Chapter 4:

Start of a story

Crazy kid's monologue in Korona quarantine

What is university? In definition, it is the place where you get a specialize education in a degree of your choice, a place where you can learn, think and grow, where you can get your precious experiences before step into the real life. Well university is a loose cage for bunch of wild animals who finally let loose after 18 years being kept in the dark. Bookmark here

Things went down like this: an innocent child, spent all his life in the quiet, peaceful countryside, now finally step into the city, with the soaring skyscrapers, the dazzling golden-yellow light overflowed everywhere, the resounding noise thought to never stop, the overwhelmed scene can make an unforgettable experience for everyone has lay eyes upon. In this unfimiliar place, fill of attrations, where they are all alone, with no one watching, telling them what to do for the first time of their life, will the kid stay true to his dreams? Or will they succumb to the temptations? Bookmark here

Yeah, not everyone like that, but you get the idea. Bookmark here

So, most people ended up choose the second option. I mean honestly, how dumb can you even be to choose the first?Bookmark here

So, that means, university basically is the place where a bunch of good for nothing hides in the mask of modern citizen gathered, keep these guy here for 4 years, and hopefully make them learn something out of it.Bookmark here

Let me give you an example. Bookmark here

Remember D? The Lolicon who was basically trash in the eyes of everyone now? Well, I kinda felt bad for him, not because it was my fault or anything, but because his parents knew his son hobby now, and you know what happen after that. You may thing, I was the one who told them that. No, not me, Ok! Even I won’t stoop that low! I don’t even know them. Well, I kinda told his older sister, but that do NOT count! That’s still kinda exceptable, and what happen after that is definitely NOT my fault!Bookmark here

In my defense, I tried to get to know her as a safety measure in case this idiot somehow gets to know my sister, so I ended up talk to her a lot of things. This was just self-defense, not because she is my type or anything, OK!Bookmark here

Ok, honestly, no joke! I’m a trash but not a type of trash to do that to someone I know, OK!!Bookmark here

So, what ended up happen was, I got pulled to some weird mixer by D because they didn’t have enough people. So, why the hell is this a lolicon decided to go to the mixer? God knows! And I didn’t care enough to even ask.Bookmark here

A day before a mixer, we gathered at the bar to do some “strategy meeting”. Bookmark here

The party consist of a sport scholarship guy, top 10 in the university’s entrance exam guy, a national physic competition’s silver medalist and me. They are the perfect example assholes who wear the face of perfect student. The sport scholarship guy is the idiot who have the dare to date 4 girls at one, and dumb enough to get caught! The top-grade guy is a well-known weirdo who now want to try dating? The third guy, you already know him, is our Lolicon idiot! Yep, D is actually smart. Surprise surprise.Bookmark here

Yep, so many geniuses in the room but so little brain they use! I mean, who the fuck went drinking a night before the mixer? Are you stupid or what?? I mean is like they’re not even trying!Bookmark here

This party consists of the worst of the worst our university can give, the shit that even dung beetle wouldn’t want to touch, the assholes should end up death in some gutter, and me! I mean, I’m not your best guy out there but what did I do to end up like this? To this day, I still do not know!Bookmark here

Ok, whatever! Proceed! Let’s call the sport guy P, short for “playboy”, and the nerdy looking guy N, short for “nerd”!Bookmark here

After some meaningless introduction, D started:Bookmark here

“Anyone has any clue about what should we do?”Bookmark here

“The first time you meet a girl, just look at her, and say this: “Somethings must be wrong with me eyes, because I can’t take them off you”. And while she’s all flustered and embarrassed, lean closer to her and say: “What do you say: we get out of here and go somewhere dark, cold and quiet.” P said.Bookmark here

What? WHAT? Bookmark here

“Really, that’s sound dumb” N threw a remark. Bookmark here

That’s my boy. I guess all that nerdy look is not just for show.Bookmark here

“Who do you think I am? I have been dating since twelve, just so you know.”Bookmark here

“Oh!”Bookmark here

“Ok, enough talking, drink up!” I’m done, so just shut them up. Bookmark here

Well, I kinda forget the conversation after that, partly because is so stupid but mostly because I was wasted. But one thing I know for sure now: no one there has been to a mixer before. I have no hope for D and N, to begin with but to my surprise, P was so useless! The guy probably the star back in the days at highschool, He was  popular, so that his dating experience only was that he saw some nice girl, said some stupid stuff, blah, blah, one thing to another, they ended up dating! And then the girl realised what a piece of shit he is and dump him! And the circle repeat. Thanks to that, he was dating so much but know so little about it. So, what about me, you ask? Shut up, Ok? Don’t make me say it!Bookmark here

Ok, so four guys, with no dating experience, wasted to the point that standing was a miracle, showed up at the mixer!Bookmark here

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