Chapter 48:

Ryuu Vs. Aurt

Wolf Bloodline

The person in front of me was the most powerful elite soldier in the first Kingdom. There were aggression and brutality in his eyes. But none of this should have scared me. I had to beat him and move on.

When we faced each other, I went straight into my fighting position. Aurt snapped his fingers and a creature resembling a Panther appeared in front of him.

The creature was as described by the king and the leader. It had to be one of his creatures. The creature looked just like a Panther, but it looked a little bigger and Wilder. His eyes were red, its mouth was covered in blood. The more it looked at me, the more it growled.

Aurt pointed at me with his finger,

"Pulan, cut him to pieces."

It quickly started running at me. But I prepared myself. I waited for it to attack, but it didn't attack, instead, it appeared behind me. I escaped its attack, but his other hawk-like creature caught me again.

I thought the creature was going to raise me high again and throw me away. But it didn't happen. The creature was taking me off the battlefield. It brought me to the top of the Valley and left me on there. I fell facedown. I slowly stood up and the thing I saw was very annoying.

Because Aurt was already here with his other creature. I didn't know how he got here so fast or why he dragged me here, but I knew the level of this elite soldier was very different compared to other elite soldiers. I stood up, and said,

"Hey, why did you drag me here?"

Aurt approached me slightly,

"I just wanted to show you the chaos you've created."

I didn't understand what Aurt was saying until he pointed to the place behind me. When I turned around, I understand what he meant.

I could see the people who died in the war we started, the whole war, from the top of the Valley.

Aurt looked at my face,

"See what you did, these people are suffering because of you, they are dying because of you."

"You convinced the king to fight, you convinced the leader to fight. You, you did all this, you even dragged people who called you "friends." Do you still think you're right?"

"My deeds, the burden of all my sins, are all on my shoulder. Even though I dragged them to their deaths, I did it for a reason."

"And what reason is that? Being a hero, revenge for your Bloodline? IT'S ALL AN EXCUSE!"

"They decided all this. These were their choices."

"I see, but how much do you trust your friends? Do you think they'll save you every time? Or that you could save them?"

"What do you mean?"

"I've seen and experienced these events before, I assure you. I once had friends and a family just like you. We were very happy and peaceful among ourselves. Til until the day they died. They killed my brothers and my friends for nothing. I swore revenge and asked the First Epic to help me give strength.

He gave me more than I expected. I attacked those who attacked us with the power I got, and I killed them in pain, giving them and their families pain they never tasted before. Then I returned to my village, to my people. I was going to be called a hero when I came back, but instead, they saw me as a monster. No one looked me in the eye, because of fear, according to them, I was now just a person who lived only for getting stronger.

And in a very short time, you will taste that pain too, you can be sure of it."

"You are just too blind to see the truth."

"Those who are on the top, are always doomed to be alone, remember that."

"I want to ask something. If you've avenged your brothers, why do you keep doing this stuff?"

"The First Epic is the only one who understands me, and I want to pay off my debt to him. Also, the guard you killed, was an old friend of mine. That's why I brought you here, so I could kill you myself. You won't get out of here alive."

Aurt suddenly started throwing punches at me. After dodging the punches and blocking them, I turned around and kicked Aurt in the stomach. After Aurt glided back a little, he snapped both hands and revealed his creatures. Both creatures attacked at the same time. It was as if they were both in one mind.

I was sure that I could not escape or prevent the attacks of the creatures. I threw myself between the stone crevices in front of me so as not to get hit by the creatures. Because the gap was quite narrow, the creatures could not reach me, even if they used their claws and paws. I was away from their attacks, but now I had nowhere to go.

Aurt shouted,

"Apart from you, everyone is putting their lives on the line. Come out and fight like a man."

I climbed to the top of the crevice using my feet. I had an idea. I started pushing the giant stone in front of me with all my strength. I moved the big stone with my foot and left the stone on top of the creatures. I appeared next to Aurt and threw a punch in his stomach. Then Aurt smiled at me and grabbed my arm and threw me towards the stone. And all of a sudden, the Panther jumped on me and knocked me down.

I was trapped under the big Panther. After the Panther roared at me, it tried to bite me, sliding my head to the right and left, I dodged its bite. When the Panther missed its bite, it turned its head to my stomach, I couldn't move my stomach in any way. Because of this, I put my right and left arm in front of my stomach. The Panther bit my arms. As soon as it put its teeth into my arms, I felt incredible pain. Because the Panther's teeth were in my arms, I turned my arms to the left. So the Panther's head was turned to the left.

After I saved myself from under the Panther, I hit the panther on the head with my head to let go of my arms. When it let go of my arms, I kicked him hard in the torso and threw him on the rocks. My arms were shaking so badly, I was starting to lose a lot of blood and have trouble seeing. Then I realized something was approaching me from the air. Of course, the hawk tried to attack me again. I rolled and escaped its attack, but the Panther suddenly appeared behind me and clawed me in the back. I turned around and tried to hit him, but the Panther dodged it by throwing himself back.

After that, the Hawk hit my shoulder with its claws, it escaped without me hitting it. They kept hitting me, injuring me, and ran away. I was knocked down in blood. I almost got hit all over my body. Aurt approached me with slow steps,

"I told you so. I told you you wouldn't get out of here alive."

"Even if you kill me, we still have a chance."

"And this is your weakness. Even at the moment of death, you always think of others."

"If it was a stupid move to think of others, as you said, we wouldn't have an army like now."

"You're pretty knowledgeable for your age....but the wisdom has an end. Bye, Ryuu."

Aurt pulled a knife out of his waist and stabbed me in the stomach. His movements were really fast. I couldn't even stop myself from getting stabbed. My eyes closed slowly. Soon after, I noticed my heart rate was accelerating. It was like I could feel every vein in my body. My body was out of control, and suddenly my eyes opened again. It seemed darker, but I was still alive and seeing. My body was literally moving on its own. I was very angry, hatred covered my heart. Then I realized, was it the second power of the Wolf Bloodline that Ronk was talking about?

After a while, I came to my senses. I was lying on the floor. Slowly I stood up. Aurt turned to me,

"It's impossible, you should have..."

Before he finished his word, I appeared next to him and gave him an incredibly strong punch.

He fell down the valley.

I jumped with him, punched him until he fell to the ground. His face had become unrecognizable. I grabbed him by the neck and pulled his left arm in one go. I took his arm off his shoulder. He was in incredible pain, he couldn't stop screaming. But I kept hitting him. I couldn't stop myself. The smell of blood in my nose made me more excited and made me punch even faster. Then I knocked him down and ripped his other arm off. Aurt could neither summon his creatures nor understand what had happened. It all happened in seconds.

When I stopped punching Aurt, I realized he was dead. But I didn't mean for it to be like this. Tears were pouring out of my eyes, I was sad, but I couldn't stop. Somehow, the power inside me was growing. I couldn't control myself.