Chapter 16:

A Map

Tears of Wars: The Heroes are Born

In the evening, in the cave behind the waterfall...Bookmark here

“Pathetic! I thought the Baramus was strong!” Julia said.Bookmark here

“Kenue, are you all right?” Darma asked.Bookmark here

“I’m okay.”Bookmark here

“Julia, what are you going to do now?” Darma asked.Bookmark here

“Let’s just rest for the time being. We’ll wait for Roman and Shinra to come back,” Terry said.Bookmark here

Julia walked out of the cave toward Torou.Bookmark here

“Hey, I’ll go alone. Please protect Roman and the others here,” she said.Bookmark here

“Why? They are all tough. You do not have to worry about them. I am sure they will be fine even without me.”Bookmark here

Darma, Kenue, and Terry overheard their conversation.Bookmark here

“Hm… I’m just confused. I’m afraid of losing another member of my family.”Bookmark here

“Roman is strong. If you guys are together, I believe all problems can be solved.”Bookmark here

“Hm... I was just thinking, the burden that Dad carried before, now falls on me as the older sister.”Bookmark here

“Julia, you are not alone anymore, your brother is here with you.”Bookmark here

Roman and Shinra reached the cave at last.Bookmark here

“What’s this? Did those monsters come here as well?” Roman asked, puzzled.Bookmark here

“The Baramus with three Rhinos and ten Wolfies came here, but they were defeated by Julia.”Bookmark here

“Is that true? Damn. I should’ve been the one to beat him!” Roman said, disappointed.Bookmark here

Terry, Kenue, and Darma came over to Roman and Shinra.Bookmark here

“Hey, I thought you ran and hid in your room,” Kenue teased Shinra.Bookmark here

“I’m sorry, Kenue,” Shinra said.Bookmark here

“Big Bro, I’m glad you’re back,” Terry said.Bookmark here

“Y-Yeah, so am I,” Shinra said awkwardly.Bookmark here

“Hey, what’s up with you, Shinra? She’s your sister. You should be happy that your family is still alive, right?” Roman said.Bookmark here

Shinra smiled.Bookmark here

“Did those monsters attack the Sacred Hawk Kingdom, too?” Darma asked.Bookmark here

“Yes, five Sharkins came, but Roman beat them all,” Shinra said.Bookmark here

“Oh, it’s nothing,” Roman said.Bookmark here

“You guys eat first. It’s getting late,” Torou said, telling Shinra and the others to eat.Bookmark here

Roman and the others went into the cave and rested for a while.Bookmark here

“Father, I’m sorry. I still feel awkward,” Shinra said to Gregori.Bookmark here

“It is okay, Shinra. You will always be my son and I will always love you.”Bookmark here

“I found this in my closet,” he said, showing Gregori a box containing the same necklace Terry was wearing.Bookmark here

“That is right, this is a necklace from me to you. I am sorry I never once came, Shinra. The Sacred Hawk Kingdom has always been guarded by monsters. I dared not come close. I was thinking there might be something going on there! It turned out that King Tertoro had informed the locations of the human villages to monsters, then they began to come to the villages and threaten us all. In fact, those monsters will brutally kill humans if they dare to resist!”Bookmark here

“It’s okay, I understand.”Bookmark here

“Hey, sorry for interrupting you guys, but are you aware that my sister is getting ready to leave? Let’s go with her,” Roman said.Bookmark here

Shinra and the others saw Julia, who was getting ready to go. After that, she went outside without saying anything.Bookmark here

Roman walked up to her and said, “Hey, Big Sis, can you just wait a minute? We’re preparing our luggage.”Bookmark here

“Where are you going? You all stay here! I’ll go with Torou.”Bookmark here

“Huh? Why? Why did you start acting haughty again? If it wasn’t for me, maybe your village would’ve been destroyed. You should be thanking me.”Bookmark here

“Okay, if you insist. Thanks, Roman. Now you guys just stay here! If you come along, you’ll only become a burden.”Bookmark here

“A burden? We’re strong, too! We can fight against those monsters!!”Bookmark here

Torou shook his head. “I knew this would happen,” he said in a low voice.Bookmark here

“What did you just say, Mr. Rat?!”Bookmark here

“I will wait inside until you guys finish talking,” Torou said, entering the cave.Bookmark here

“What do you want? How strong are you? Show me!!” she snapped.Bookmark here

“Yeah, I’ll show you later if a monster turns up.”Bookmark here

“Attack me!! If you can hurt me with that power of yours, I’ll consider it.”Bookmark here

“I don’t want to attack women,” he said, averting his eyes.Bookmark here

“If you don’t want to, I’ll attack you instead.”Bookmark here

She hit him hard in the face, sending him flying far away. He fainted. She then entered the cave.Bookmark here

“Hey you, Flashy Prince, take care of my brother. Don’t let him follow me! He’s passed out outside for now,” she said to Shinra.Bookmark here

“But wouldn’t it be better if we went together? That will make us stronger, won’t it?” Shinra said.Bookmark here

“Strong? You want me to beat you up, too? I want you guys to be safe! Stay here! Torou and I will go to settle all of this. I ask you to help protect all the villagers here!” Then, she went to the Central Monster Kingdom, where Baramus who had killed his father was.Bookmark here

“Very well, we will get going. Shinra, you are strong, stay with your friends, okay?” Torou said, handing Shinra a piece of paper. It was the map of the Central Monster Kingdom.Bookmark here

“I believe that if you hold it, you can keep Roman in check,” Torou whispered.Bookmark here

“Okay! Thank you, Sensei.”Bookmark here

“Torou! Hurry up, before my idiot brother wakes up,” Julia shouted from outside the cave.Bookmark here

“We will get going, Shinra.”Bookmark here

“Take care, Sensei.”Bookmark here

Julia and Torou headed toward the border barrier near the Central Monster Kingdom. It was about eight days on foot from the cave.Bookmark here

Meanwhile, in the Central Monster Kingdom...Bookmark here

A few days later, the Baramus who had been defeated by Julia entered Satyr’s room. He kneeled before Satyr.Bookmark here

“What happened, Baramus? Your body is full of wounds,” Satyr asked.Bookmark here

“M-My apologies, Lord Satyr. I was defeated by a human named Julia. It was very likely that she would go here with her friends. I presume they will be here in a few days. I want to help you guard this Central Kingdom.”Bookmark here

“Help me? Do I look like I need your help? But thanks for the heads-up, Baramus. You can rest in peace now.” Satyr walked up to him and smashed his head with a single blow.Bookmark here

Then, he summoned an entire army of monsters and gave them orders.Bookmark here

“Listen to me carefully. In three days I’ll be having a meeting in Zhargun (the monster planet). For the next few days, I won’t be on Earth. I want you all to finish them off before long. I don’t want to hear that they’re still making trouble! Got it?”Bookmark here

“Understood,” the monsters answered in unison.Bookmark here

“Well, Baramus, just before I killed your brother, he said ‘I’ve been defeated by a human named Julia’. Kill that human right away.”Bookmark here

Damn it! I remember that name! She’s Satria’s daughter. I’ll kill her! She must pay for what he did to my brother! “It shall be done, Milord,” the Baramus said.Bookmark here

In the cave...Bookmark here

A few hours later, Roman woke up. “Ah, damn it!! I’ll make her pay!! Shitty older sister!”Bookmark here

“Roman, are you okay?” Terry asked.Bookmark here

“I’m all right.”Bookmark here

“Roman, eat first,” Shinra said.Bookmark here

“No need. I’ll go after her right now!” Roman said, preparing his things.Bookmark here

“Do you know the way to the Central Monster Kingdom?” Darma asked.Bookmark here

“I’ll ask monsters on the way. If they don’t want to tell me, I’ll beat them up straightaway.”Bookmark here

“You’re starting to act stupid again. Looks like that punch from your sister made you even more stupid,” Kenue roasted.Bookmark here

“Indeed, I’m stupid. I’m leaving. See you!!” Roman said, walking out of the cave.Bookmark here

Shinra went after him.Bookmark here

“Roman, I have something interesting.”Bookmark here

“What is it? You want to show off the necklace your father gave you? I don’t need it,” Roman said, walking on.Bookmark here

“Look,” Shinra said, showing the paper Torou gave him.Bookmark here

“What’s that? Give it to me,” Roman said, trying to take it.Bookmark here

“Hey, don’t be hasty. This is the map of the Central Monster Kingdom. We can catch up with your sister and Torou-sensei.”Bookmark here

Terry, Darma, and Kenue walked up to the two of them.Bookmark here

“What’s that? Let me see,” Darma said.Bookmark here

“You’re keeping something from us, aren’t you?” Terry said.Bookmark here

“No, it’s just a plain paper,” Shinra lied.Bookmark here

“That’s the map to the Central Monster Kingdom. Let’s go,” Roman said.Bookmark here

“The Central Monster Kingdom? Are we really going there? Didn’t Julia warn us earlier?” Darma asked.Bookmark here

“She did? I’ll beat her up later. Don’t fret. Let’s go right now,” Roman said.Bookmark here

“Don’t rush. Let’s just prepare what we need. We’ll leave at dawn,” Shinra said.Bookmark here

“Okay!!” Roman said.Bookmark here

Then, they were getting ready to set off for the Central Monster Kingdom.Bookmark here

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