Chapter 2:

Chapter 2 [Simply Beautiful]

Love [Short Stories]

the faces of people in the bank changed from relaxed to confusion as I wave my gun around and yelling "EVERYONE ON THE FLOOR NOW!!!'.Bookmark here

I look at everyone in the bank and they still look confused, well they didn't listen to me, I have to do this then with the gun in my hand I raised it aiming at the ceiling then proceed to fire two shot.Bookmark here

which cause the ceiling dust to fall on me and people to scream while panicking.Bookmark here


I look at everyone face in the bank, each of them in fears as this is the worst thing that had to happen in their life, they probably right. Not many people start their days off by being robbed by some random guys.Bookmark here

as I look at everyone making sure nobody is doing anything foolish then I see her, the most mesmerizing, beautiful and fierce woman with a white short hair and silky white skin even if her face is in fear she still looks beautiful, her clothe consist of a black leather jacket, blue jeans, and black boots while carrying a small backpack from the look of it she ride a Motorcycle here.Bookmark here

and just like that, Love at first sight.Bookmark here

my heart beating fast and my breathing is heavy, never I have felt like this in my entire life, a song 'Simply Beautiful by Al Green' kept playing in my mind as if I was in Love story then everything starts to slow down.Bookmark here

I start to imagine my life with her, a small house facing toward the beach with a white picket fence in front of the house while her Motorcycle park in the driveway, we would sit in a bench on the patio and cover ourselves in a blanket while watching the sunset.Bookmark here

I stare blankly at the woman, then I snapped back to reality as the alarm of the bank start to sound. I look around and saw the guard beside the counter raising his taser toward me.Bookmark here

I immediately raise my gun toward the guard aiming for his foot, I fire once the loud boom from the gun travel entire bank.Bookmark here

In the blink of the eye, I saw the guard fall down, scream in pain as his foot bled, the taser by his side.Bookmark here

"I'm sorry but I warn you don't be a hero"Bookmark here

Now, what should I do? I just shot somebody, oh crap.. crap... Why did I have to get distracted, I look at everyone laying on the floor cowering in fear when I look at that woman again. This might be crazy, ok let do this, damn it all then.Bookmark here

" You there the woman with a scarf!! Yeah you"Bookmark here

"Get the duct tape on the counter and tied that woman hand" I pointed to my crush.Bookmark here

After a few minutes, the siren can be heard outside the bank and my crush has been tied.Bookmark here

"OK, all you get out of this bank but leave the woman and somebody please help the guard with injured out of this bank"Bookmark here

They all look stared at me with a confused look, "GET OUT OF HERE!!!" I yell at them and they start to move quickly.Bookmark here

After they rush out of the store leaving me behind with my first love.Bookmark here

"Well Shit" I look at my first love and she looks at me scared out of her life.Bookmark here

After a few minutes, a loud sound from a Megaphone can be heard outside the bank.Bookmark here


One of the police say through the microphone, I sigh as I hear the request while leaning on the counter.Bookmark here

I look at my first love, tied up by tape even gag by cloth, that woman who tied her earlier really tied her really good. She looks at me with teary eyes, even if she is in distressed she still manages to look beautiful, what is going on with me. Am I going crazy, well I did try to rob a bank?Bookmark here

I should say something to her, what is a good opener, oh my god my hand is sweaty.Bookmark here

I look in my duffel bag there is a paper bag of donuts I bought earlier.Bookmark here

I take out the paper bag and show her the donuts.Bookmark here

"You want some, I bought it earlier... It a crazy day huh? The weather seems fine today" Bookmark here

She looks confused as I said. What, the that the best I could come up with? Why am I worry about what I just said, I just rob the bank and make her my hostage? She probably hates me.Bookmark here

She shakes her head, rejecting my offer. So we sit there behind the counter away from the window for a long time.Bookmark here

I look at outside it past the time of the afternoon, the light beginning to drain away, the police is beginning to set up the floodlight for coming night.Bookmark here

She tries to say something but muffled by the gag on her mouth.Bookmark here

"If I pull out the gag you not gonna scream right?" Bookmark here

She nods her head, I pull out the gag from her mouth and her luscious red lips can be seen.Bookmark here

"What are you gonna do with me?please...just let me go.." She said in tremble tone.Bookmark here

Even her voice sounds like music to my ears, "Actually, I don't know what I'm gonna do with you and I can't let you go." Bookmark here

"I can give you all my saving if you let me go please!!"Bookmark here

"I'm sorry, I can't let you go"Bookmark here

"Why.. I never did anything wrong to you, I didn't even know you, why are you keeping me here?" Bookmark here

Should I tell her why I keeping her here? She deserves to know.Bookmark here

"You deserve to know why I keeping you here, it because you make me feel something, my heart is beating fast even being near you, I think I'm in love with you"Bookmark here

"You are insane, LET ME GO, PLEASE HELP ME!!!" Bookmark here

She starts to scream for help, well that was painful to hear but still, my heart still wants. I gag her mouth again as she begins to scream, now she even looks more terrified, she probably thinks I'm crazy.Bookmark here

She begins to calm down after a while and trying to say something again then I proceed to remove her gag again.Bookmark here

"Can I go to the toilet?" Bookmark here

She says with a pleading look on her face. I lost in my thought as I look at her face but quickly snapped back to reality.Bookmark here

"Oh, sure ok"Bookmark here

I search a pair of scissors on the counter, finding it I quickly remove her leg binding first as I was cutting her leg binding.Bookmark here

After I finish removing her leg binding, suddenly she knees me in the stomach, causing me to stun and stumble back.Bookmark here

"STOP!!!" I yellBookmark here

She tries to run toward the main door, I quickly recover and launch my self, chasing her.Bookmark here

Time slows down as a sound of gun fired can be heard echoed outside, the bullet pierced the window of the bank then travel through a flesh, piercing through it and hitting the floor.Bookmark here

R.S. Silva
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