Chapter 7:

I Realized

The Lazy & Carefree Princess

"Thats right... the forbidden element is none other than... the element of darkness."
Of course! What was I expecting?  "Oh-woooooow!" I acted, pretending to be surprised. I see this world has its own series of cliches. Any otaku would be able to predict to predict this. I gave out a slight sigh. 
"It's nothing~!" I shaked my head. "Please continue."
"Very well, so darkness, as you might already know, is an attack based element. Being a forbidden element, it is the only element that can counter light. However, aside from royalty and official high ranks that are close to the family, others are not allowed to know about this element." 

"I see, then what would the ranking of the elements be?"
"In this sense, darkness is actually the strongest attack based element. So the actual ranking of elements would be:
1). Light - Defense Based
2). Dark - Attack Based
3). Lightning - Attack Based
4). Fire - Attack Based
5). Ice - Attack Based
6). Air - Hybrid, Defense Based
7). Earth - Defense Based
8). Water - Defense Based
However, regarding light and darkness, these rankings are constantly balancing each other out. Despite this, still keep in mind that darkness can overweigh light depending on how much mastery the wielder has. The only reason why it is placed 2nd is because the court as not seen an official darkness element wielder in action since decades ago so it is not possible to determine how powerful they are."

"I see... so how does one acquire this darkness element?"
"That, my princess, is precisely why it is forbidden and unknown to the world. Acquiring this element of darkness is different from all the others as the wielder is not born with it. They will have to participate in a ritual in order to acquire this element."
"A ritual?"
"Yes, and ritual typically requires a sacrifice."
"A sacrifice?"
"Typically, a human sacrifice at that. Other methods have not been discovered yet. Although another feature of this element is that the power is transferable."
"I see..." 

"So... Is there anything else, I need to know about magic?"
"Why of course! These elements also have counters against each other to bring them out to their fullest potential. In terms of best counters it would be:
- Light vs Dark
- Lighting vs Earth
- Ice vs Air
- Water vs Fire."

"If it's possible for counters, would it be possible to have a combination between 2 wielders?"
"Yes... that is also possible, in some cases they would also work best with their counter elements however that technique is rarely ever used. Especially between water and fire, as those two are complete polar opposites.
"I see, and I assume air would be easiest element to have a combination with?"
"Yes, that is correct, mainly because despite being categorised as defense based, it is still a hybrid." She said as she closed her book. "And that basically sums up the basics of elemental magic. Any more questions?"

"Yes... how can I get stronger? As in improve it..."
"Why that's simple! Simply practice and practice! Like everyone says, practice makes perfect! Firstly you can find a nymph or spirit that you will be able to connect with, afterwards you practice with them as they lend you their "essence" for magic."
"Oh... I see, alright. That's all the questions I have."

"Very well, then we shall we move onto Weasha Kingdom's connection with Prince Jerald's Yeya Empire. Basically, about your and Prince Jerald's past."
At the moment she said that, I found myself unconsciously blushing, still wondering at the fact, that out of all the girls in the world, I got engaged to him. Despite being the 2nd prince and my age- people have been saying that as he grows older, he may have the capabilities of possibly overthrowing the 1st prince. Fortunately, he has not show any interest so far. I would hate it if that were to happen, I'd have to be a queen then... imagine all the duties I'll have... 
The prince is also known to be knowledgable, have good looks, and powerful magic! At a young age his element was revealed to be none other than lighting. A complete protagonist and Mary Sue if you ask me. I thought, slightly displeased. 

"To sum it up, there is currently a war between countries, mainly for resources. Despite Weasha* being a small kingdom it is quite abundant in natural resources, making the country a landmark for invasion. With the Yeya Empire being one of the most innovate countries and a close neighboring country. Both countries decided to create an alliance. The Yeya Empire will be using the Weasha Kingdom's resources at the price of also protecting Weasha and it's citizens from any harm regarding the war. The two of you have been engaged as the symbol and confirmation of this alliance."
"WHAAAAAAT?" I exclaimed, forcibly standing up. To think I was engaged out of such a big reason. "Princess, please lower your voice, you're disturbing everyone else here."
"But there's no else here."
"Doesn't matter, you're disturbing me."
While taking in all the information, I can't help but feel like it's nostalgic. 
"Ms.Michelle, you may go back to your duties. I need a bit of a rest." 
"Yes, of course." She stood up and went off. 

Before knowing it, I drifted off into a deep sleep, recalling a scene from my past life."
"Hey-hey Atsuko! Did you read the new volume of xxx?" Hmm? Why was that name blurred out? I can't remember...
"Oh, no, not yet. I forgot~ Sorry."
"Jeez!! Make sure you read it, You're the only one I can discuss it with." This was my best friend from my past life. She was the one that introduced me to this otaku life style. Currently, there was this popular light novel going on and my friend, Kohaku, was completely into it. Can't say the same for me though as story was a bit too cliche for my liking, however I kept on reading it for her sake. Kohaku on the other hand was reading it because of the characters who she loved so much, especially, Arthur Lockwood, a kind and gentle character who also happens to be a big brother. Another character that was rising up her list is Nathaniel Blythe, the son of a prime ministor. She preferred them over the main guy, Jerald Saville.
Wait hmm... Jerald Saville... isn't that the name of my fiancee?

"Also, This time Lucillia is in major trouble." Kohaku continued. "I don't want to spoil much but it shouldn't really matter because the girl is a b*tch. The volume ended around her engagement getting cancelled! Apparently she's even getting her status stripped off as a compensation! Poor girl, she probably can't even live long cause she's so spoiled... But oh well, she deserves it for ruining the main ship!! Hahaha!" Never fight with an intense shipper-
But, HMMMM?? Isn't Lucillia my name?? This can't be a coincidence can it?
At that moment, the answer became clear. I woke up from my sleep as soon as I realized... that after my death, I have been reincarnated into the world of the light novel as the main antagonist!!
Author's Notes!
*Weasha is pronouced as "Wee-eh-sha"! 
Aside from that I hope you enjoyed this chapter! Finally some action will be taken next chapter now that she realizes!! :D