Chapter 5:

The mixer

Crazy kid's monologue in Korona quarantine

After about 10 minutes of waiting, the girls show up: leading the way was the easy-going, cheerful girl followed by a class-rep type, uptight girl, hid behind them was two normal-looking girls with kinda hard-to-read expression. The first two girl is so beautiful that you won’t be surprised if they were a model, the third girl kinda short but cute, the fourth girl had a shy and meek expression in a lovely way. Looking closely, by the way they looked and talked, the girl set up this mixer probably was the cheerful girl, let’s call her Kaori like in “My lie in April”, the classrep girl probably was forced to go by her friends, had a clear displeased face, let’s call her Misaki as in “Kaichou wa Maid-san!”, the shy looking girl, well maybe she was forced too, but she kinda look like she forced herself aswell, I guess, so let’s call her Sumi like in “Rent a GF”. The last girl was kinda hard to read, I have no clue what she is thinking, so fuck it, let’s call her Tanya as in “Saga of Tanya the Devil”. Bookmark here

If you’re wondering, why I put so much effort into naming them, well it’s because if I keep naming people after alphabet, I will end up confused and forget their name at some point. It’s not because they are girls or anything, ok!Bookmark here

Well, just shut it! Let’s begin our shoujo manga-like mixer!Bookmark here

First, you have a womanizer and an uptight girl, so what happen is, the boy, who had all the girls he ever wanted, suddenly meet a girl won’t give him an ounce of attention, plus with a heavenly apperance he never saw before, ended up falling madly in love with her, regretted his past action, tried to live as a worthy person for her. And then, the girl finally went ba-dump, ba-dump for his persistent, sincerity, experienced love for the first time of her life. Blah, Blah. Bookmark here

No, don’t! I don’t mean this to every idiot out there, but I can not see a future where this idiot redeem himself like that. Just don’t, literally anyone is better than him. Bookmark here

Next, a narcissist boy and a shy girl. The boy, being a tsundere or something, annoyed by the meek attitude of the girl, ended up yelling at her about her confidence. The girl, surprised that the boy was helping her realised the truth about herself and admired his boldness, ended up falling for him. This is actually near impossible in real life, and this case is definitely not one of that. Bookmark here

And then, you have a 2D-lover, falling madly in love for a 3D girl for the first time in his life, due her cute looking and “waifu material” or something, become obsessed, ended up talking some weird stuff and creeped her out. And then, he ended try to follow her, talk to her, and make it’s a coincidence. Yeah, that’s stalker. You think, somehow, she miraculously falls for him? No, I kill him before that happen. Bookmark here

Finally, the classic out-going girl and anti-social boy. Fuck no! She can do better. Bookmark here

Foresee the future, I deem this mixer must go down! Bookmark here

Well, I actually ended up has to do nothing. Well, what you expected? 4 wasted guys, 2 of them literally muted, the third talked some weird stuff that no one understand, the fourth spew some cheesy nonsense that make you wanted to kill him. Bookmark here

The girls are no different. So, after a while, only Kaori and P did the talking. Ok, I admit it, she is a saint. I mean, I kinda guess it already, because of the way she talked to us and her friends. She genuinely wanted to talk to us, the clowns who show up at the mixer in the half-drunken state, she helped her friends talking to us too. But the fact that she kept talking to P that long? How exactly can you do that? I mean, the only type of girl who talked to him that long probably has no brain, and she didn’t look like one to me. Bookmark here

Meanwhile, the rest of us was just drink, eat, and drink and eat. Bookmark here

The mood was kinda award, so Kaori suggested that we should play a game called “The King’s Game”. Well, it’s kinda typical, everyone draws sticks with numbers and one of of it have the word “King” on. The King has the right to make other people do stuffs, and of course other numbers are concealed for the fun. Bookmark here

The first few rounds, the Kings only made everyone drinks because of the fact that people still unfamiliar with each other. Well, after everyone was fairly drunk, the dare was bolder. Bookmark here

The first decided to go crazy, of course was P.Bookmark here

“Ok, number five and…”Bookmark here

Please just don’t say the king, I don’t like where this’s going.Bookmark here

“number seven…”Bookmark here

Ok, I take it back, just say the king!Bookmark here

“must kiss”Bookmark here

Yep. So, the number five was Misaki, and number seven is me! I took one look at her, well the expression was a mixed of somewhat embarrassed, furious, and annoyed. Our eyes met, she gave me a death glares and immediately turned away. Yeah no, retract! Can you retract in this game? I don’t know, I don’t give a fuck! RETRACT! I don’t want to die. Bookmark here

“Hey idiot, make another wish!”Bookmark here

“No, this is a command.”Bookmark here

The silent covered the room.Bookmark here

“Yeesh, just do it already!”Bookmark here

Hey, don’t look at me like that. If you want to kill someone, just kill him, ok?Bookmark here

Well, as an angel she is, noticed the awkward mood, Kaori tried to lighten the mood:Bookmark here

“Hey D. They don’t want to do it. So just make them drink, ok? You will get another chance”Bookmark here

“Yeah, and any weird command like that again just means drink” I add.Bookmark here

“No, c’mon that no fun. Just kiss already”Bookmark here

Well, who give a fuck, we drank, and the game started again. Bookmark here

“Hey, it’s not fair.”Bookmark here

Shut up, are you wanna die?Bookmark here

“Do you think is fair that you can make a people kissing in mere game like this? You have no decency?” Fed up with him, Misaki said.Bookmark here

“What decency? This is the rule, and I’m the king!” Bookmark here

“Uhm… Excuse me, I’m the king.” Sumi said and raised her hand.Bookmark here

“Oh nice! Give us an order!” Bookmark here

Yeah, nice diversion, Kaori.Bookmark here

“Can I really give anything?”Bookmark here

“Yeah, go ahead” D said. Bookmark here

“Ok… number four and two… tell one thing they like about each other.” Bookmark here

That’s D and N. Well, what? And weirdly, Tanya looked kinda interested in it, after the whole meeting sat in one corner and didn’t give a fuck about the world. Yeah, something fishy here, so I noted to myself, stayed away from her. Bookmark here

The two idiots looked at each other, and said:Bookmark here

“I like the fact that he’s smart!” D said.Bookmark here

“I like the fact that he’s not dumb!” N said. Bookmark here

“Oh, come one, that’s no fun! Say something else, will you?” Tanya said.Bookmark here

Yep, stayed the fuck away from her. Bookmark here

“Really? If that’s what you want!” D said.Bookmark here

Stupid idiot. So now I know why this guy wanted to go to this mixer. It couldn’t be more obvious. Bookmark here

“I like the fact that he’s good at studying.”Bookmark here

“Something else!”Bookmark here

“I like that he’s calm and funny.”Bookmark here

“More!”Bookmark here

“I think the way he dressed is cool”Bookmark here

“MORE!”Bookmark here

“I love that he’s always so confident and bold!”Bookmark here

“Hehe”Bookmark here

What a devil! And look at that smirk face of N. Another idiot! Bookmark here

The games went on to the point that only me, Kaori and me and Misaki were the only one awake. Me was because I remembered what a hellish night last day was, Misaki because mostly she didn’t like to drink, but Kaori was actually such a heavy drinker. But there were sadness and emtyness hidden in her near drunk expression. Well, kinda drunk and curious, I asked her:Bookmark here

“Hey, are you ok?”Bookmark here

“Oh… It’s nothing. Don’t’ worry about it.”Bookmark here

“…”Bookmark here

Well, I looked at her for a bit and turned away. Bookmark here

“Do you want to listen to it?”Bookmark here

Oh, I get it now. She is surprisingly a sad drunken type. Bookmark here

Well, her story is kinda sad and depressing. It’s began like this: it was at the beginning of her highschool times, in an unfamiliar place, with no one standing by her. She then made a friend, the one who helped her through the tough times, helped her adapt to the new environment, the one who always niced to her and to everyone. And one day, when she and her friend went home together from school. A drunken driver, gave no mind about the red light, went straight to her when she tried to cross the road. Her friend pushed her away, ended up couldn’t make it due to the heavy internal wound. She stopped going to school, crying and crying to the point when she couldn’t. The only thing on her mind was sadness, guilt and hopelessness. Her sole comfort was her sister, the one passionately kept her from being alone, helped her through her tough time, no matter how long it will take. Bookmark here

And times when by, she began to heal. She started to go to school again, tried to talk to her friend, tried to except the reality. Bookmark here

But the tragedy now was actually beginning. At her friend funeral, looking at the sad face, the sorrow expression of her friend’s family, she reminded herself about the sin she felt, the sin she’s yet to atone. She ran away. Far and far away. Again, at the crossing road, pay now mind to the passing truck, she ran, she ran, and froze at the sight of it. She began to think to herself: “Maybe this is it, this is it! I’m sorry, I’m sorry… everyone”. But no, a familiar hand pushed her away. Got up, turned back, emptiness filled up inside her, she ran straight to the sight of her sister laying in the road. “No, no, NO! Please don’t, PLEASE DON’T”. She screamed and screamed, but the word won’t come out. The only thing she could do was to stare desperately at her sister, the one was about to go on to the place without her. At the final moment her sister said:” I’m sorry. Please live for me too”. She used her last strength, raised her hand, gently stroked her sister cheek for one last time, and painlessly passed away with a smile on her face. Bookmark here

“I’m sorry. I’m sorry. I’m sorry. I’m sorry. I’m sorry. I’m sorry....”Bookmark here

When people found them, she was kneeling, hugging her body of her sister, endlessly murmured to herself. No tear was spotted, only a blank, emotionless expression, the blood was all drained, only a pale white color left on her face. She was like a talking corpse, repeated, and repeated, hoping, and hoping that someone, something makes she pays for her sin, there is no redemption left, no way to pay the price, her death is now meaningless. Bookmark here

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