Chapter 1:

Chapter 1 [Morning]

Love [Short Stories]

Ring Ring
the alarm clock ring loudly, I open my eyes and saw a bit of sunshine has entered the room from the cracks of the curtain, I stand up slowly from my bed and begins to stretch my arm.

"what a lovely day," I said to no one particular.

I stand up and begin to move to my curtain, it old curtain that I bought last summer in a garage sale, I bought it cheap cause of the stain at the corner of it but I learn to ignore it but it still a good curtain it got a good design on it and its beige color.

the light poured into my apartment of one bedroom, a kitchen and bathroom as I open the curtain. I don't have much stuff in my room but this is my cozy home even though it small.

you know what? today is an important day for me, why its important day for me I will tell you just wait.

but first let check the calendar, I walk excitedly toward the calendar and tore the past date and I saw today is Valentine day. it not an important day because of valentine day and it not my birthday keeps guessing.

I walk toward the bathroom sink and wash my face, I look in the mirror and saw a reflection of myself, I saw a ginger haired guy with a black eye on his right eyes. I touch the swelling a bit it still hurts.

I ignore the black eye it will probably go away in time.

I shower like always and brush my teeth afterward following my routine every day but today's I'm gonna wear all black just for the occasion and it not for a funeral keep guessing.

I wear slick black jeans and black long sleeve sweater with turtleneck, as I head to the kitchen I step onto a few broken pieces of the plaster. "I thought I clean all of them, doesn't matter" if you wondering where the plaster came from, it came from the hole in the wall.

in front of the cabinet I open it grab a bowl and box of cereal then I grab the milk carton from the fridge, I mix both of them in the bowl and proceed to enjoy my breakfast taking my time eating while checking the twitter from my phone.

A lot of quotes about love today because of the valentine days, love is the air right now. Also
speaking of love in all my experience I categorize love into two type the first one is T-Love as in temporary love or quick Love. For example, it happens when you see a cute a puppy or kitty on the way of work you will pet it because you love it but you not gonna miss your work for that puppy or kitty.

the second type is L-Love or some people call it True love the one which you willing to sacrifice literally your leg and arm for. surprisingly I never experience it before, it not because I never had any girlfriend it just I used to have but it more of the first type rather than the second one.

I look at the clock near my bed then I realize its time to go, I bring the dishes into the sink to wash it later then I head outside of my apartment room, I returned back to my room as I forgot about my duffel bag. I grab the duffel bag head outside locking my door in the process.

I walk down the hallway I can hear the sound of music playing loudly and couples fighting, my neighbor is really lively not that I hate it because they make me feel calm and not lonely when I'm home, as you can guess I lived alone.

I took the elevator down to the first floor as I exit the apartment, I saw a bustling people going to somewhere to a place I don't really know while holding Valentine decoration stuff.

As I was about to take the first step, an older gentleman struck me with his coffee causing it to spills some onto my shirt, as I was about to apologize, I was suddenly cut off by the older gentleman.

"WATCH IT, WHERE YOUR EYES AT HUH?" he speaks loudly then quickly start walking.

he probably in a hurry and if you wondering why I shouldn't yell back, it because I'm not that easy to get angry over something, it just the way I am since I was a child.

I start to walk again heading toward the banks, and it not payday besides I already quit my job as a waiter yesterday, I'm not getting pay anytime soon.

It was my late night shift, I walk to the manager office.

"Lenny, I want to quit"

"Sure, just put resignation letter on my desk"

I did what he told then I walk out of the restaurant, it was really anticlimactic if I imagine it now, you know what let put a big explosion right behind me when I leave the store 'BOOM!!'.

Movie and TV make it seem like a dramatic event, well I probably watch too much Show.

As I walk, a sweet smell hit my nose and I stop in my tracks then start looking for the source of the delicious smell when I saw the vendor selling chocolate covered donut. I went to the vendor and buy two of them then continue walking.

I look into the paper bag I noticed now the donut is shaped like a Hearts, that so sweet and cute.

Look at that I arrive in front of the bank already, first let check the time on my phone.

Why is today important? it is because today I decided to rob the bank.

I open the duffel bag an take out the ski mask, I put it on then proceed to takes out a gun and hold it in my hand.

I enter bank while holding my gun up.

"Everybody don't move this a robbery!!!" I said in a slighter heavy serious tone.

Sophia Animus