Chapter 1:

The tragedy

The Demonic death

What is reality and afterlife?
what is the universe?how did it begin? what caused the big bang?

Long ago,before the mortal universe was even created.There existed a world which humans can call "Astral world"
2 Different species battled each other for dominance in that world,1 which later became humanity and the other one who's known as "demons" in todays world.

There existed another being other than those 2,someone who's an single entity unlike those 2 species. That single entity holded enough power to wipe out both of those 2 species.

Because of how powerful that entity was,humans of that time started to worship that being,unlike the other specie who hated that being.

That "Entity" was so pleased with humanity that he used his devine power to create a vast space which we call the "universe"
So the earth was created, referred to early humans as "Heaven". Earth was a paradise created just for the humans,the devine entity who's now known as " God" grants every humans in astral world the chance to get to earth.

Astral world is a vast infinite space, which mostly surrounds dust and nothing else, it is boring and there's nothing to develop here. The 2 species living on the astral world couldn’t go deep into the astral world, so nobody really knows just what's the secret of the astral world and who's that devine "entity".

Humans in early days used to be immortals, but at a certain point humans started to get diseases and death was common. What caused this ?

Current era in japan:

Hey kosei,why Don't you even turn off the tv before leaving the room?
"Sorry mom", says kosei.

On the tv:
A group of researchers discovered a ruin, which is estimated to be a million years old!
It is one of the oldest discoveries of homo sapiens.
Researchers found many important relics,but out of them all,the ancient tablet that they found is the most interesting one!
The tablet contains written historic of that era,nobody knows if its fiction or real.
It describes a life when humanity was blessed by the gods,when humanity used to be immortals,when death used to only occur when someone commits murder.Deseases were not heard of,great grandpa and sons living in one era,a Great paradise.

Reporters :How will the religious people of today react to this discovery?
Researcher:Well,ofcourse its all fiction!hahaha!

beep! beep! beep! beep!

huff! huff! huff!

I'm late again,why i the great akuma kosei is always late!
Shut up you dumb kosei,you are always late on school. Stop watching those stupid morning shows.
Sorry brother hayashi, my dumb big brother is always giving you trouble. You always wait for him to come and enter the class together so that the punishment would be less!
No miss kaguya, its Alright. We are friends, the only thing that bothers me is that, you also get late because of him.

Heeeeey, stop wasting time. Let's go!

Tang! Tang! Taaaang!

Hayashi after school ends :hey man wanna go somewhere nice? Let's go together, it would be fun.
Kosei:Sure man, but as you already know, i always go home with my sister kaguya, let me tell her to go home alone today.

Hey kaguya, go home today alone, okay? Tell mom that i went to one of my friends house to study.
Bro, you always make me lie, i Won't lie this time, you should be Honest.
Okay, just this once, please!!!
Ok only for today!

One of the friend of kosei: hey kosei, how old is your sister Again?
Why are you suddenly asking me this?
She's in class 7, 13 years old.
Oh,we are in class 10, not far i see.
What dude, you trying to hit on her?
Nah, not on your watch....hahaha

--Everyone starts laughing and starts to have more and more conversions and its already been 3-4 hours since then.

Beep! Beep! Beep!

Ah,hello dad,why are you calling me now?Did something happen?
-Get to the hospital now,just hurry.
-What happened dad?
-Can you come to the emergency zone?i will tell you after you come!I'm Hanging out the call,just hurry and come.
°Hangs out°

|Kosei rushes to the hospital with no negative thought as he always have positive thoughts|
Hey mom,what is it? Why are you crying?
Hey dad,what is it?
Who's in the ICU? Will you just tell me already?
--Kosei gets a straight slap from his mom--
why? Where were you? Weren't you supposed to be with her on the way?
You sister got into an accident with a truck, doctors tried their best to save her but She's still in the coma now!

-The entire world of kosei starts to break, as he enters the room and sees his sister lying on the bed, kosei loses his coolness and runs! Runs as fast as he can! Runs!runs! runs! only to stop at a shrine nearby ---

Why god?Why does it have to be her? Why take her not me? She's always so nice to everyone, she always respects everyone and most importantly she loves me. Why put her to such a bad condition and spare me who's always lying?
No, a god Won't do that. You are a demon,you can't be god.....You.....

°Shut the hell up you noisi little brat°

Huh? Who's that, where did it come from?

---Kosei sees behind and notices a man standing infront of the large shrine gate---
Demon! Demon! Demon!
°Shaddap kid,why are you shouting like this?I was doing a ritual to someone and your noisy voice just disturbed me°
°So,you called god, a demon just because your sister got into an accident, which is also caused by a human?Pathetic °
Huh? A foreigner like you who knows nothing about what happened with me,is criticising me for calling god, a demon?
You know nothing
If god were good, he would have punished only the bad people, unlike my sister who's better than anyone i know.

°Oh you are so childish,grow up°
Wanna see something kid?
Follow me.

-Kosei has a hard time thinking if he should follow the man or not,but decides to follow him at the end

-As kosei and the unown guy was walking, kosei asked, "You are a foreigner, right? What country do you belong to? Your blond hair looks cool"

°yea thanks, and your black hair looks boring°

°Kosei and the foreigner enters inside the shrine°

Woaaah! I've never seen this part of the shrine!How is it possible, did it get expanded?
Woah, this place looks huge, its not possible for anyone to make it as big as this, without anyone noticing!

-Kosei gets shocked and terrified at the same time and regrets following the foreigner 

°Huh, you got terrified just by seeing the inside of my dimension... I guess choosing you to be my student was not a good idea.°

°This is another part of reality created by me,normal people can't see it...but hey you got lucky--Haha°
Student? Lucky? What is this, you really are a demon.....arghhhhhh,there's a dead body lying there.....!Leeeet me ouuuut!
Chill,that dude is my friends relative, who just had a heart attack!
Why don't you take him to a Hospital?
heh? Hospital? Baby, you will know just what I'm capable Ahahahaha

listen kid, i was looking for a student who has potential. You lack potential but i like you....What you will see will change the rest of your lives, so you ready?
I definitely Don't want to make a deal with the devil. If you want to kill me, just kill me fast. Stop mentally torturing me.

°Just trust me, i mean no harm. It is very hard to believe for someone like you,  who's seeing stuff like this for the very first time,but trust me.Its all right°

-Now close your eyes and hold my hand
Take a deep breath kosei,Don't be afraid!
Wait, how do you know my name?
°I can read normal peoples brain, now stop talking and hold my hand °

-Kosei closes his eyes and after holding the foreigners hand, he opens his eyes

ahhhhhhhhhh,what are those monsters?

°A strange looking monster can be seen standing infront of the body kosei saw earlier and it seems that monster is sucking that bodies energy °
Kosei also sees monster corpses everywhere, monsters!

So kid,you see those monsters? They are the ones who cause heart attacks!Each type of monsters causes different types of illness. Basically killing them will get rid of the illness the person has.
The one you see infront of you is, heart monsters! It is one of the strongest type of monster that exist.
I've been killing them for the past 1 hour,and that's the last one you see in there.
I was about to finish it, but then i heard you be honest, i kinda like you. Your love for your sister is pure, and i was looking for someone with a pure heart for centuries!

Btw,leave the questions for later.Here's my card,visit my place whenever you like!
Now baby monster, time to roll!!!


°°By the name of 7 Gods, i the royal servant of gods punish you evil monsters to eternal sleep!
Hell be your destiny!°°
Now Begone!!!!!!!!!

The monster vanishes, and the blond guy takes kosei and the body to get outside of the shrine.
Blond guy tells kosei to visit him on his place and ask questions regarding what happened today.

---Kosei seems totally confused and can't process just what happened infront of him. It all seems like a dream to him, but deep down he knew its all real.---

Hey mister,atleast tell me your name before leaving!

°I am John I Tzimiske°
Haha,you copied that from one of the emperors of Byzantine empire.

I am John I Tzimiske

The Immortal Emperor