Chapter 1:

Chapter 1 [Blissful]


I wake up when my alarm went off; I raise my body facing the wall with a movie poster in front of my bed. I begin to stretch my arm high as I can, my medium long hair falls in front of my face and blocking my vision. I pull back my hair and tied it into a short ponytail.

The early morning light slips through the curtain, that hangs in the window. I open the curtain and the light pour into my room. It's a beautiful morning as I look out the window. I need to hurry because Lina is waiting for me at her house. I get out of my bed and head to the bathroom.

As I exit my room and walk down a short hallway. When I look at the wall beside me it is filled with pictures of my parents, my uncle and me. Every single day that I look at the picture it causes my heart so much pain, but the living need to continue their life. Right now, we can only pray for those who have passed away.

As I enter the bathroom the first thing I do is look in the mirror and see my messy black hair. My yellowish white skin. My almond-shaped eyes and the thin lip I inherit from my family gene. I sigh in annoyance as I remember Lina's voice keeps telling me to cut my hair. I scoff at her word like I would listen to her. This is my hair and I can do whatever I want with it. I push my tongue toward the mirror.

I went into the routine of cleaning myself like I did every day by taking off my ponytail; I would comb my hair backward.

I went to my room with only a towel on my hip. In the room, I grab a white shirt and boxer inside of the drawer and proceed to wear them. Afterward, I look into my closet, browsing my collection of hoodies. A star war hoodie catches my eye, so I grab it with the blue jeans under it. I wear it, after that, I grab a pair sock on top of the drawer and wear it.

I went to the door and wear my hi-top sneakers next to the doorway where I place it last night. My stomach growl as the smell pancake cooking hovers under my nose. That means my uncle already up and already finish cooking the breakfast. I grab my phone and wallet; store them in my pockets.

I rush downstairs pass the living room and into the kitchen. I stop immediately as I saw only a plate of pancake on top of the counter and no uncle Touka in sight.

I took the first step in and I can hear a slight creaking sound. I duck my body managing to avoid a flying kick that came out of the nowhere. I turn my body and slide down on the floor to the counter. My body turns to faces the attacker; a man in a ninja black cloth holding a Kunai in his right hand was rushing to me. I stand back up and dodge to the left.

The ninja uses the momentum to charge me by placing his feet on the counter and turn his direction left to me. I ready myself in a stance as the ninja gets closer. First, I avoid his kunai by grabbing his right arm and throw him behind me on top of the counter. He groans in pain as his body hit the counter, then rolled his body to the right and fall to the floor.

"Uncle, we need to stop this, you are making a mess and I'm not gonna clean all this up," I said to the ninja laying on the floor.

"Ouuuch.... you are improving but you still need to work on your stance and can you help me. I broke my back" my uncle finally take off his ninja mask showing his gray hair and wrinkled face.

"Need work my ass, I kick your ass," I said as I show my karate chop.

"Arrogant lead to defeat, my child," he said trying to be cool but fail as I only see an Old man with bad back trying to get up.

I look at the watch and saw that I was getting late to school.

"Shit...I'm getting late, see you later uncle."

I wave goodbye to my uncle after grabbing a plate of pancake and bring it to the living room. I head to the small altar containing both my parent picture. Then, I place the pancake in front of them and gave a brief prayer while clapping both my hand. After that, I grab my bag beside the TV and head outside.

"Wait how about your lunch?" I hear my uncle say aloud to me as I was leaving the house.

"I WILL GET SOMETHING IN THE CAFETERIA," I yell back as I already cross the lawn and step on the sidewalk. I wave another goodbye toward my uncle that is standing in the doorway while holding my lunch.

I ran along the neighborhood sidewalk. I see my neighbor all leaving their house. Some are going to work, some getting newspaper and some watering their plants.

"HEY, HARU!! THANK YOU FOR BABYSIT MY DAUGHTER LAST WEEK!!!" one of the neighbor yell in gratitude as I pass his house.

I turn my body and run backward then I wave back to the neighbor with a huge smile on my face. After that, I turn my body and ran forward. I took my phone out of my pocket and proceed to look at the time. I'm late thanks to my uncle again and Lina gonna be angry at me yet again. I stop for a while and look around searching and thinking of a plan to get to Lina house faster.

The neighbor backyard! I can use it as a shortcut.

So I ran toward the neighbor backyard and few of the neighbor saw me pass through but they didn't mind. Because of one of the perks living here for three years and help them by babysitting their children. As I ran toward the fence, I saw a trampoline position for me to jump. I used it to launch my self over the fence onto another neighbor backyard.

Every time I ran into a fence, I climbed over it into another neighbor backyard. I did this a few times and finally, I arrive in front of Lina house. The moment I arrive, I was greeted by a girl with shoulder length brunette hair. Smooth tan skin with beautiful big gold eyes. My favorite part is the freckles on the bridge of her nose.

She is wearing a jeans jacket with a unicorn shirt underneath it. She also wearing a short skirt with a pair of rainbow color long stocking that she loved. I have been through her closet before, she got quite of a collection.

OK, that sounds weird but I'm not a pervert. I did not go through her cloth. I was looking for my DVD that she forgot to return it back to me and stumble upon her collection.

She stands on the porch with her hands holding two motorcycle helmet. While looking at me with an annoyed face.

"Lina, I'm sorry, my uncle..." I was about to explain but she cut me off.

"Come on Haru, let's go, we almost late getting to school," she said in a higher tone.

She went down the steps and head to the driveway where her pink Ducati Scrambler motorcycle park. The one that daredevil used in a stunt show. I follow her and put on the helmet after she gives one of it to me. She put her own helmet on and took a seat on it first. Afterward, She starts the engine by pressing the starter button.

She twists the throttle and the Motorcycle roar in the driveway. We used to ride the bus to school but since Lina got a Motorcycle for her birthday a couple of months ago. we have been using it almost every day to go to school.

I love it when we ride to school, the wind hitting my body it makes feel like I was flying. As we entering the small town while leaving our neighborhood. I look around and saw some of the shopkeepers were about to open their store. After a long ride, we passed our favorite pizza shop, my stomach growl as I watch the shop pass by.

I gonna ask Lina if she wants to grab some food there after school.

When we about to exit the town, we pass by a group of rough looking men in leather jackets and gathering around the bar. In that group of man, there one man that sticks out from the rest of them because of his purple mohawk.

They must be riders passing through the town. We have quite a lot of them passing through here since our town I located between two cities.

Lunarhaven and Starpoint.

Lina turns the motorcycle around the corner and heads straight to the school.

After a couple minutes, Lina stops the bike in the parking spot she usually uses. I get off the motorcycle and give the helmet back to Lina then she stores them on the bike. I look around and the amount of teens still arriving at the school is massive. I face forward toward Lina after looking around the school entrance.

"Thank for the ride, you the best friend I could have and I'm sorry again for being late," I said to Lina with a grin.

"I'm the best, don't you forget that and I do forgive you," She says with a smirk.

She follows up with a question "Hey did you watch robot battle arena last night?" she asks while we both start to walk toward the school.

"I did!! last night was awesome, I know Japan gonna win against Canada robot also I won the bet.... you owe me 10 bucks," I said with a huge smile on my face.

"I pay, if you cut that ridiculous long hair of your," Lina said while messing with my hair.

I have been best friends with Lina since I first moved here 3 years ago. We are the only kids that being prey upon by bullies because I was the new kid and she has always been a weird kid.

It was the end of the first day of school when we first met. We both come out of school looking terrible. My clothes were wet because the jock splash a bucket of water at me while she gets her hair painted on by the popular girls.

When we first saw each other, we laugh our gut out because we thought that we're the only one had the worse day in history.

After we laugh it out together, she invites me to her favorite pizza place and I accept. We arrive there I pay for the pizza then we eat pizza and talk about ourselves.

After a year of hanging out together, we become best friends.

That's it, the end.

I was snap back to reality when Lina starts to speak again.

"Speaking of robot battle arena, the Canada robot had this mechanical arm like a tentacle. It was very weird and awesome, let me show you" as she walks and sways her arm in the air like a tentacle.

"Come on do the tentacle dance," Lina suggested.

I laugh a little and start moving my arm like her. Every other kid in the hallway is looking at us weird but I and Lina sway our hand in the air like we don't care.

We keep on swaying our arms until we reach the biology class together.