Chapter 2:


The Girl I Met Yesterday

I immediately ran away from her house to go home because I couldn't stand the situation anymore.
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                          when i got home, i ran straight to my room. " what the hell was that ?, how can i be like that to someone when i hate everyone"

" I just found out her name is sato harumi, beautiful name " when I realized I had arrived at Keisuke's house and there i saw women's footwear, when i entered his house I was surprised to see that girl and it's turns out she's the girl i met yesterday.
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" h-h-harumi, What are you doing here " i ask to her and keisuke who answered my question
 " hiroshi, she is my girlfriend " I was surprised to hear his answer
 " what do you mean ??!! " suddenly she ask to me
 " hiroshi, we talk in front of the house "  she said

 " sorry "  she said to me
 " why are you apologizing to me "  my answer to her apology
 " sorry for taking advantage of you " I was surprised to hear her apology
 " W-w-what d-do you mean ???!!! " for some reason when i heard her apology i felt like i expected it but i was very disappointed, " did i expect that she is the only person i can trust ?? " i said to myself.

" I took advantage of you because I like Keisuke, so please don't be a nuisance in our relationship " she said to me, she also left me to enter Keisuke's house
" what is the meaning of all this, if this is the case there is no one I can trust, harumi is that really you ?, so the smile and the laugh you give me is fake ?? , ANSWER ME HARUMI !!!! "Bookmark here

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Suddenly i woke up in my bed
" what does that dream mean, I knew there must be something wrong with me why can I be that friendly to other people. "

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the next day when i'm in class, I feel what I used to feel often and start to feel it again.
 (" why do i get this  feeling when nothing's happening, do i feel disappointed in her just because of that stupid dream ")
 before i knew it the class was starting

in the middle of the class, i was always thinking about it. and suddenly my desk mate keisuke called me " hiroshi, are you alright ??, you seem to be thinking of something, you can tell me "
("keisuke was the only friend i had, but i couldn't tell him about that stupid dream, and why when i see keisuke's face is always upset and doubt him.")

" nothing " i said to keisukeBookmark here

" you must be think that i'm not your friend anymore " keisuke said to me
" what do you mean ?, i'm just don't wanna talk about it "
" o-ok chill my friend "
and the class continued
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when the break time came, keisuke and i walked out of the classroom.

at the school hall i asked keisuke a question
" hey keisuke, i want to ask your opinion "
" i'm listening "
" i met a girl for some reason she kept approached me and bothering me
  but it was like my gut's was telling me that i could trust her, what do you think ?? "
" then you have crush on her, and it's very rare that you talk about things like this "
" w-w-what d-do you mean " my face become red
" wow looks like you've changed huh, and by the way what's that girl's name ?? "
" no, I haven't changed and that girl's name is sato harumi " i said to keisuke
keisuke looks at me with a surprised face
" h-hey, i'm gonna telling you something take your time wisely or you will regret it "
and he immediately ran away from me to go to the cafeteria.
" what does he mean ?? "
I also chased him so as not to miss him.
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