Chapter 72:

Strength Of Two Elite Soldiers

Wolf Bloodline

Apart from each other, we continued to fight against ordinary soldiers coming towards us. Both elite soldiers, ordinary soldiers, followed us. It was as if they were observing us. I couldn't reach them either because of the ordinary soldiers in front of me.

As we beat up ordinary soldiers, the soldiers somehow kept coming, they were much more crowded than I thought. Looking back at the others, Mila was using her water power, threw a dozen soldiers backward, and poured water on the ground, making the soldiers slide. Lezlie, on the other hand, broke the ice on the top of the men, causing them to fall on them and neutralize them.

Hiroshi, on the other hand, was protecting himself from soldiers with a small knife in one hand and a gun in the other. He responded with a knife to those who approached him, and to soldiers in a long-range with his weapon. He stabbed a soldier approaching him in the shoulder, then used him as a shield and shot at the legs of other soldiers, incapacitating them.

And I knocked down five people in a row with one fist. All of a sudden, about two dozen men started running towards me. After that, I hit the ground hard and created a rocking effect on the ground. When the people in front of me got into the swing effect, I ran towards them and attacked them. I pulled the man in front of me by the arm and hit him with my knee. Then I grabbed the other guy's leg and threw him over the other guy. I threw an uppercut at his chin, dodging his blow on the man on the left.

As I fought, Babu shouted at me behind my back and said,

"Ryuu-Kun! I have a plan! When I turn into a ball, push me with your palm!"

As Babu kept running at me, I was fighting the soldiers who attacked me at the time. After Babu got close enough to me, he jumped into the air and started to stand in The Shape of a ball, pulling his arms and legs towards his stomach. As Babu was about to fall to the ground, I hit Babu hard with my palm. Babu got so much speed and rolled and neutralized the enemies in front of him.

All of a sudden, 6 people jumped up on me and tried to push me down. I regressed slightly, but I quickly recovered and pushed all six back, then I knocked all six down with a single spinning kick. Right after I knocked them down, I got a punch that I couldn't run away from. Even though I threw my arms in front of me and tried to block it, I glided back a lot because of the impact of the fist. I stopped myself by scratching the ice on the ground with my hands, but when I stopped, the person in front of me attacked me. He tried to kick me, But this time I stopped him from kicking it by raising my arm.

He said,

"I like your power, boy."

It was Hurk, the four-armed elite soldier. He bowed his head towards me and said,

"Let's see if you can entertain me."

I said, "Hey, hey, come on, the party's just started, right?"

By raising my head towards him, I smiled and said,

"And don't worry, I'll show you more."

After I said that, I tried to punch him hard in the stomach, but he grabbed my fist with his third arm. I kicked him in the chin with a reverse somersault to get rid of him and hit him in the chest with my shoulder. He left my left arm because of the impact and bounced slightly back. When he was jumping back, I used it as an advantage and tried to punch him. But because he had four arms, he could easily block me and escape. I tried to punch him again in the head, but he grabbed my fist and pulled me towards him. Just as he was about to hit, I bent down and dodged the punch, then turned around and hit him in the face with my elbow.

But he managed to hold my elbow with his other arm. I was locked in both arms, my back turned to him.

Because I couldn't use my arms, I kicked him in the chest. But he managed to hold the kick with his other arms. He grabbed my leg and threw me into the air. As soon as he threw me, he whistled. I couldn't figure out what was happening, but when the elite soldier who was fast started to move with the whistle, I knew I was in danger. He ran from the wall to the ceiling, and when I was in the air, he hit me hard and knocked me down. As a result of my fall, I created cracks in the ice floor in the area where I fell. After I fell, the fast elite soldier started running towards me again. As he was about to kick me, I dodged the kick by throwing myself to the left and got back on my feet.

The fast elite soldier stood in front of me and started throwing punches at me at incredible speed. I was trying to protect myself from the punches by putting my arms forward. As he threw his punches, I bent down and tripped his knee, and made him fall. As he fell to the ground, just as I was about to hit him, the other elite soldier appeared in front of me and started punching me. Holding his fists, I pulled him to me and hit him in the head with my head. When he was slightly stunned, I joined both hands and hit him on the head. He leaned slightly forward with the impact of the punch. But at that moment the fast elite soldier stood up and helped him. As they were going to attack me, someone fired right into our midst.

It was Hiroshi. He slowly approached me and said,

"Two to one. Doesn't seem fair to me."

Hurk said,

"Even if there are two of you, there is no way you can win this war."

"I think it looks like the real outcome of the war will determine that."

We were in front of them, Ready to fight.