Chapter 4:

He who sows clouds reaps rain

The Divine Punishment

Where are you, man of life energy?" said Reid.

He shouted it so loud that it was heard all over the city, and therefore no-name heard it too. He was not frightened, on the contrary, he was saddened by yet another man he should have killed.

"Does anyone think they can beat me? I feel sorry for him. I accept the challenge." he said to himself.

He guessed where the voice was coming from and went to the place, but to make sure Reid didn't leave, he echoed a shout as well.

"Hey, I'm coming!"

Reid heard it, and he too went to meet his enemy. They met at a large road junction, one on one side and another on the opposite side.

"Now that I've found you I'm going to kill you," said Reid.

"Are you sure? Do you know what power I found? If you haven't noticed, I'll point it out: there's no one left in town, and do you know why? Because I killed them all, do you want to die too?"

"You're getting too nervous, you gotta know that I acknowledge the power of your stone, I have one too: I can use radiation, and thanks to that I'll be able to stand victorious against you and the past!"

"Oh, yeah? Then let's start by seeing who's the strongest!"

No-name sprinted and tried to throw a punch at Reid, but he easily dodged it and then tried the same attack in turn. Dodging that as well, they repositioned themselves in the initial spots.

"You look strong, this is going to be fun!" Said Reid.

"I told you so, but you must know that I will be the only one to have fun, for you it will only be a pain in the ass!!!"

Reid began to release radioactive spores into the air that, if breathed in, would instantly kill anyone. Then no-name moved out of the contaminated area.

"You think you can kill me with such a stupid technique? You're delusional!" yelled the psychopath.

"Are you sure?"

The nearby streets and buildings began to shatter, falling on his opponent and putting him in a difficult situation, he failed to dodge them all and took some damage, but he was still persisting.

"You bastard!" said no-name spitting blood.

He was extremely angry, he then rejuvenated so that he was more agile and smaller to dodge attacks. Reid produced a shockwave made of radiation, but no-name avoided it and then threw a right punch at his opponent. Given the fact that he was very strong, Reid only lost 10 years of life.

"Ahhh! You hurt me. Asshole, Now I'm going to put you through hell!"

Reid created a circle of radiation around him as if it were an aura, destroying everything he touched

"Let's see if you still have the guts to touch me!"

No-name was frightened, he didn't know how to counter that. He tried to run, but couldn't shake him.

"Are you running away now? Weren't you the one who said he was immensely stronger?"

"Shut up, asshole!"

He kept trying to run but couldn't.

"Shit, he's gotta have a weakness," he thought.

He attempted to check for spots without radiation or something as he ran, but found nothing. He even tried to get underneath him to examine better but nothing, he couldn't find anything.

"I don't have any weak spots, there's no point in looking for any."

"What? How did you figure out my plan?

"I'm stronger than you, there's nothing you can do, just give up and accept your fate."

"Fuck it!"

He continued to try to escape but he couldn't, he was indeed about to lose his strength, while Reid was still full of energy.

Second by second, no-name was about to lose consciousness but after realizing that he couldn't do anything against him, he attempted a suicide attack: he rejuvenated himself into a young boy to increase his speed to the maximum (even if it meant using up all his power) and then jumped into the radiation.

He was so fast that he was able to hit him, making him lose more years of life, but he too entered the radiation, causing himself serious injuries. They were both lying on the ground, no-name returned to his original age.

"I-I must kill you at any cost!" said Reid, spitting blood.

"I'm sorry but I'm not going to die," the psychopath replied to him.

Nearby were some trees, suddenly they started crumbling until they disappeared. No-name had regained his strength, he had extracted the life energy within the trees to come back stronger.

"You bastard! I'm going to kill you!" said No-name angrily.

"COUGH, I have to find a way to get back up...or maybe I can just make him reside!" said Reid.

Reid released radiation with all his remaining strength, which caused some sort of geysers to sprout from the ground, no-name was hit, resetting his energy again and causing him to collapse again.

It had gone well for Reid, except that with this attack, he had passed out. The nameless man then rejuvenated himself to gain additional strength and then approached his opponent to defeat him once and for all. It was a pity that the last attack had released radiation, which remained in the air. Breathing it in, he fainted. He was however prepared for this: he had never created zombies to fight, but he had prepared some before and then activated them later in case he was in crisis. And that moment was right now. An immense horde of beings came out and attempted an attack on Reid. But some radiation he had put in the air around him (again with the last attack) allowed him to mutate and get to grow wings*.

*Nuclear radiation can mutate people's physique (like Chernobyl) and the character uses this to his advantage.

This would cause him extreme pain, to awaken him to fly away. That's what he did, he stopped ten meters later on a building. He could recover his energy safely there since no one could access it anymore because he had blocked the exit by collapsing a beam. So the zombies took the opportunity to get No-Name back on his feet. After a few minutes, they had both recovered.

Before allowing no-name to attack, Reid launched a radioactive cloud to eliminate all the zombies, and it was successful.

"So we're starting over?" asked no-name.

"Well, you can still surrender if you want to."

"I thought you said you could beat me, actually you're strong, but you're not strong enough," the psychopath answered him.

"We'll see in round two."

Reid took flying and bombarded the enemy with radioactive gas bombs, no-name avoided them easily since he had regained his energy as well. Then he performed a jump on the building and did the double-jump technique on a zombie just created with a brick of the wall where he had touched: a sublime technique.

He got to the top, the zombie had large debris near him and tried to hit Reid. In reality, he'd created it as a distraction, just so Reid wouldn't notice that no-name was about to hop on him.

"Shit, if I get hit one more time I won't be able to keep fighting, I have to avoid it at all costs!" thought Reid.

Reid composed a small shockwave all around him to get the man off of him.

"Oh, fuck! I could have ended it there! How did I not hit him!"

"I told you, I'm going to beat you and take your stone."

"You can forget it! I'd destroy it instead of giving it to you!"

"You're going to die, I swore it to my boss."

"What boss? What are you talking about? It doesn't matter, the fact is that you can't make promises that are impossible to keep! Ahahah!"

"I'm aware of that, that's why I promised. Now enough with the talk, back to the facts!"

Reid glided in a dive at no-name, who launched himself sideways to avoid him; the now man-bird destroyed the piece of road where he had landed, creating a cloud of smoke.

Nothing could be seen, the no-name was disoriented, and behind him came Reid who squeezed the enemy's neck. Elbowing him in the stomach, no-name managed to pull him off, leap to get away from the cloud and wait for it to finish.

Once concluded, he noticed that Reid was no longer there; so he moved back and forth to prevent him from doing the same attack again.

"Where are you, asshole? Show yourself, coward!"

He had summoned zombies everywhere to make sure Reid didn't make a surprise attack. It didn't help much, as Reid surrounded no-name again with radioactive geysers, he rose out of the area and grabbed his opponent; he pushed him over, where he had already prepared a cloud (obviously that was radioactive too); no-name didn't know what to do, he thought he had lost until he got the idea to rejuvenate himself to a baby and fall on the ground; before he hit the ground, he became a young kid again to make himself less hurt.

So he did, it was only 10 feet, so he didn't hurt himself too much, having the agility of a young boy.

It wasn't over though, he was still surrounded, but he knew where he was; if he came close he could easily strike and kill him.

"That was a close call. That was a great move but you'll never kill me." said the man.

"You're strong, I don't doubt that. But we're equally matched in power, so anyone can win; I'm sorry I underestimated you, I respect my opponents. Although as much as I can respect you, it's time to bring it to an end. But this time for real!"

Reid took off his wings with radiation, but increased the power of his leg muscles, they seemed to be shaped like mufflers.

He ran with extreme speed, he had become extremely strong.

No-name struggled to see him, and every time he approached, Reid would throw a powerful punch at him, making him essentially helpless.

But Reid's body couldn't take that technique too many times and, added to his fatigue and diminished pulse thanks to the physical mutations, he would have to hurry or he would have died.

He continued to hit him and hit him again; until he was able to stun him enough to reach out and throw a volley of punches with immense speed and power. That barrage lasted ten seconds; a short time, but with the power and speed applied, those few seconds were devastating.

When it was over, no-name was lying on the ground still alive, but without a single strength left.

"In the end... cough, cough... y-you won... I didn't think there was anyone who could beat me after literally killing every citizen in this town..."

"Well, you gave me a lot of trouble too...I was about to was a good fight...I'm going to kill you now, but I respect you and will continue to respect you even when you will be dead."

"The same goes for you, I'm sorry it had to end this way, we could have been good friends if we didn't get to meet each other in this situation... but after all...I was in the asylum because I had a psychopathy problem...and a cure couldn't be found. Thanks to you I found it... death: it's the only way to be at peace with your mind, going to hell and being happy with the Devil himself.

Now please end my life."

So Reid took a road sign that was there, to be precise a STOP sign, and, with extreme force, decapitated him.

After that, Reid Regan, after a super grueling fight, slumped to the ground and lost consciousness.

"Good job, young man." said Clark, who had reached the area in the meantime.

He was a very scary person, with a classic horror movie vampire look, but much scarier. His ambitions were much more significant and more complicated...

Clark reached the dead body of the nameless psychopath and, after kicking his head away, destroying any respect and hope he had placed in Reid, reached down and picked up the kamien, which was floating above no-name's shattered chest, whispering, "And now you're coming with me, baby...".

He thrust his chest forward, making capacity for the kamien of the void, which in a flash sucked up the kamien of life energy, leaving not a single crumb of it left.

"And now...They will fear me."