Chapter 5:

Escape the smoke and fall into the fire

The Divine Punishment

After the long fight between Reid and the psychopath and after gaining the kamien of life energy, Clark decided it was time to leave.

In fact, he had many miles to go before he could get to Europe.

Taking into account the total number of kilometers from Blackville to Europe (about 5500), the speed Reid could reach by mutating his body (about 120 km/h), and the vital energy they had collected from plants and other living beings, they would be able to reach Europe in about 46 hours.

They would then have been able to retrieve water from the senator and survive.

"It's a bit of a special request, Reid, but I need you to use the same technique that you used in the fight against that son of a bitch to speed up yourself."

"Of course, Clark, master."

"How many times do I have to tell you not to call me master! Ahh, never mind. Anyways, the waters have been drained, so we won't have any trouble crossing the oceans, it'll be a clear path, the only problem will be the dust-ups the meteorite raised, but we'll adapt."

"All right."

"Good, then let's get going."

The two set off, with Clark, who had rejuvenated himself to not weigh too much, on Reid's shoulders, who would carry him 46 hours to Europe, specifically to Frankfurt-on-the-Oder, where the kamien user of water was located.

*Note: now let's go back to Europe, but not from Tenkei's point of view, but another guy's, always in third person though*

A small town in the countryside near London, July 24, 2020, 3:26 PM

"Big brother, I'm going to retrieve, the ball over there." said the little boy, he must have been around 7 years old, with short hair and black eyes.

"Sure. Wait, Mark, look at the sky!!!" replied his brother, also black hair, but it was slightly longer, and he tied it in a pigtail, albeit a small one.

"What is it?"

"It's fucking huge, and it's heading right into Earth, Mark, we have to run, we have to do something!"

They began to run, as far as they could, even though they knew that no matter where they went, they wouldn't be saved, so they decided to head for the backyard, their favorite place to play.

"Anf, anf"

"Are you tired, Mark? Get on."

The boy took his little brother on his back.

They arrived in the backyard and sat on the grass hugging each other.


The meteorite had collapsed, but the two boys were unscathed.


"M-mark, are we dead?"

"Let's try to check."

Mark slapped his brother's cheek to check if he felt the pain.

"Hey, haha, that hurt."



The two began to laugh, as if with a laugh of relief that they weren't dead.

But the laughter was temporary until they turned back to their own house.

"B-brother...look at that," said Mark.

" can't be, NOOO!"

Their home had been destroyed, the two of them were only saved by a few feet.

"Are mom and dad okay?"

The older boy began to cry.

"M-mark..." the boy said sneering, "Mom and Dad...they were right inside the house..."

Mark began to cry as well, shedding many tears, until an old lady approached and asked them if they were okay.

They replied that they were, despite what had just happened.

They spent a few hours going around the town to see who was left alive.

*Let's go back to the first-person point of view, but the London boy's*.

My name is Evan, Evan Tyrell.

I had a quiet summer, playing with my 7-year-old brother and me being 18.

Of course, that wasn't everything I did all day, I worked at a fast-food chain in the mornings and evenings to get the money that I would use to support my studies during the year.

My family was normal, although my mother was a woman in debt, so she and my father worked day and day to support me and my brother and pay off the debts.

So it was up to me to take care of my brother Mark.

I tried to raise him the best I could from the time he was little.

Fortunately, the 11 years of detachment allowed me to prove myself a reliable and mature person in front of him, even if it wasn't really like that.

I was doing badly at school, barely getting a "C" to pass the year.

This year, however, I was committed because I wanted to have a summer free of studies, to focus on work and my brother.

This meteor destroyed any hope I had for my parents, now it would be my turn to educate him.

Actually, not too, from what they say in town all the resources are gone, so I guess we'll die worse than our parents did.

God is cruel, he wanted to see us die like this...


We were wandering around the village, looking for survivors, when some kind of acorn had come down from a tree, much bigger and harder, and hit my head.

"Ouch, what was that?"

"Look on the ground, big brother Evan!"

Glistening, I stopped and picked it up.

"What's this?"

"It's a magic stone, big brother! Like the one in the movies!"

I laughed, but if I had known what it was at that moment, I wouldn't have laughed like that. It gave off an orange-red color, similar to that of fire.

Before I could get a better look at it, the stone went up to my arm and lodged in my chest.

"B-brother!!! Are you okay?!"

"Y-yes, I'm fine, but I don't know what kind of contraption this is.."

"It looks like a muscle, there's like veins around it!"

"You're right, it does. I can even operate it probably..."

"Try it, try it Evan!" my brother asked enthusiastically.

I "fired it up" and immediately felt a hot shiver down my spine, the hair on my arms stood up and a fire was coming out of my hand, not hot though, and not burning me.

"Awesome, big brother!"

On the contrary, I was scared, luckily I used to show my brother sci-fi movies, so he perceived it as normal.

I was glad, I wouldn't have wanted him to be scared further after losing his parents.

He was strangely calm, he had stopped crying as if the meteorite had never fallen, that's why I love him: he's so naive.

Before we could realize what we had found, we heard a disturbance coming from downtown, from the emergency radio broadcasting the foreign news:

"People, hello everyone, I am the German Senator Lothur Weber, these days you will surely have noticed that a giant meteorite has fallen onto the earth; we think that it has sucked all the energies of the world and then broke into various stones. Each of these has one of the earth's energies, they are scattered in central Europe, the only part of the world that survived the impact.

We call them kamien, and I was able to find the one of the water that entered my chest and it gave me all the water energy there was in the world. Through it, I was able to make my people survive.

I know it may seem an absurd request but it is the best thing I can do at the moment: I'm once asking you to come here to Germany, specifically to Frankfurt on the Oder.

This message was made possible thanks to a boy next to me, Tenkei, who found the electricity by turning on the radios.

Another girl here, named Emmy, has the one of the wind.

I'll be praying for you to make it. Good luck to you all, I will make sure to distribute as much water as possible, thanks to rivers and canals too, even artificial ones".

I was beginning to understand, so I had found the so-called fire kamien eh?

Surely it would have been useful to the whole of Europe since from what they say, so many resources have disappeared.

"Then we'd better set out now, big brother."

"Yes, you're right, first though, let's go get some food, and try to start a car, using a very small flame, to run the engine and make the fuel burn."

"Okay, what machine are we going to use?"

"The biggest one there is. We need to transport as many people as possible."

"A bus, for example?"

"That's right, very good little brother, great idea, we can ask old John, who drives the buses for the middle school, if he's still alive we can do it!"

I was hell-bent on saving as many people as I could, I wouldn't have cared if I died, I wanted to save my countrymen and most importantly my brother.

It would have been enough to burn the fuel in the engine, it would have been exhausting, but if I had trained beforehand I would have succeeded without too much trouble.

We went looking for John, we couldn't find him anywhere, maybe he was dead, we should have used a car at this point.

"Gee, the engine won't start!" said an old man in the distance, we caught up with him."Hey, Mark, Evan! You're alive too!" said the old man, it was indeed John.

"John, we've been looking all over for you!" said Mark.

"Oh yeah? Well, I was at the pharmacy stocking up on medicines before I left for Frankfurt, but I just found out that without the existence of fire the engine can't start..."

"Don't worry, John. I don't know how carefully you listened to the announcement..." I replied.

"Yes, I listened to it carefully, they were talking about these kamien things, are you saying this is a joke?"

"No, no, absolutely not, I just wanted to tell you that I happened to find the fire one earlier..."

"Oh my god, and you're just telling me this now! Yes, we could get to Germany, thanks to that stone! Give it to me, we'll operate a bus and load people up!"

"I can't give it to you, unfortunately, I don't even want to try to remove it from my chest, I would probably die."

I showed him the chest with the stone.

"Oh, I see, well then you'll have to stay active during the trip and constantly burn the diesel!"

"Don't worry, I'll do anything to save these people," I replied proudly.

"Well, then what are we waiting for? Come on let's get going!"

John, then pledged to round up as many people as possible, more than half the country though had been destroyed, and many worked in central London, so there weren't too many of us.

On the bus there was a sign saying that there were 24 seats, in all we were about 40 people, we would have been there for sure, alternating standing and sitting people so that everyone was equally comfortable.

We didn't waste too much time explaining to the people of the city how the stone worked, John had only explained to me how I should have done to start the engine, and so I did, it wasn't very tiring, it was just a few flashes every now and then, but I would have probably gotten tired, considering the speed of the bus (80 km/h) and the time it would have taken us (almost 13-14 hours without breaks).

Without thinking too much about it, we set off and headed for Frankfurt on the Oder, fortunately, my stone felt attracted to something, perhaps another stone.

Six hours passed, we were almost halfway there, there were dead fish on the ground since before the impact this area was an ocean.

I was tired, so we decided to take a short break, where we each ate what we had brought with us, and John took his usual after-lunch pills.

After an hour's break, alternating between dinner and sleep, we decided to leave again and so we arrived in Frankfurt, or rather, in front of a house, near the border between Poland and Germany, but Frankfurt should not have been too far from there, so we decided to take another break and then leave.

It was strange though because I felt my stone attracted to something very close, so I got off the bus, left my brother in the custody of the others, and headed towards this place until I bumped into a girl on a bicycle, it was early morning.

"S-sorry about that!" I said.

"Don't worry about it." she replied, she had a very pretty voice and beautiful silky long red hair.

I saw that she was looking at my chest, I tried to cover it up embarrassed.

"Ah, so you found a kamien too, which one is it? Judging by the color it looks like the fire one!"

"Y-yes, you have one too? Well, it's because of this one that I'm here, we came by bus from England..." I was beginning to understand, so kamien are attracted to each other, however, mine was specifically attracted to the wind type, hers on the other hand didn't seem to react with mine, she must have been attracted to another.

"Awesome, isn't it!" she replied imitating my British accent, "I have the wind one, well... nice to meet you, my name is Emmy Mancker!"

"Nice to meet you too, I'm Evan Tyrell."

"How about I drive you to Frankfurt?"

"That would be great," I replied.

And so she did, she took us to the center of town, where the senator was there handing out water all the time.