Chapter 47:

Babu And Lezlie's Teamwork

Wolf Bloodline

Lezlie and I were waiting for Ryuu-Kun and Hiroshi-San to distract the elite soldiers so we could destroy the catapults. When Hiroshi and Ryuu began fighting the elite soldier, the catapults were idle. I pointed and showed Lezlie,

"Here's our chance, Lezlie-Chan, let's go!"

We started running towards the catapults, and after a short run, we managed to get to the catapults. The catapults were quite large.

"We have to destroy them as quick as we can."

I started hitting the catapults with my palms, on the other hand, Lezlie-Chan hit them with her spells. But it was stronger than I thought, our attacks literally did nothing to it.

As if it was protected by something very strong. I looked around, looked for a solution, how we were going to destroy them. Hiroshi-san and Ryuu-Kun were fighting for us, we couldn't lose any more time. I kept thinking, and that's when three big giants with guns appeared in front of us. Each of them was 5 meters tall. They started attacking us with sticks in their hands.

We managed to escape as soon as they attacked. The Giants weren't as fast as we were, but they were two or three times stronger than us. They got in front of the catapults and started protecting them. Apparently, they realized our plan early. Lezlie looked at me,

"Babu-San, how do we smash the catapults now?"

"I'll try to distract the Giants, and you, Lezlie-Chan, check the catapults for any protection spells. You're really knowledgeable and talented about these things. I'm trusting you on this."

I left Lezlie and jumped towards the giant's head in the middle. After one or two punches to the giant's head, I landed on the ground. Just like I wanted, the giant got angry and targeted me. So I started running with the giant behind me. Other giants were following him. I easily managed to get them away from the catapults, all I had to do was distract the Giants until Lezlie was done.

I ran until I was out of breath. When I gasped, I stopped and turned around, and looked back. I had a long-distance between me and the Giants, but they kept running towards me. For a moment, I thought it was going to go on like this, but I was wrong. One of the Giants signaled to another giant, ordering him to return to the catapults. I raised my head in the air and shouted,

"You must be kidding me!"

I started running towards the Giants.

"I think I'm the one chasing them this time." I said to myself.

I couldn't let the giant get to Lezlie-Chan. Breathless, I was barely running, I screamed at Lezlie on the other hand,

"Lezlie-Chaan! back off, There's a giant coming your way!"

The two giants in front of me were running towards me and the other one was running towards Lezlie. I didn't have time to fight two giants. I had to get back to Lezlie right away. When I got closer to the Giants, the giant on the left lifted the stick in his hand and tried to hit me. I escaped the stick, it hit the ground. As he hit the ground, there was so much dust in the air for a short time. I used the dust to come out at an unexpected time. I jumped on the giant's stick and started running towards his head.

The giant tried to punch me with his other hand. I suddenly escaped the punch by jumping into the air and landed on the giant's arm. And then I ran to his head. I jumped slightly into the air, aimed at his head, and hit him on the head with my bamboo stick, that I took from the King. After the giant regressed slightly, I climbed to the top of the giant's head and shouted at the other giant,

"Heeeeeey! I'm here! Come on hit me!"

After my words, The Giant got angry and gathered all his strength, and waved the stick in his hand towards me. He did exactly what I wanted, I dodged the stick blow by throwing myself in the air. The stick hit the other giant very hard in the head and knocked him down. As I stayed in the air, I aimed at the giant on the left, I was falling my face looking down, I spun around myself with all my power, with my stick in my hand, I hit the giant's head pretty hard. He collapsed on top of the other giant.

I knocked down both of the Giants, and there was only one left, and he was about to arrive where Lezlie was. I ran back to Lezlie and yelled at her again,

"Lezlie-Chan! You have to move! He is coming your way!"

"I'm about to find it Babu-San!"

"Forget it! You have to move!"

Lezlie heard me this time. She immediately turned around, just as the giant was going to hit her, She did not suffer any damage from the attack using the shield spell. But the shield did not stop the giant, the giant continued to strike with all of its power to break the shield spell. At that moment, I realized that Lezlie was having trouble holding the shield, and the shield wouldn't last long. She yelled,

"Babu-San! I don't have the power to hold it anymore, I need your help!"

"I'm Here, Lezlie-Chan! The help you need is right next to you!"

I came up behind the giant and hit him on the knee with my stick. When he collapsed on a giant knee, Lezlie broke his shield spell and began using his explosive spells. At that moment, the giant became invisible because of the spells, so I hit the other knee, taking advantage of it, and I completely knelt the giant down. Then I went over to Lezlie and handed him my stick.

"Lezlie-Chan, I want you to hold this stick. I am going to throw you and you are going to explosive spells again."

"Babu-san, are you sure on this?"

"Yes, I am. He is weak, If we hit him one more time, we will probably win."

When Lezlie grabbed the stick, I threw her at the giant's head. And then Lezlie pointed both hands at him and used her explosive spells when she got close enough.

The giant couldn't stand the spells and was knocked down. Lezlie did not suffer any damage. Just as she was about to fall, I grabbed her and slowly put her down. We knocked down all the Giants, but I was sure they'd send reinforcements to protect the catapults. I looked at Lezlie and said,

"Backup power can come at any moment. Did you solved what the problem is?"

"Their catapults are protected by a very powerful and complex spell. it is sealed, I can not break it."

"Are you sure you can't do anything?"

"Unfortunately, I've noticed this before, but I haven't had time to say it."

"This is "The seal of Eternity". Even if the wizard who did this dies, the spell goes on forever."

"And do the same spells affect each other?"

"What do you mean, Babu-San?"

"I mean if we use the catapult to break the other catapult, can we destroy them?"

"Yes, it can be, if the spell was done by the same person, the same spell can damage them."

"I had an idea, what happens if we turn the catapults together and fire them?"

"This is a really good idea, Babu-San. Even if it doesn't work, we have to try it."

"Then let's do it, Lezlie-Chan."

We did what I said and turned the catapults against each other. In no time, we both moved into our positions. And we fired simultaneously. Just as I expected, the plan worked. The catapults were destroyed.

We were jumping with happiness.

"We did it, Babu-San!"

"Yes, we did it. But Ryuu-Kun and Hiroshi-San are fighting too and their fights are much harder than us."

"You are right, Babu-San, but the only thing that we can do is wait."

"You are right. Let's go then."