Chapter 49:

King And Leader, Against The Epic

Wolf Bloodline

Together with the leader of Cronus, we were against the Epic to end this war.

The First Epic grinned slightly,

"I punished both of you years ago, but you still didn't learn a lesson from it. And you're still challenging me? How pathetic."

Leader said,

"You may have beaten us in the past, but that doesn't mean you're going to win."

"I'm not going to just win this time anyway. I'll take your bodies all over the kingdom and spread it everywhere. With this, I think I can scare them a little."

I said, "My duty as a king is to end this war and bring peace to my land and my people, no matter what.----"

"Yes, yes, you love your people, I understand. How impressive of you to speak just like a King. But you are wrong at something. This is not your land. It is mine for a very long time. But you don't see the things happening right in front of you, you just ignore them and run away or make an excuse, that's why this is not your land."

"Don't talk like you're on the right track, Isoai. All these years, you have caused fear to my people and damaged my land. And now you come and tell me how to rule my kingdom. If it's like that, it's time to find out who this Kingdom belongs to."

He grinned and said, "Oh, I'm eagerly waiting to see that."

We collided with him attacking two of us at the same time. Together with the leader, we faced the epic. I threw a right punch at him, and when the epic retreated, the leader responded with a kick. He blocked the kick with ease.

Of course, we weren't going to stop here.

I kept throwing punches from areas I thought he couldn't block. But he dodged them and escaped my punches. At that moment I leaned over, the leader came up behind me and kicked the epic.

The Epic flew back a little. Just then he grabbed me by the arm and threw me towards the epic.

The Epic leaned left, he escaped the onslaught. Right behind me, the leader kept attacking him. And I was pushing him hard by attacking him from behind. Epic was blocking both the leader's fists and my kicks at the same time. He grabbed the Leader and threw him at me. When the leader approached me, I joined both hands.

So the leader stepped on my hands and flew back to the epic. I give him a spinning kick right behind the leader. He couldn't prevent our attacks, and we managed to do a little damage. He glided back a little under the influence of the blows, but that didn't stop him. He attacked us again.

This time he got an angrier look.

He threw a hard punch with his left arm to the ground, and when the leader lost his balance, he suddenly appeared next to him and threw an uppercut to his chin. He kicked me with his right leg. After I got kicked, he started hitting me in the stomach with his fists incessantly. I got rid of his fists by hitting him with my head.

The leader then kicked The Epic in the head. When he was stunned, I grabbed him by the waist and threw him in the air. Leader leaped into the air, and he hit The Epic hard. Epic clung to the ground under the influence of his hit, but within seconds he was back on his feet. He threw himself backward,

"Your hit-and-run, your teamwork, none of it will affect me. But I have to admit, your attacks are really interesting."

The First Epic put his hands together and closed his eyes. All of a sudden, the ground started to shake, and the Air started to get dark. The Leader looked at me,

"He's going to activate his power, we need to stop him quickly."

The leader began to run towards the First Epic. But as I ran towards him, I noticed something else. His power was released a different kind of wave. I shouted at him,

"Do not get closer!"

But it was too late. The leader was stopped by a powerful wave of power and flew back very hard. I Immediately approached The Leader,

"Are you alright?"

"Yeah, I'm fine. But I have never experienced anything like this before."

"Power wave. He can protect himself thanks to the power he creates around him."

"Do you have an idea on disarming it?"

"Unfortunately. We can't touch him unless he activates it all."

"Are you sure about this? If activates all his power, it will be almost impossible to stop him."

"Gather all your strength, old friend, we have not yet lost the war."

We were standing in front of him again, waiting for him to activate all of his power. I couldn't imagine how powerful he could be when he activated all his power. But I also knew that no one had a chance against him but us. He soon opened his eyes. His eyes were purple, his veins from his throat to his arm were very pronounced, also his veins were purple too.

The First Epic looked at us,

"Here is the pure state of true power."

After saying that word, he, with one step, just one step appeared next to me. And at a moment when I least expected, he punched me in the stomach. I flew back meters with the impact of his fist.

Then Epic, turned to the leader, the leader threw hundreds of punches at him, but there was no effect. Epic grabbed the leader's head and stuck his head under the ground. I stood up for help, but as I got up, he reappeared just beside me. He punched me twice in the stomach. Then he hit me on the chin with his palm and threw me into another corner.

As the leader attacked from behind, Epic hit the leader in the face with his elbow with his back turned. The leader floated backward under the influence of the elbow. Then he started punching the leader nonstop. He grabbed the leader's arm and threw him into the air. Then jump into the air and throw the leader hard to the ground. The leader was unable to move. His mouth was covered in blood.

The First Epic approached me,

"And you call yourself a king? It would be better if you and your friends put an end to this game of "King and Warrior.""

"As I said, Isoai, we will not stop until we end your ruling."

"That's why I'm stronger than you and everyone else. I couldn't build a utopia like this if I was running around for every person's needs. You're so naive, you're fragile, you're pathetic."

"Be an epic or not, I will take you down."

I stood up with all my strength and started fighting, just as my father taught me. The sound of our war was spreading all over the battlefield. Our fists were opening huge cracks in the ground. We were fighting death recklessly. I couldn't keep up with the pace of his attacks, but I could punch him. I fought with all my remaining strength.

Our attacks were many times faster than normal people could see, and many times more powerful than a normal person could reach. As I threw my left fist, epic threw himself to the left, locked my arm, and then started punching the left part of my waist. I immediately threw a punch at him with my right arm, bent over from the punch, and ran away. As he hit me, I pressed him on his shoulders and jumped behind him, and then tripped him and knocked him down.

Sliding to the left, he immediately got up and focused on my stomach, I covered my stomach with my arms, I hit him on the head with my knee. But he turned around and kicked me in the head. As he walked away, I grabbed him by the foot and pulled him over to me. Just as he held the leader, I grabbed his throat and knocked him down. Epic kicked me by hitting me in the elbow and got off the ground. He flew backward and said,

"I think it's time to end this war."

He appeared next to me, joining both hands. He put his hands on my stomach and used his purple spell. At that moment, I couldn't do anything. The spell knocked me down, my body couldn't move anymore.

Smoke was coming out of the mouth and arms of his First Epic, and he stretched out his hand to me,

"It's over now."

At that moment, I got to the point where I wouldn't run away. As a king, it was really embarrassing. Maybe it was true that I couldn't protect my people. Even if I tried to follow my father's path, I couldn't succeed. I think what Isoai said was true, I did not manage to become a King.

But at that moment, I heard a wolf howling, after that, someone appeared right in front of me.

He stood right in front of me, I didn't realize when he got here. He was standing still. His eyes glowed green, Furiously looking at the First Epic.