Chapter 3:

The first “friend”

Crazy kid's monologue in Korona quarantine

Ok, it’s time for the idiotic comedy routine to lighten the mood!Bookmark here

First, let’s clear up some misunderstanding: I’m not dumb. Let me prove it to yah: my 12 years of hardworking payoff with my enrollment to the university with one of the highest scores in my major, which is has the one of the highest benchmarks in my study field! And my field is one of the most esteem and well-known of in my entire university! And my university is one of the most famous university through out the country!Bookmark here

Yeah, I know, there a lot of “the one of the most”, but that’s enough to provive the fact that I’m not DUMB. Well, At least not as dumb as I’m appeared to be. Bookmark here

Ok, misunderstanding cleared up. Let’s move on.Bookmark here

In one of the attempts trying to talk to other people, I got myself an acquaintance. The fact that I’m trying my best to deny the fact that that guy is the first friends I had in my class, and the person who talked to me the most in the first few days, kinda tell you a lot about this guy personality. Bookmark here

Well let call him D, short for “dickhead”, is your typical type of out-going guys but got weirdly mix in with his nature as being a hardcore Otaku. So, as his type of cheerful person, with a weird hobby, got in a class where there a lot of strict-type people, his hobby only be showed to me? Of all people! It’s like this, that fucking asshole deemed to find himself the most Otaku–looking guy in our entire class to shared his hobby. And guess what, is me! Bookmark here

Another misunderstanding probably need to be clear up, I’m not an Otaku, no matter how much I seem to be like one. Well, maybe not at that time. But that’s the stories for another day. Bookmark here

So, what end up happen was, he kept talking about some anime, manga or some weird games I never even heard off. And guess what, by the time I understood some of it, I wanted to kill myself. D is not your typical fanboy you always found, whose preference was something like Narato, AOT or some light-hearted romance comedy, even a bit of ecchi is understandable. But this guy like Loli! Loli? You have to imagine, what a shameless of the person this clown has to be to openly talking about that stuff to a guy who has a younger sister himself. I repeat, I explicitly told him, stopped talking about that stuff, I have a fucking sister!Bookmark here

At the times I found out, I deemed him as trash and tried to get rid of him. But the time pass by and D prove himself to me as somewhat you can call a “gentleman”, his preference probably only to those exists in 2D. I guess not all trash needed to be burned and buried, some can be recycled. Bookmark here

And then one day, this fucker dared to play games in class. As your model student, I condemned his as burnable trash once again and proceeded to take him out. Well, maybe not this time, I guess the time I spent with him had somewhat infected me because I was playing game too. Bookmark here

But D played some R-18 game while I only played some time-killing stuff. Well, to openly do stuff like, this guy wanted to die, I guess. Bookmark here

So, in the break time, D, probably worn out from stayed up all night, decided to take a nap. I mean, how exactly can this idiot, at one second played something that basically a porn, and the next second slept soundly like a baby. Well, not that gonna even matter, you gonna die soon anyway.Bookmark here

I ended up doing the things the society would probably do to this piece of shit - Kill him. I silently disabled his headset bluetooth, turned the volume in his laptop to the max, and the execution has been set. Bookmark here

Break end, class started again. D turned his laptop back up, open his games, push a key, and then:Bookmark here

“Ahhhhh, stop! Oni-channn..”Bookmark here

The whole class turned to him, the look and the gaze was somewhat as if you lay your eyes on some hideous thing that make you wonder why it even exist in this world. Bookmark here

Well, that social death for you. And then, it followed up by 2 hours of being enlighten by the class instructor, ended up failing the class and has to do some community labor.Bookmark here

That was actually so light, if it was me, I gonna sue him, lock him up and make him stay away from children for the rest of his life. Bookmark here

After that, D amazingly still has some strength left to spew out some nonsense:Bookmark here

“Why is this happen to me?”Bookmark here

Why is this not happen to you until now?Bookmark here

Well, I guess if he learned something out of this, then maybe even a trash as he was, can be recycled. Bookmark here

“Oh! I have to go home, Yuki-chan is waiting for me”Bookmark here

And he ran away. Yep, fucking idiot. OK, the next time we meet, he’s dead. Bookmark here

So much for the story of the first “friend” I have in university. Not exactly the type of guy you would expect, hah. Bookmark here

So, D annoyed me end up half-dead, so please remember it when you decide to cross me, don’t. As I was telling you, I’m not fucking DUMB. Bookmark here

Well, at least not as dumb as I’m appeared to be. Bookmark here

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