Chapter 71:

Stranded On The Mountain

Wolf Bloodline

When they entered the mountain they approached us. Hiroshi stretched out his hand said,

"Are you alright Kid?"

"Yeah, I'm fine. But it was a hard land, I must admit."

I turned to Mila and said,

"Mila-San, why didn't you informed us about the monster, before we started climbing here?"

"I didn't know the creature was real. I thought it was a false myth, usually used to keep people out of the water."

Lezlie looked around and said,

"I thought my eyes had misled me, but this doesn't really look like the inside of a normal mountain."

Mila turned to Lezlie and said,

"A long time ago, a few of my people were assigned to protect this place. They built a cellar here to protect this place. It's a strong bunker, but this protection mission didn't last long. It is said that one of them mixed the water with something other than tears and drank the water. Because of this, he lost his mind and attacked his other friends. The reason we don't want to use the water is that it's very dangerous."

Hiroshi lit his cigar, looked at the monster, and said,

"And what is this giant bird doing here?"

"No one knows, one day it suddenly appeared and began to live on the top of the mountain and started to protect the mountain. That's all I know. But according to some, the bird is a creature that the people who died here called, before they died."

Babu said,

"If there's a cellar here, why did we climb all the way? Didn't it have an entrance?"

"Yes, it has an entrance down there, but it's filled with poison gases for some uncertain reason. So we had to climb."

"Is the water there?"

"No, the water we're looking for is just below where we are, but the toxic gases remain even lower than the water. So that puts us in a safe situation."

After that, Mila took some unburned torch from the wall and approached Hiroshi,

"Hey cowboy, I need some light here."

Hiroshi looked at her, then pulled out his lighter and lighted the torch,

Mila smiled and said,

"Thank you!"

Babu said,

"It's pretty dusty around here, I think we're the first to come here. Oh! And that means we can block the water and get out of here without fighting! Right?"

"Yeah, sure, but we also have to figure out how to block the water."

"If we can find the end of the current, I can stop the flow of water by my own power."

Hiroshi said,

"That will work. Come on let's go."

We began to walk into the mountain,

We kept walking slowly, the road was quite dark and dusty. After half an hour of progress, we saw a glowing entrance in front of us. It was glowing like we were going out again, but when we got in there, we couldn't believe our eyes. All around us was covered with ice that shone like rubies, and the layer below us was completely frozen.

The place we were in was a much colder place than any other place. Because of the ice, the area was quite transparent, and we could even see our own reflections on the ice. After a short look at where we were, Mila pointed and said,

"Here's it is, the "Kairi" water."

"All right, let's blo-"

Suddenly, from an unknown place, we began to hear strong applause. He was applauding and laughing. Then the mysterious person started talking and said,

"Bravo! Bravo! You've done an excellent job. I'm really impressed that you were able to beat that bird. Thanks to you, it was much easier for us to get here."

Hiroshi pulled out his gun, And I shouted,

"Who is talking! Show yourself!"

Two people appeared right in front of us. One had four arms and a fairly well-built body, and the other looked like a spark was coming out of his feet and looked quite young. Babu pointed with his hand,

"Hey, it's him! He was the elite soldier who was after us at the port!"

I said,


Mila said,

"Yeah, and he is pretty fast for a normal person, so be careful."

The muscular guy said turned to the fast guy and said,

"These pitiful human beings know you well, don't they?"

"What can I say? I am quite popular."

Then he said,

"Ah! That's true! They don't know you yet! All right, everybody, this big boy you see is "Hurk. He's the fourth elite soldier of the second Kingdom. Unlike his appearance, he is actually a good guy."

Hurk looked at him with anger,

He then said,

"I am kidding! I am kidding! Ok, back to the point. What I was saying? Oh yeah! We are grateful to you all, because of you we managed to get out of the other side of the mountain easily while you kept the bird busy. But unfortunately, we can't let you take the water here."

"Don't be stupid! We outnumber you. You guys are the ones who should retreat."

He then said,

"Do you want to count again?"

After his words, he whistled, and almost dozens of people appeared around him.

"It's a shame you didn't accept my offer. But everything has an end, doesn't it?"

He then looked at us and said,


I then shouted at my group and said,

"Form a circle!"

We formed a circle with our backs against each other. Thanks to the circle, we easily repelled all the normal soldiers who came at us. Lezlie and Mila managed to stop the arrows and the bullets coming towards us in the air with their magic and water powers. I and Babu took down the soldiers who were coming to the close attack, while Hiroshi took care of the enemies in the Far Range.

While we were fighting, the four-armed guy jumped and started to fall towards us,

Hiroshi then shouted,

"Move to different places!"

We managed to escape the attack, but because we left, we were in a more difficult situation.