Chapter 18:

Satyr's Grand Entrance

Tears of Wars: The Heroes are Born

“Whoa… That’s a lot of monsters,” Roman said.Bookmark here

“Are we going to fight them all?” Darma asked.Bookmark here

“I’ve been waiting for this day to come!” Roman said.Bookmark here

“But aren’t there too many?” Kenue asked.Bookmark here

“Are you scared? Quality over quantity!! I don’t like waiting!! Charge!!” Julia exclaimed.Bookmark here

“Okay. Terry and I will watch over you from afar,” Darma said.Bookmark here

“All right, let’s go!” Shinra said, drawing his twin swords.Bookmark here

“I see you are all raring to go,” Torou said.Bookmark here

Suddenly, they heard the sound of trumpets and hoofs from behind. They were surprised by the arrival of a large number of soldiers from the Sacred Hawk Kingdom led by Kong and Torto.Bookmark here

“Woohoo… Now that’s a real battle!!” Roman shouted happily.Bookmark here

“Did you tell them to come, Shinra?” Darma asked.Bookmark here

“No, I just gave them a copy of the map Torou-sensei gave me,” Shinra lied.Bookmark here

“Are you stupid? That’s like telling them all to come!!” Julia snapped.Bookmark here

“Now we’re outnumbered no more!” Roman said.Bookmark here

Kong and the Torto walked over to them.Bookmark here

“Hey, sorry I’m late, I have to wait for the Torto to get used to this horse’s speed,” Kong said. “You know that he’s slow, right?” he whispered.Bookmark here

“Hey, I can hear you from over here!” the Torto snapped.Bookmark here

“Oh yeah, how are we going to tell you apart from evil Torto?” Roman asked.Bookmark here

“Well, lend me your headband, Roman,” the Torto replied. Roman gave his headband and he tied it on his forehead.Bookmark here

“Isn’t it easy this way?”Bookmark here

“You’re awesome, Torto!!” Roman said.Bookmark here

They geared up for battle.Bookmark here

“This is our last fight!! I will give only one order: attack!!” Shinra hollered. His order was firm and resolute.Bookmark here

Finally, the war began. They charged at the monsters right away.Bookmark here

Torou, Shinra, and Kenue dispatched several Wolfies and Tortos. Monsters fell one after the other. Roman and Julia cleared up a path to the castle gate. Darma and Terry stood guard at the back.Bookmark here

Finally, Julia entered the castle and was greeted by the Baramus who was standing there.Bookmark here

“Well, if it isn’t Julia.”Bookmark here

“Bastard!! You killed my father!!” Julia yelled, clenching her fists.Bookmark here

Roman followed Julia into the castle.Bookmark here

“Oh, that’s great. The two siblings have gathered, huh?”Bookmark here

“I’ll murder you!!” Julia rushed forward, throwing a punch at the Baramus.Bookmark here

He managed to block the blow by using the side of his large axe, then he hit Julia, flinging her far away.Bookmark here

“You’re being too cocky, Julia. Did you think I’m as weak as my brother? I am the supreme commander of the monster army. The Baramus you guys fought earlier was my brother. He was only the second-in-command. Don’t be cocky just because you can beat him!”Bookmark here

Ten years ago...Bookmark here

The Baramus fought a one-on-one with Satria. However, it was not a real fightBookmark here

In the arena, Satria could only endure the Baramus’ blows. Even though his body was covered in wounds, still he persisted and rose to his feet everytime he fell.Bookmark here

He gritted his teeth. His face was marked with pain as he staggered.Bookmark here

Meanwhile, the monsters were watching with laughter. Satria could not return the Baramus’ blows because if he retaliated, he would immediately lose his two children right in front of his eyes. He defended against all of the Baramus’ attacks without dodging a single hit.Bookmark here

In the end, his body could not take the pain anymore. He finally collapsed. He looked at his two children, tears coursing down his cheeks.Bookmark here

After the fight, he fainted. The Baramus brought Satria over to Satyr to eat. He said that Satria was a very strong human.Bookmark here

Satyr did not immediately believe him. He commanded the Baramus to treat Satria’s wounds.Bookmark here

Two weeks later...Bookmark here

“So, your name is Satria? Can I ask you something?” Satyr asked in a calm voice.Bookmark here

“What do you want? Where is my children?!” Satria snapped.Bookmark here

“I threw them into the river!!” the Baramus replied.Bookmark here

“Damn it!! I’ll murder you, bastard!!”Bookmark here

Satria’s hands and feet were tied with chains. He tried to break free with his strength.Bookmark here

“Are you really that strong?” Satyr asked. He walked up to Satria and broke the chain.Bookmark here

“Now you can exact revenge on him. I want to see you in a fair fight against the Baramus.”Bookmark here

The Baramus’ eyes widen in shock. Satria immediately charged forward and pummeled the Baramus with a series of very powerful punches. The unarmed Baramus could not fight back. He sustained severe injuries all over his body.Bookmark here

“Die, loser!!” Satria roared.Bookmark here

He continued to punch and kick the Baramus. The Baramus attempted to hit him. However, Satria countered his fist with a hard punch.Bookmark here

Crack… Snap...Bookmark here

The Baramus’ hand broke due to the impact. Satria had really wanted to finish the Baramus with one last punch, but Satyr stopped him with only one hand.Bookmark here

“Enough. You’re strong indeed, Satria.” He gripped Satria’s hand, then threw him hard against the wall.Bookmark here

Crash...Bookmark here

The wall cracked.Bookmark here

Tch, looks like he’s the boss! So, is he the leader of the monsters on Earth? If I could defeat him, the Earth would be free from evil monsters!Bookmark here

Satria rose, poised to attack.Bookmark here

“Hmm... You really are strong. I’ve been looking for a strong human to eat for a long time,” Satyr said, walking slowly toward Satria.Bookmark here

Satyr only eat quality humans. In other words, those who have intelligence or strength above others. This allowed him to gain additional abilities.Bookmark here

Satria dashed forward, then delivered a powerful punch to Satyr’s face. However, Satyr managed to block his fist using one hand.Bookmark here

He immediately launched a second punch and managed to hit Satyr’s stomach. Satyr was slightly dragged backward by the force of his punch.Bookmark here

Satyr sprang forward and kicked Satria’s stomach with his knee. Satria immediately collapsed. Several of his ribs were crushed.Bookmark here

“You’re pretty strong!! Cough...” Satria spat out a lot of blood.Bookmark here

“I should be the one saying that. Let’s cut it short,” Satyr said. He jumped forward and hit Satria hard. Satria was thrown against the wall and did not move afterward.Bookmark here

Satyr loomed over Satria, getting ready to eat him.Bookmark here

Currently...Bookmark here

“Big Sis, are you all right?” Roman asked, approaching Julia.Bookmark here

“Roman, this is bad, my hand that was injured from the previous fight still hasn’t recovered,” Julia whispered.Bookmark here

Torou entered the castle.Bookmark here

“Julia, are you all right?” he asked.Bookmark here

“Torou!! We haven’t seen each other in a long time,” the Baramus said.Bookmark here

“Looks like the wound fits your face, huh? You are looking more beautiful than ever,” Torou sneered.Bookmark here

“I’ve been waiting for this day. I’ll exchange this wound for your life!!”Bookmark here

The Baramus quickly slammed into Roman, sending him flying into the wall. He advanced straight on Torou. Torou was poised to attack him. He swung his axe swiftly at Torou’s neck.Bookmark here

“Die!!”Bookmark here

“Torou, dodge!!” Julia shouted.Bookmark here

“Too late!!”Bookmark here

The Baramus swung his axe quickly. However, Torou was able to dodge the attack and stood on his axe.Bookmark here

Torou charged forward to strike his neck with his sword. He was able to dodge it.Bookmark here

Damn. I almost killed him.Bookmark here

“Where are you going, Torou?!”Bookmark here

He managed to catch Torou’s leg after dodging his slash. He threw Torou hard against the castle wall.Bookmark here

“Die!!”Bookmark here

“Torou!!!” Julia shouted.Bookmark here

Torou slammed so hard against the wall that he was knocked unconscious.Bookmark here

Julia rushed toward the Baramus.Bookmark here

“Take this!!” Julia shouted, hitting Baramus in the face.Bookmark here

“Tch. What are you doing, Julia? You want to play with me, huh?” the Baramus asked, looking at her face.Bookmark here

He hit Julia’s stomach and lifted her up. Before he could throw her, Roman had kicked the Baramus in the head from behind. He doubled over.Bookmark here

“Take this, you bastard!! Don’t you dare hurt my sister!!” Damn. His head was so hard.Bookmark here

Julia approached Torou.Bookmark here

Kenue and Shinra entered the castle. They immediately charged toward the Baramus. The incredible combination of their speed injured both of his legs.Bookmark here

“Argh... Bastard!!”Bookmark here

The Baramus suffered severe injuries on both legs. He sank to his knees.Bookmark here

Shinra and Kenue were getting ready to launch their final attack.Bookmark here

Roman kicked the Baramus from the left and Julia punched from the right.Bookmark here

“I can’t possibly lose!!” the Baramus roared, trying to get up.Bookmark here

Suddenly, Roman and the others were startled by a loud noise coming from the castle entrance.Bookmark here

Kong and Torto were thrown into the palace, slamming into and breaking the sturdy wooden doors in the process.Bookmark here

Satyr loomed over, dragging Terry and Darma in his arms.Bookmark here

“I found this trash outside. Is this yours?” he said, tossing Terry and Darma in front of them.Bookmark here

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