Chapter 3:

Chapter Three

My New Lazy life as a beast-man in another world

Okami woke up in his new tent ready to start the day and begin to make his new life.  He stepped out of the tent still wearing the same clothes from yesterday. He needed two things before he could start working though, food and coffee (or at least a very strong tea).

"Senses mapping"

He was disappointed to find the skill detected nothing, now he'd have to wait for the thirty-second cool down before he could use it again. He started walking downhill while he waited on the cooldown.

By the time he reached the bottom of the mountain, he levelled up his senses Mapping from level 2 to level 4. He was still starving however, he'd had little luck finding food, he was about to start walking back up the mountain when he spotted a group of men heading up the mountain.

Okami was curious and followed the men, He was beginning to lose interest when they arrived in the small clearing from yesterday. Okami had to pinch his nose because of the smell of rotting corpses from the goblins and the camper. He realised he probably should have dealt with them yesterday. He was about to walk away when a group of goblins appeared in the clearing, the group of men formed up into a battle formation.

Okami considered leaving the men to handle the goblins, but then he saw the goblins were carrying what appeared to be stuff stolen from another human campsite. Okami leapt out of the bushes and in seconds ripped out one goblin's throat, with the aid of his passive skills he took out the remain goblins in under a minute. He noticed that he'd levelled up to level 4, He then began looting the goblins. One of the men tapped him on the shoulder, Okami looked at the man.

"Excuse me, but do you know what happened here?" asked the man indicating the dead bodies of the camper and goblins from yesterday
"Goblins killed the camper, I got here shortly afterwards killed the goblins, continued making my way up the mountain" explained Okami

Okami then removed the knife he took from the camper from his belt.

He handed it to the man "You might want this back I don't really need it"
The man accepted the knife and then asked "Are you from another world?"
"Yep just got here yesterday, you guys mind if I loot these goblins"
"No, we don't have a problem with it, do you want us to take you to the village so you can register with the adventurers guild"
"No thanks"

The men all stepped back in shock at his answer.

"Don't you want to be an adventurer?" asked the man
"No, not really, I just came down the mountain for some food, now I'm going to get started building a more permanent structure to live in than the tent I currently live in, also do you want that back as well" responded Okami
"Not really, aren't you people from other worlds on a divine mission to fight monsters and such"
"Who told you that, I'm only here because reincarnation is more efficient than an afterlife, not that I have a problem with it, I'll see you guys some other time goodbye"

Okami left the clearing and walked back up the mountain to his base. He sat down at his campsite and ate the food rations he'd looted off the goblins. He didn't particularly enjoy the rations, but any food was good enough at this point.

After he finished eating, he picked up the axe he'd left by the tent and began swinging it at a nearby tree. He took the tree down in a matter of minutes and then realised his big mistake, he had none of the tools to turn the felled tree into planks, he also didn't have nails or any of the construction knowledge required to build a house. Okami knew he only had one choice, he needed to join the adventurers guild and earn money to pay someone to build his house for him.

He put down the axe and ran full speed down the mountain causing his 'Beastial running' skill and 'Energy preservation' skill to activate. He made it down the mountain and into town going right past the men from earlier in the day. He charged into the building marked Adventurers Hall and right up to the reception desk.

"We've been expecting you Mr Okami Kyouya, how may we help you," said the lady at the reception desk who was wearing a bright blue dress
"I wish to join the adventurers guild" Okami answered frustrated
"We can sort that out for you we just need you to fill out the paperwork"

The receptionist then pulled out a small pile of paper and placed it on the desk.

Okami groaned loudly in frustration "Stupid paperwork"

He started filling out the paperwork lamenting the fact that this fantasy world had too much paperwork for his liking.