Chapter 4:

Chapter Four

My New Lazy life as a beast-man in another world

Okami finished filling out the paperwork for his guild membership and pushed it accross the counter to the receptionist.Bookmark here

"Thank you, you are now an official member of the adventurers guild," said The ReceptionistBookmark here

She slid a small token accross the counter, it was a Bronze star embedded into a black piece of wood.Bookmark here

"This is your symbol of membership, you'll need it to take on quests and use the guilds facilities," She explainedBookmark here

Okami reached for the token when suddenly it flung itself onto his bracelet and stuck there, He went wide-eyed in surprise.Bookmark here

The receptionist giggled and said "That happens with people from other worlds all the time"Bookmark here

Okami looked up from his bracelet and saw a holographic screen that read 'You have joined the Adventurers guild congratulations, you are now a bronze ranked adventurer, to rank up you must complete quests'.Bookmark here

"Alright, where's the quest board or whatever with all the quests?" Okami asked 
"Do you see the pedestal over there?" The receptionist said pointing towards a pedestal standing in the corner
"Yeah" Okami answered
"Go over there, wave your token over it and the quest list should come up" the receptionist explained
"Okay, is there a limit to how many quests I can take on at a time?" Okami asked
"Nope, accept as many as you want, you just have to try and complete them before everyone else" the Receptionist answeredBookmark here

Okami walked over to the pedestal and waved his bracelet over it and a holographic screen appeared in front of him with the list of quests. He accepted as many as he could and left the guildhall.Bookmark here

Okami made his way out of the village and opening the menu checked out the quests sub-menu, his first quest was to eliminate a large boar by the riverside. He walked over to the river and activated his 'senses mapping' which told him that the boar was thirty-five metres upstream.Bookmark here

Okami walked upstream till he came upon the boar he was after laying in the sand beside the river, it was big, hairy and black with tusks a foot-long. He began to approach the boar went it became alert to his presence, it stood up and let out a mighty squeal and began to charge at him. Okami supposed that he should be scared or intimidated but he just wasn't, then he noticed the skill notification below 'battle instinct' was 'seriously?', He would have to check what that skill does later. He looked at the charging boar and without hesitation punched it right in its skull which he felt cave in and the boar dropped to the ground dead.Bookmark here

Okami looked up from the dead boar to see a screen that read 'Quest complete' below it was a button that read 'claim reward'. Okami pressed the button and a small brown cloth bag filled with gold coins appeared in his hands, he tried storing it in his inventory like he did with items and it worked, but instead of appearing in an item slot the number at the bottom of the screen marked 'gold' went up from zero to a hundred. Bookmark here

"Saves having to carry around a big sack of gold or finding somewhere to hide it" He commentedBookmark here

Okami opened up the skill sub-menu to check out the 'seriously?' skill, the description read 'complete immunity to all intimidation skills and high pain resistance' judging by its position on the list it was a unique skill. He couldn't figure out why he had the skill, then he remembered how he died.Bookmark here

"Now that skill makes sense," He commented
Bookmark here

"Still discovering your skills eh," said a mysterious voiceBookmark here

Okami turned around and there facing him was a man with black hair and glasses wearing an immaculate suit. Bookmark here

"Who are you and what do you want?" Okami asked
Bookmark here

"My name is John Carnegie, I represent the Otherworld market and I would like to do business with you," said the mysterious man called John 
Bookmark here

"And the Otherworld market is?" Okami asked
"An organisation of people from other worlds who buy and sell otherworld goods and services" John explained
"Those services include construction?" Okami asked
Bookmark here

"Yes, we have various construction companies versed in every type of architecture you can imagine" John answered
Bookmark here

"How much for a traditional Japanese style home?" Okami asked
"They start at about thirty thousand  gold" John answeredBookmark here

Okami took a look at his meagre one hundred gold.  Bookmark here

"I'm going to need to do a lot more quests" He saidBookmark here

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