Chapter 17:

Formidable Siblings

Tears of Wars: The Heroes are Born

The next morning...Bookmark here

“You look a little different,” Torou said to Julia.Bookmark here

“I’ve always been like this. So what?”Bookmark here

“You seem calmer now. I know, you must be relieved after seeing your brother, right? After all, Roman has grown strong now.”Bookmark here

“No, he’s still very weak, but I was shocked. When I hit him, it felt like I was hitting something so heavy and hard. Indeed, compared to the Baramus’ body, his was still weaker. However, he’s very strong for his size.”Bookmark here

“Is that so? In that case, good.” That means that my decision to give him the map of the Central Monster Kingdom was not wrong.Bookmark here

“We are going to the most dangerous place! That is where the Baramus and Satyr are! No matter what happens, never push yourself,” he said.Bookmark here

“You should worry about yourself first.”Bookmark here

Meanwhile…Bookmark here

“Where’s Shinra?” Roman asked.Bookmark here

“He had returned to his kingdom for a while. He’ll be back soon,” Darma answered.Bookmark here

“Huh? Aren’t we leaving at dawn? It’s morning already.”Bookmark here

“Shinra said ‘You don’t have to wake him up. I’m going back to get something to speed up our journey.’”Bookmark here

What was he going to do?Bookmark here

A few moments later, Shinra turned up, bringing some horses with him.Bookmark here

“I brought the fastest animal on Earth.”Bookmark here

“Woohoo… We can get there faster than my sister. We’ll see. She’ll pay for it.”Bookmark here

“So, is this something you said earlier? Fantastic!” Kenue said excitedly.Bookmark here

The Torto woke up and said, “Are you all ready to go?”Bookmark here

“Torto, how have you been? Don’t worry, we’ll work this out. When it’s over, we’ll live peacefully just like before.”Bookmark here

“Very well, thank you kindly, King Shinra. I hope you all will be all right. Keep in mind, the Satyr is very strong. Even The Baramus could not hold a candle to him. Beware.”Bookmark here

“Don’t worry, Torto, I’ll kick his ass later,” Roman said.Bookmark here

“We will. Thank you, Torto,” Darma said.Bookmark here

They set off at noon for the Central Monster Kingdom.Bookmark here

A few days later, in the Central Monster Kingdom...Bookmark here

“Summon all the Rhinos, Sharkins, and Wolfies!!” the Baramus hollered.Bookmark here

A few moments later, the monsters showed up.Bookmark here

“You guys go to the border barrier and wait for them to come. I suppose they’ll arrive soon. Six Rhinos and ten Sharkins to stand guard at the main gate. Twenty Wolfies to guard around the border wall.”Bookmark here

“Understood!!” they answered in unison.Bookmark here

The next morning...Bookmark here

“If we keep going north, we will reach the border barrier tomorrow,” Torou said.Bookmark here

“Hey, Torou, do you think the two of us are enough to defeat Satyr?” Julia asked.Bookmark here

“To be honest, neither of us will win against him. However, if Roman, Shinra and the others came, maybe we could fight on equal ground.”Bookmark here

“Hm... No way. They aren’t strong enough. In fact, they might die fighting a Baramus!”Bookmark here

“You underestimate my student and your own brother.”Bookmark here

Two days ago...Bookmark here

“Why won’t my horse run? You gave me a lousy one,” Roman whined.Bookmark here

“You chose your own horse,” Kenue said.Bookmark here

“I thought he’d be fast because he was big!”Bookmark here

“It’s okay. At least by riding horses, we can conserve our energy and stamina,” Shinra said.Bookmark here

“That’s right, we’re more relaxed this way,” Darma added.Bookmark here

“We should’ve been able to arrive ahead of my sister. At this rate, she would’ve already defeated the Baramus and Satyr! I’d like to fight them, though!” Roman continued to grumble.Bookmark here

Shinra continued to follow the path indicated by Torou on the map.Bookmark here

The next afternoon...Bookmark here

“Finally, we’ve arrived at the border barrier. You saw them, right, Torou?” Julia said.Bookmark here

“Yes, we will wait until nightfall. The Wolfies have poor eyesight. I have an idea.”Bookmark here

“Okay.”Bookmark here

At night...Bookmark here

“Hey, do you smell something weird?” one Wolfie said.Bookmark here

“Yeah, I sniffed oil and something burning,” the other Wolfie replied.Bookmark here

“Hey, what are you doing?!” one of the Sharkins shouted downstairs.Bookmark here

“We smelled something burning, but we couldn’t see clearly where it was. But we can smell it from the south of this wall.”Bookmark here

“Rhino, the Wolfies smell something burning. Are they here yet?” the Sharkin said.Bookmark here

“You go check with three Sharkins and two Wolfies,” the Rhino said.Bookmark here

“Okay.”Bookmark here

Four Sharkins and two Wolfies went toward the burning smell. However, while on their way there, the Sharkins detected blood from several locations.Bookmark here

“We smell blood! It’s coming from several places!! What’s this?! It’s some Wolfies’ blood!!”Bookmark here

“Are there any injured Wolfies around here?” one of the Wolfies asked.Bookmark here

“Beats me. Come, follow me. Let’s go,” one of the Sharkins said.Bookmark here

It turned out that Torou and Julia were lying in ambush. They took the blood of the Wolfies who died near the cave and splattered the ground with it.Bookmark here

Sure enough, the Sharkins, having a very keen sense of blood, came to the direction the smell of blood was coming from.Bookmark here

“Why, hello there, Sharkin and Wolfie~ My name is Julia. Lovely to meet you~”Bookmark here

Bewildered, the Sharkins and the Wolfies poised to attack her. However, Torou swiftly cut them down from behind.Bookmark here

Slash! Thud…Bookmark here

The four Sharkins and the two Wolfies died.Bookmark here

The smell of blood concealed Torou’s scent who was hiding.Bookmark here

“That was an awesome idea, Torou. Now, it’s my turn.”Bookmark here

Julia covered her body with the blood of the dead Sharkins. She then told Torou to do something else before heading straight for the front gate alone.Bookmark here

“Why, hello there, Rhino and Sharkin~ I’m Julia. Lovely to meet you~”Bookmark here

“So the smell of blood is coming from your body, huh? I’ll kill you!!” one of the Sharkins said.Bookmark here

Six Rhinos and six Sharkins charged forward at her simultaneously. She was standing still, clenching her fists.Bookmark here

One of the Sharkins sprang forward and bit at her. She dodged it with ease, then she punched him hard.Bookmark here

Crack!Bookmark here

He was blown away and his ribs were crushed.Bookmark here

Instantly, they paused their attack. However, one of the Rhinos swung his mace at her. She held it with one hand and hit him hard in the stomach. He immediately stooped down and could not stand up anymore.Bookmark here

“Who’s next?”Bookmark here

“Hey, you Wolfies!! Quick, send a message to the Baramus!!” the Rhino shouted to all the Wolfies stationed on the wall.Bookmark here

“Bastard!!” one of the Rhinos shouted and attacked her.Bookmark here

Julia ducked out of the way and slugged him in the face. However, one of the Rhinos jumped from the side and hit her hand hard with his mace. She sustained an injury to her right hand.Bookmark here

Another Rhino came and hit her in the stomach with his mace. She was thrown away with a fairly severe injury. Seeing that, the Sharkins immediately attacked her.Bookmark here

Damn, too many monsters. As expected, this would be a little difficult.Bookmark here

“It’s over!! Now all your efforts will go in vain!!” one of the Sharkins said.Bookmark here

“That’s what you get if you dare to fight us alone!!” one of the Rhinos said.Bookmark here

He swung his mace at her and at the same time the Sharkins attacked her with their bites. She tried to block with both hands.Bookmark here

“Yahoo… My horse can run fast. Hyah! My signature kick!!” Roman shouted. He jumped at the monsters, performing his spinning kick.Bookmark here

Darma and Terry fired some arrows, killing two Sharkins.Bookmark here

Shinra rescued Julia. He took her in his arms and backed away from the monsters.Bookmark here

The six Rhinos and the six Sharkins were defeated by Roman and the others.Bookmark here

“Yeehaw... We’re not too late, apparently,” Roman bellowed happily.Bookmark here

“Why are you here?!” Julia snapped.Bookmark here

“We came to help you, Julia. You can rely on us from time to time. You’re my best friend’s older sister, that means you’re also my best friend,” Shinra said, grinning.Bookmark here

“I can fight them on my own. Now put me down!!” Julia yelled with reddened face.Bookmark here

“Okay,” Shinra said, lowering her from his arms.Bookmark here

“Sis, I know you’re angry about what the monsters did to Dad. But, one thing you need to know. Satria is not your dad only!! He’s my dad, too!! So I have to help you!!” Roman said.Bookmark here

Torou came over to them. “Goodness, I could not kill the last Wolfie. He most likely has already reported to the Baramus and Satyr.”Bookmark here

“Where have you been, Torou? Why did you leave my sister alone?”Bookmark here

“It was her idea to be the decoy, and then I was ordered to beat all the Wolfies on the wall. Before I had finished killing them, the Rhino had given orders to the Wolfies.”Bookmark here

“How did you know your way here?” Julia asked.Bookmark here

Shinra lied, “The Sacred Hawk Kingdom and the Monster Kingdom were friends for a while.”Bookmark here

Roman cut him off. “He said Torou gave him a map of the Central Monster Kingdom.”Bookmark here

“I knew it. No wonder he wasn’t surprised to see you here!” Julia said, looking at Torou.Bookmark here

“If we are together, it is likely that we can win against Satyr,” Torou said.Bookmark here

“Julia, I brought you some medicine to treat your wound,” Terry said.Bookmark here

“All right! Now, let’s go to Satyr’s castle!” Roman exclaimed.Bookmark here

Meanwhile, in the Central Monster Kingdom...Bookmark here

“Baramus, they have come. All the monsters on the border barrier had been wiped out. Only I survived,” the Wolfie said.Bookmark here

“Damn it!! Now summon all the remaining monster army!!” the Baramus snapped.Bookmark here

“Understood.”Bookmark here

The Baramus had ordered the monsters to attack Julia and the others. The big battle was inevitable. Thirty Tortos, eighty Wolfies, and 200 Crocos were to become their opponents.Bookmark here

Within the border barrier, the monster army was waiting for Roman and the others.Bookmark here

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