Chapter 3:

Acquiring Information

The Lazy & Carefree Princess

Before taking action, I decided to pretend to listen to my mother’s lecture and wait it out until I can ask the maids for background information on how I ended up this way. If I were to ask my mother about why she was lecturing me, without a doubt it would only make matters worse so it’s best to be patient and wait. If I’m lucky I can also get some extra information out of the maids as well.

After a few more minutes my mother’s lecture finally ended. I gave out a slight sigh of relief.
My mother immediately caught on “What was that?”
“Nothing!” I quickly replied with a smile.
“Anyway, now that your mother’s done, continue taking a rest Lucillia. Father and mother will wait for you in the dinning room later when you feel better.”
“Yes, father”
“I expect you to be on time.”
“Of course, mother”

And with that, both of my parents left the room to fulfill their own duties. As the maids were about to leave, I quickly tugged the sleeve of my personal maid, Margaret Sherbet.
“Margaret, please wait a bit before you leave.”

She turned to me with a shocked face, it was then that I remembered that I was supposed to be a bratty spoiled 8 year old. But I couldn’t bring myself to treat others like how I treated them before. It was just too much.
“I have a few questions for you.” I continued and she kneeled down to get closer to me.
“Why certainly princess.”
“Oh, About that, could you refrain from calling me princess… please?”

Now Margaret looked even more confused. Not only was I asking her to not address me in my title, the old me was the type of person that would abuse her authority as a princess to get whatever she wants. It’s like we’re two different, separate, people. I mean, we are now, of course. I am never acting that way again.
“But my princess I’m-“

“Please call me something else, preferably something with less of a title.” I couldn’t help it, it just felt awkward. Now that I regained my memories, I was a commoner in my previous life. Not to mention, I just recently graduated high school and was about to get started in university. I haven’t done anything worthy of that title and so it just felt weird to be addressed to that way.

“Then- little mistress…?”
“Hmm… do you think you can degrade it down abit? Why not just call me by my name?”
“Oh no! I cannot do such a thing! I would be dishonoring your majesty too much. I cannot possibly address you on the same level as me.”
“Hmm, then it can’t be helped. Do you have anything else?”
“How about… little miss?”
“Little miss huh? Yeah, that sounds good enough!” Atleast it's better than princess. Princess is way too much of a cringey and high class title.
“Now, back to the questions…”
“Oh yes, of course.”

“Would you happen to know why I ended up in bed?”
“… What??” She shouted to me in shock. “Oh, I do apologize for raising my voice. But is your high- little miss trying to suggest that you have no recollection of what happened during this crisis?”

Well she seems to catch on fast. Or did I make it too obvious?

“Yes, that is right. I can’t seem to remember the events that led me to my current situation.”

“Oh, I see… well, to be specific. The princess was chasing after Prince Jerald…” The prince!  “And while you were chasing after him, you ended up tripping and bumping your head straight flat on the ground.”

“I see, so that was why I was in bed.”
“Yes, the king and queen quickly got informed of your situation and ordered all the maids to bring you to your bedroom for rest immediately. You have been asleep for 3 days already and just woke up recently.”
“I see… wait, 3 days?? Does this mean that the tea party is over now?”
“Yes, it has been long since over.”

“If you don’t mind, why was the coming of age party held again?”
“Princess… are you alright? This is one of the most common and basic information that anyone will acquire throughout the whole country. It’s the most important one for a noble or royalty at that.”
“Ha… well, I apologize, I do not remember.” The old Lucillia was never the type to actually study or listen in class anyway…

“Oh no, I do not require your apology. Also, the reason why you had your party was because you had awakened your element.”

“Element…?” I paused and thought for a second. “Oh right! My magical element!” When ever a nobility or royalty awakens their hidden magical element they will have a coming of age party and invite those close to them or of their status to join the event in order to celebrate another element wielder in the country.
“If I remember correctly, my element ended up being…”
“It’s water.” My maid quickly replied.

“Yeah, it is a defense based element too is it not?”
“Most certainly, if little miss were to understand how to control her powers perhaps you could have prevented the fall.”
“Yeah, that is also true."

"Now, you mentioned Prince Jerald from before. Where might he be now?”
“He is currently in his home country.”
“I see.”
Wow, what a nice fiancee he is, he wouldn’t even care to look after me now would he?
Well, not that I can blame him though.

“And just to confirm, Prince Jerald and I have gotten engaged last year, when I was still at the age of seven correct?”
“Yes, very much so.”

It might seem quite weird for children to get engaged at such a young age, but we are royalty and in this world it is quite common for nobles and royalty to marry for benefits. In my case, I got engaged with Prince Jerald was… the reason was…
“Huh.. I don’t seem to know…”

“… Princess?”
“Oh it’s nothing. You may leave now Margaret.”
“Yes, princess.”
“Also- about the way you are addressing me…”
“Oh! My apologies, I still can’t seem to get over it.”
“Haha, it’s fine, that’s to be expected. I just hope that you will slowly get used to calling me in a different way soon.” I said while flashing a smile.
“Yes… for some reason… little miss seems to be very different after the fall…”
She said while giving me a smile in return

Well, of course I am. I am a newly changed, less bratty Lucillia.

“But I prefer this version of the little miss even more…"
"Then, I will take my leave"
She quickly bowed to me and left the room.