Chapter 73:

Hiroshi And Beyond Speed

Wolf Bloodline

I was next to the Kid. We were waiting for the elite soldiers to make a move.Bookmark here

The fast kid seemed to want to take care of me. And the monstrous man with four arms kept looking at Ryuu. Looks like our competitors have already been identified. As I looked around and looked for a plan, the four-armed man started running towards Ryuu.Bookmark here

At that time, I immediately took my gun and started shooting at the fast elite soldier, who was fast. But it was faster than my bullets. He could easily escape my bullets. It was pretty frustrating, but I had to stay calm. When I looked to my right, the boy with the four arms was already gone. They moved their battlefields elsewhere.Bookmark here

Now it was just me and the elite soldier who was fast. I was slowly turning around with a gun in my hand, looking for where he was. At that time, A sound from an unknown place said,Bookmark here

"What's wrong, Cowboy? You look like you're looking for someone. Or you looking for me? You're looking around, trying to figure out where I'll come from, right, Cowboy?"Bookmark here

I said,Bookmark here

"Maybe I've already found it."Bookmark here

After I said that, I turned around and fired. The fast elite soldier who saw me shoot escaped the bullets by running behind me. And then, once again, hiding, he called me from a place I didn't know and said,Bookmark here

"Not bad, Cowboy, not bad at all. But it takes more than that."Bookmark here

He just appeared right in front of me and started running fast towards me. I was shooting at him, but he was easily dodging bullets. As he approached me, I immediately pulled out my knife and waved it towards him. He bowed and survived my stabbing and then threw a left uppercut at me. Then he started punching me in the stomach. I dropped my revolver because of the blows.Bookmark here

I was in a place where I couldn't attack with my knife and I was trying to kick and punch. But he easily escaped them all. He grabbed my fist I threw, and as soon as he held it, he turned my arm and punched me in the chest. I flew backward because of the impact of the fist. And as soon as I got up, I took the rifle out of my back and pointed it at him. He looked at me and laughed and said,Bookmark here

"Are you going to stop me with that gun? No gun can catch me, including the gun in your hand!"Bookmark here

"I didn't say I was waiting for it to catch up to you."Bookmark here

I fired by pointing the gun at the ice floe above the elite soldier. The bullet hit the tip of the ice floe and the piece fell on top of the elite soldier. When the elite soldier was distracted, I immediately stood up and recovered. I was sure he got rid of the ice floe, but he was nowhere to be seen again. He called again from an unknown place,Bookmark here

"Wow! You really caught me off guard! I was almost gone!"Bookmark here

Then he said,Bookmark here

"Let's see if you like it when someone else does this to you."Bookmark here

After that, I immediately looked up. I saw huge ice floes falling towards me. I did a reverse somersault and got rid of the ice floes, but the big ice floes kept coming. So I started running this time to escape them. I slipped through the hole in front of me and got rid of all the ice floes, but just as I turned around, the elite soldier appeared in front of me and punched me in the face. Then he started throwing consecutive uncut punches.Bookmark here

I couldn't do anything because I couldn't keep up with his speed. After he stopped the punches, he spun around himself many times and kicked me. The impact of the kick was quite strong and harsh compared to other kicks. I flew backward and I spat some blood on the floor. Then I stood up again, but this time I had an idea. I took a knife in one hand and a rifle in the other. I pulled a poison bullet out of the rifle with one hand. And I started putting the bullet on the knife.Bookmark here

When I saw the elite soldier approaching again, I started shooting at him with the rifle in my other hand. I finished putting the poison bullet on the knife while the elite soldier was dodging the bullets. But when my rifle ran out of bullets, the elite soldier approached me and I knew he was going to hit me in the face, and by putting the rifle in front of me, I survived the punch. Then, smiling strangely at me, he quickly headed towards my legs and tripped me.Bookmark here

When I hit the ground, I was running away from his other kicks with rolling on the ground. But I was doing it for a reason. And he said, starting to hit slowly as if he was having fun,Bookmark here

"Yes, crawl! Crawl, just like the other people I've killed!"Bookmark here

After those words, I stopped crawling. When he saw me stop crawling he crouched and said,Bookmark here

"What happened? Or have you given up?Bookmark here

I turned towards him and tried to shoot him in the head. But that wasn't my main goal. Just when the bullet distracted him, I threw the knife, which I had covered with poison, into his leg.Bookmark here

My plan was working as I thought.Bookmark here

When he saw me throw the knife at his foot, he stepped back, crouched on the ground, pulled the knife out of his foot, and said,Bookmark here

"Ehhh! This can't be! I'm going to die!"Bookmark here

Then he laughed and said,Bookmark here

"Hahahahahhahha! Do you think you're the only one who wants to attack my feet? Oh! Let me tell you! No, you're not! Poison arrows, poison spells, and now a Poison Knife. I'm really flattered.Bookmark here

Then he showed me something and said,Bookmark here

"I always wear these because I know this is going to happen."Bookmark here

He showed me the metal guards on his feet. And at that moment, I couldn't think of anything to do. I lit my cigar and slowly stood up. I looked at him and said,Bookmark here

"Then I'd like to say my last words."Bookmark here

He smiled and said,Bookmark here

"I'm listening."Bookmark here

"It's a shame you're so inexperienced in fighting. And I'm not talking about how you put yourself in situations like this every time you move. The speed you have is just an excuse. Your attacks are nothing but nonsense."Bookmark here

Then he got angry,Bookmark here

"How dare you!"Bookmark here

He said, and he started running fast towards me. When he stepped on the ice mass in front of me, the ice mass suddenly collapsed and fell under the layer, into the toxic chamber. Everything was as planned. Confused, he raised his head towards me, barely speaking,Bookmark here

"But how? How can you?...."Bookmark here

"I've been pouring gunpowder on the floor since the beginning of the war. But you didn't even notice this big thing because of your brag."Bookmark here

As the fifth elite soldier reached out his hand to me, his body froze from heavy poison and died there.Bookmark here

Because of the broken ice, the gas was rising up. I ripped a piece of my shirt and made myself a mask. Then I left to warn the others.Bookmark here

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