Chapter 10:

If it doesn't have a good cover, and you're not a professional artist, then you're doing something wrong.

Why the heck are novel titles so long?! Why is every single story an Isekai?! What happened to creativity?! I could give you my whole life story in a single sentence but I'm not going to. Find it out for yourself. Peace and love. No hard feelings.

I'm walking down the street with Kendo, and we're wearing cool casual clothes. Very cool. Yes yes. We pass some stores, and inside of their windows, we see books on display.

"Hey, Kendo. This world we're in is called 'Peace and love. No hard feelings' right? Shouldn't we actually have some elements of love, so we're not lying to the fans and being deceitful?" I said like I cared when I didn't. It was a terrible idea.

"That's a terrible idea. The fanbase is still here because of the stupid things we've done. Plus, we didn't even start this off with romance, so do you think they would expect romance?" Kendo responded.

"Let me ask the creator of this novel to not include romance. Please, no romance." I spoke too soon.

"You spoke too soon. It's already happening..." Kendo said in disappointment.

We turn around, and oh my days, it's already happening. Side character one, also known as Miramirai, is around the corner of a shop and is spying on the two of us. As soon as I see her, she disappears behind the building.

"Why her of all people!" I exclaimed loudly but Kendo didn't care.

Behind the store that Miramirai was hiding behind was another store. Ariso was peaking at us, whilst watching Miramirai.

"You can do this, Miramirai! Go for your dreams." She thought to herself. Why?! How can you even see us!

"I can see so much from here. There's two more heads infront of me, and two dots walking away." These were Haruto's thoughts. He was behind the building, behind Ariso's building, behind Miramira's building.

"I can't see a thing! Why am I three buildings behind them? Why am I even here?! They're walking away from me, and I don't have the urge to follow them. Why am I watching them in the first place?" Riteraru was behind a building, behind Haruto's building, behind Ariso's building, behind Miramirai's building.

"Splendid. I can do something with these characters..." Biranu was about ten miles away, sitting on the roof of the tallest building for some reason, without caring about falling to his death. "With my magical enhancement powers that I just got for plot reasons, I'm only going to use them to spy on my classmates...for some reason. Oh look, birds. It's not like I see them regualary. They are so cool."

Now we're at the entrance to a generic art museum on a different day. Why did all that useless spying happen, you ask? Why it was a set-up for what's about to happen!

I was there with Kendo the deuteragonist, Ariso the tritagonist, and Haruto the side character.

"Hello there, side character!" I said to Haruto with a smile.

"What's that?" he said with confusion. "Oh that's me! I'm a side character!" A moment passed. "What's that?"

"What's what?" I said.

"A side character? What's that." Haruto responded.

"A side character is as unfunny as this joke. They're everywhere, and you can't run away from them." I said, walking away.

"Oh! So they're an extinct species!" Haruto responded with fascination.

We all entered the art museum, and we walked around staring at the art. Miraimirai and side character two, also known as, oh my days I forgot her name. Let me check the last chapters. Hold on a second. There we go! Anahana. Yes, she was with Miraimirai.

"Guys. We're being stalked by side characters one and two." I said to them.

"Oh look at the art. It's so...arty." Haruto said without caring about what I said.

"Wouldn't that normally be against the law, but with the plot in this story, it's not going to be. We can't call the police on then, because they don't exist until we actually meet them." Kendo said.

"Yeah, you're right. Let's enjoy the art." I said.

"This looks so amazing! Think about the amount of time they put into these art pieces." Ariso said with glee.

"Do you think that the plot will Isekai us into one of these paintings?" I said.

"Maybe. I wouldn't mind if it weren't for the fact that we're anti Isekai." Kendo said.

"An Isekai...What's that?" Haruto intervened.

"Since when were you so talkative?" I said.

"I was giving Haruto speech therapy after we came back from Thear. Becoming an overpowered Anime Ninja did something to him." Ariso said with a smile.

"Ah, so this is what character development looks like." I said. I realised...instantly. "Wait! How are you even qualified to give him speech therapy? The continuity of this show doesn't cater for time, so I don't know how long you were doing it for!" I exclaimed in disbelief.

"Exactly!" Ariso told me with a smile. "I would do anything for a friend!"

"Let's continue to stare blankly at these paintings." Haruto said.

We continue walking through the galleries, and we enter another room. It has modern computers, brand new in fact, lined up in rows. All of them have the latest operating system, and people are gathering around. Haruto ran up to one of the computers.

"Look at how amazing this art looks!" he said whilst staring at the computer, and pointing at it.

"" I said.

"What's happening there? Is there some kind of announcement?" Ariso asked.

"No. Clearly this is a plot device, but hey, I can deal with this." Kendo said with a smirk.

A man was wearing a museum uniform, whatever that may be. Everyone of all ages, male and female, whatever and whatever, gathered around him. They were enticed by his speech, so I decided to walk up to the crowd.

"Hello, everyone! What are these computers in an art museum, you ask? Well, I don't know because they're clearly not art. I was just told that there's a writing competition going on! You see, in the very unique and not weird mueseum, we put Manga on display. To add to it, you could be a lucky winner! Just use the computers and write a novel out. You can come back here anytime, as you upload chapters!" he said whilst grinning...not creepily at all...

"This is just a re do of the cafe novel arc...Well, I might as well get involved in it again." Kendo said.

"Let's participate, Emushi! Haruto!" Ariso said trying to inspire us.

"Yeah! You better trust in it!" Haruto said.

"What? Is that your catchphrase now?" I said.

"What's that?" Haruto responded. I'm not going to bother with him anymore.

We sat at the computers, and we typed away. I noticed people typing away so loudly, and it was beginning to frustrate me.

"Why are they typing so loudly? Are they trying to intimidate me with their typing skills? Well, two can play at that game!" I thought.

I began smashing the keys as loudly as I could. The other contestants noticed, and they started smashing their keys on the keyboards, and everyone joined in. Kanda also began to do it, and so did Haruto.

"You dare try and compete against me?" Kendo thought. He began smashing the keys louder.

"Oh, I know I can beat you? So you think you're faster, louder typing is better than mine? Think again!" I thought as I started smashing the keys harder.

"Hey! Stop smashing the keyboards, or you're going to have to pay with it..." He paused, and spoke sinisterly afterwards. "...With your souls..."

Everyone stopped and began typing normally again. I went onto the website of the notepad application this computer had told me to go on. I made a username and password, and no I'm not going to do the same gag again.

"I've already done this. No need to explain my username and password." I whispered.

People began uploading their novels, and I uploaded my first chapter. I began looking through them on the not so suspicious website and saw that there was one about a furry....and the novel's cover was created by a professional artist who was not the author.


"Well, it looks like I'm not winning this if I have to pay someone to create a novel that's entering the competition. There's prize money and the chance to get my story written into a manga, down the drain. It's even getting more views, likes and comments than mine. I hope the judges read mine and put it up for the voting phase." I continued to think to myself.

I always thought how, if someone was given a chance to do something they wanted, then maybe they could make it big. Imagine, if you gave a regular human being the power to write a story and then a studio adapted it on a whim, and that studio and, let's say Anime, blew up because they made it. You're never going to get the chance if you never take the risk. It's unfortunate. Everyone thinks their story is good, but the numbers are never truly representative of how good a story really is. Stupid furries.

Peace no feelings. Love and hard.