Chapter 74:

Ryuu Vs Hurk

Wolf Bloodline

Our fists were flying in the air and every punch we missed was creating cracks in the ice around us.

At first, he was trying to punch me in the chest and I could protect myself from the punches with my arms but I still glided back because of the impact of the punches. Then he lifted a large pointed piece of ice with his hands and started running towards me. I managed to escape his attack by jumping into the air.

When the ice floe fell to pieces as a result of the impact, the elite soldier began to kick the pieces that fell from the ceiling and throw them at me. As I floated through the air, chunks of ice were coming towards me as fast as raindrops. Even if I got rid of the pointy pieces of ice, he planned to attack me when I set foot on the ground.

I had to do something. And at that time, a fog appeared around me for an unknown reason. I didn't know if it was dangerous or not or how did it appear but It was blocking my view. There was only one thing I could think of to do. That's when I took off my jacket and threw it in the air. Then I went around the back unseen. It distracted him, so he thought I was shot, and he stopped throwing ice floes at me.

Because he was distracted, I attacked him from behind and punched him hard in the stomach. Blood came out of his mouth from the impact of my fist. Right at that moment, I tried to throw my other punch towards his head, but he managed to escape the punch and tried to punch me back. I threw myself back to escape his fist. Then I tried to kick him in the chest but he managed to hold my foot. When he grabbed my foot, I pulled him to me and kicked him in the stomach with my other foot.

After a slight glide back, he swung a kick at me, spinning around himself. I escaped the kick by stepping back slightly, but the kick was just a diversion. He jumped quite high into the air, pressing on the ground with four arms, and threw himself towards the ceiling. Then he ripped off a large icicle on the ceiling and threw it at me. I easily escaped from the icicle, but immediately afterward he made a hard landing on top of me.

I couldn't escape because he had made an extremely fast landing, but I threw my arms forward and saved myself from taking the blow to my chest. But he didn't let me go and kept pushing me to the ground with his arms. I could barely hold his fists, then he smiled in an evil way said,

"You're strong and smart, kid, no doubt about it, but you're on the wrong side. You should have realized by now that thinking about others is just a weakness. You should obey your desires and be one with yourself."

"When your eye sees nothing but power, and you don't notice anything in front of you, is that what you're telling me? You're the one who is wrong. Every weakness contains a strength in itself."

"Then die with your weaknesses! You puny human being!"

After he said those words, he pulled his arms back and tried to hit me again, rolling sideways, I dodged the punches. Just as I was about to hit him in the stomach, he threw his shoulder at me and blocked my fist. I tried to hit him in the head with my left elbow. But he blocked my attack. After that, I tried to hit him in the stomach with my other elbow. But he also held my other elbow with his other arm. I was sure if I kicked him, he was going to hold that too. So I took a deep breath, crouched down with all my might and lifted him into the air, and threw him.

The elite soldier slowed and stopped himself by putting his hands on the ice on the ground. Then he ran towards me and started attacking me again. He attacked from different places with each arm. And as he was attacking without stopping, I couldn't respond to any of his attacks. He hit me with his upper arms and made me bend slightly. As I bend, He also hit me in the stomach with his lower arms. After that blow, blood came from my mouth and I fell to my knees.

Then, using his upper arms, he grabbed me by my arms, lifted me, and began to punch me in the stomach with his lower arms. His punches were really heavy, and I felt like I was breaking a bone every time he punched me. I looked like I was bowing my head because of the pain, but I had another idea. When he saw me in that state, he grabbed my hair and lifted my head, and said,

"Or have you given up?"

I spit some blood,

"On the contrary, I'm just getting started."

At that moment, the elite soldier was exactly where I wanted him to be. I lifted my legs and locked his head with my legs. Under the effect of the lock, the elite soldier let go of one arm and I immediately started punching him. After that, he became extremely angry, grabbed me by the shoulder with both arms, and started hitting my head on the ice floor on floor. Even though my head was bleeding, I still wouldn't let go of the lock and kept squeezing him. And I was punching him too.

He started running towards the wall to get rid of me. He planned to knock me down by hitting me against the wall, but just as he was going to hit the wall, I got rid of my lock by hitting him in the head with my elbow and bounced back. He stopped himself and turned his head to me and said,

"Enough of these games! Use all the power you have, boy! I don't have time to spend on you!"

I raised my head towards him and started running towards him. He ran towards me and we collided. We were pushing each other with all our might, with our hands pushing each other. Because of the power of both of us, suddenly the ground began to crack and shake. But we kept pushing each other. At that moment a crack appeared underneath us. The crack quickly engulfed the entire area we were in. And the crack that formed at that moment separated the ice from the floor on two. A huge gap began to form in the middle and demolish the place. Despite this, the elite soldier continued to push with all his might and shouted.

But I wasn't going to give up either.

I screamed and pushed him with all of my power.

But at that moment, one of the elite soldier's men approached him and shouted,

"Sir! We managed to get the water!"

After hearing these words, he pushed me using his lower arms and went across the crack we had created. He shouted at me from the other side and said,

"We will meet again, human! However, next time!"

He did, and he left where we were. I couldn't just leave him because I saw him take the water. But that's when Hiroshi shouted behind my back,

"Let him go! We don't have time for this, Kid, This place is about to collapse! Also, the Poison gas can go up at any moment!"

"But Hiroshi-San! They took the water!"

"If we can't get out of here, we can't help anyone! So let's go!"

Even I wanted to chase them, he was right. Shaking my head, I made my way quickly with Hiroshi to the others.