Chapter 2:

Chapter 2 [Study]


Lina and I stop swaying our arm and lower them down as we about to enter the class. Then, we both head toward to our usual Lab table at the back of the room. After we sit down in our chair; I take look at the class.

Seeing a lot of science theme poster on the wall and a big whiteboard at the front of the room. I also notice a few students enter the class and taking their seat.

A sweet fragrance hit my nose and I turn my head to the source. see my old crush 'Stephanie'; sitting on the middle right side of the class.

She has the most beautiful blonde hair that reaches her back and big beautiful green eyes. She also loves wearing a white blouse with blue jeans sitting at the front. Lina bump my shoulder and making eyes gesture as she noticed me looking at my old crush.

Lina love teasing me, she doesn't mean harm by it but I wish she forgets about it. I mean, I used to like her but now there is somebody else in my mind but I never told Lina about this. That's why Lina still think that I still have a crush on Stephanie.

After all the student finally settles down and take their seats. Mr. Eugene the biology teacher enters the class while holding his briefcase.

He always wears that brown jacket with matching shirt and a tie around his collar.

Mr. Eugene places his briefcase on his table and grabs the attendance sheet on the table. Then, He starts calling our name to confirm our attendance to the class. Every time a student is called he or she would raise his hands. After a few minutes of taking attendance. Mr. Eugene places the attendance back on the table and grabs a pen marker.

Then he begins to write 'Superpowered Human' on the whiteboard.

"Today subject is about the Superpowered Human. Since the first record in human history, there has always mention of superpowered being with the power of lifting an impossible weight, invincible from any type of physical attack or even able to take flight and much more. But, we have always dismissed this as a part of a depiction of gods or his envoy by the early people of the earth. But since the first appearance of a superhero name Aegis back in 2003. The whole world was shocked to found out that Superpowered human exist"

"It was 2 years after the superhero Aegis made an appearance that many other superheroes begin to come out of hiding and following his lead. Showing their ability to the world and helping the world but it also comes with a consequence, the age of hero brought us Supervillains, the most dangerous people to ever existed."

"Ok, we stop the brief history lesson and continue to biology. In 2008 an experiment was made by a scientist name Dr. Makarov on the Superpowered community to study them. The experiment was can the offspring of Superpowered Human receive the similar ability of their parents."

"Dr. Makarov found out from the experiment that the offspring of powered human has 10% of chance to receive any type of power while a regular human and powered human Has 9% chance of receiving any power, and also the offspring did not have the same ability as their parent instead it is random what type of power they receive" Mr. Eugene continue on lecture but I was distracted by a note that passed to me from Lina.

I open it and read the content 'It fine..having superpower is not that great' i let out a sigh in annoyance and turn to look at Lina beside me.

she has a smirk on her face. this girl is so reckless what if someone else read this note. So I take the note and place it inside of my mouth, I chew on it and swallow it; destroying the evidence. I shake my head toward Lina, she looks at me confused then continue smiling.

Yep, Lina is that 9% of a superpowered child that receive power. Her father was a Superpowered while her mother was a regular person.

One of the reasons, we are so close are because of a few years ago; I accidentally discover her Superpower after seeing a movie together at the local cinema. It happens after the movie when I was about to head home when a drunken driver almost hit me with his car but she saves me by jumping in front of the car; after the wreckage, I found out that she was fine but the car is destroyed.

After the accident, she confesses to me that she had the power of super strength and invincible even flying, the perfect combination of power.

Even though I'm the 10% since I have both superpower parent but still I didn't get any superpowers. If you ask me, I don't mind it, it's not like my dreams are to be a Superhero. I just want a quiet life somewhere maybe become a baker.

I shake my thought away and try to focus on Mr. Eugene lecture, as I was about to listen to him. He was suddenly interrupted by one of the students raising her hand.

"If there so many Superpower Human in the past? why is there no more this day, what happened to them?"

"Well, I myself don't know the detail, the disappearance of the superpower human has been boggling the public for quite some time. I prefer to think they all retired or something,"

"Good Riddance! we don't need those Freaks protecting us" a voice so familiar to me can be on the left side of the room. I turn my head toward the source of the voice; a teen. The same age as me with a blonde hair, tan skin and wearing a school football varsity jacket with a grin on his face.

Brandon, the top dog in the school and Quarterback of the football team in this school. He and his friends laugh at the remark that Brandon made, no I won't call them Brandon friends more like his goon. Nobody can touch Brandon because his dad is one of the richest people in the world and he donated a large sum of money to the school. Wait not large amount more like a gigantic amount of money in this school.

So, this school officially become his playground since his enrollment here. Now I think about it, Brandon is a walking cliché. He is like an antagonist in a film, well his parent is rich and powerful. He is the leader of the football team, he always got the girls even if he has an awful personality and nobody can touch him because of his parent. I won't even be surprised if he secretly a supervillain in real life.

"They are not freak Brandon, they are special" Stephanie chime in breaking the laughter between Brandon and his friends. The only person who dares to go against Brandon, that is Stephanie, it makes me proud that the I once used to have a crush on her.

Lina back it again with the huge grin on my face teasing me, what am I going to do with her?

"Special? HAH! that what we used to call a Handicapped" Brandon laugh at his own remark.

"Brandon, What the hell. that way too far!!" Stephanie said with slight anger in her voice.

Stephanie glare dagger at Brandon, but he just ignores it; feeling unthreatened by Stephanie glare. The argument between Stephanie and Brandon were interrupted by Mr. Eugene trying to grab the class attention back to him.

"It seems we have gone off topic, so let drop Superpower topic and continue with the class"

After that, class continues like normal, we were learning about the human body and its abilities to adapt, also about a theory on how people can receive power by pushing the human body too far. I don't give much attention to the subject because my mind is wondering about the mysterious disappearance of superpower people.

Even Lina and I don't know what happens to our superpower parents. I once asked my uncle about it even him don't know what actually happens. Why am I thinking about this now it has been a long time since the disappearance not just them all the Superhero and villain in the world has disappeared. I shake my thought away again and try to concentrate on Mr. Eugene Lecture.

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