see who pulls his gun the fastest. For now, get some rest."

I slowly walked past him, he slowly fell to the ground.