Chapter 13:

Chapter 13 [No More Chances]


Even in the rain, I can hear Lina motorcycles roar as she rides it and parked it in the driveway. I sit on a piece of burned wood and waited for Lina while the rain washes away the animal blood on my cloth and body then as I wait for Lina I tied the red cloth to my upper length on my arm, I stare at the tied red cloth determination in my heart.

When I look up, I saw Lina, drenches wet by the rain, the tear of her eyes mixed with rain as she looks at me, I can feel guilt from her eyes. I know she is confused about what happened, I know she blamed herself for being scared of me, I don't blame her for being scared, I don't blame her for saving me, I love her no matter what.

"Haru. I'm..s" Lina said aloud.

"You don't need to apologize, you that right?" I said a sad laugh escape my mouth.

"I know what I am," I said my eyes lower down to her feet, "A broken monster," I said, then raising my eyes to meet her, I was surprised to find that she was not crying but angry, not out of hatred but out of sadness but why?.

She walks quickly toward me, as Lina finally in front of me, she then raises her open hand and swings it across my face.


At that moment as if the sound the rain was overwhelmed by the sound of the slap, that was planted on my cheek by line and what she did next surprised me, she lower to her knee and embrace, I can feel as her body meef with mine.

"Your not a monster" she mutters in my ears, the dam that holds my tear almost break but I managed to hold it but Lina didn't manage to. I can feel her warm tears flowing down her cheek and onto my neck and shoulder.

All I ever did in this few past days is make the one I love, cry. I wanted to be with Lina, but how could I drag her with me as what I about to do.

"Lina, I'm sorry for breaking my promise," I said while my voice is scarce.

"I WON'T LET YOU GO!!!" Lina yells, even after all what happened she still doesn't want to let me go, but this why I love her, her determination and tenacity.

Lina embrace me tighter using her strength to never let me go, I can't fight her strength, I know that. I look at her cheek, her face facing away and clenching her teeth.

I gently place a finger under her chin and move her head facing me, so I can get a better look at her. Her piercing green eyes looking into mine, her eyelid already swollen, then she sniffs her nose and a small frown on her face.

Then I close my lip to her when our lip finally met, I can feel as if the time slow down, I then push my tongue in and our tongue mingle as if they were playing catch in our mouth.

We take a few breaths and continue, our passion drive us both, then a tear fall from my eye as I push the pill into Lina's mouth and break it inside.

We both break away from our kiss, she looks at me shocked and feeling betrayed.

"I'm sorry Lina," I said, as all the tear I was holding begins to pour through.

Lina tries to stay awake, as the sleeping finally begins to take effect. Her hand finally loose around my body before she falls asleep she tries to grab my cloth but fail.

I then grab hold of her body before she falls to the ground, lifting her off her feet, I begin to walk toward her house.

After a long walk, I arrive at her house, then I place her gently on the porch and place her motorcycles keys in her hand. I place a kiss on her forehead and she let out a moan.

"I love you" I mutter, then I begin walking away leaving her, this may be the last time I ever meet her.

My eyes filled with determination and anger as I think what I about to do next.

After another 30 minutes of walking in the rain, I finally arrive at the front of the bar, I stand across the street drench by the rain.

I breathe in and out, focusing my mind. Then I took the first step and start walking toward the bar when I finally arrive at the door, I grab the handle and push the door open.

I walk inside to examine the interior, it a biker theme bar with hanging rim on the wall and the smell of cigarette fill the bar. I see 5 people inside, a bartender, two guys sitting at the table talking and drinking, on at the back of counter probably knock up and one in the back.

I didn't see the purple mohawk guy, I notice one at the back looking at me, and he wearing the same cloth as the gang of biker that purple mohawk in.

"Hey?! This is an adult only place" the bartender yell, I ignore him and start walking toward the man at the back.

"Hey, are you deaf? this is adult only establishment" the bartender yell again, I can hear his footstep leaving the counter.

As I getting near the man at back, I can see he getting nervous, then I see his hand moving down into his jacket, suddenly a hand grabs my shoulder.

"Hey you need to get out kid," the bartender said, at the corner of my eyes, I can see the man taking out something from his jacket.

I quickly grab the bartender hand and twist, I force him to move into between me and the man. The man takes out a gun and begins fire shot at me.

I used the bartender as a shield while he unloads all his bullet at me, then click can be heard the man ran out of bullet, the man quickly reach inside his jacket, probably reaching more ammo.

I then kick the bartender back and his body slams into the man with the gun. The bartender body crash into the man causing him to drop his gun and fall to the ground.

I dash toward the gun and kick it away when the man finally removes the bartender body away from himself, then I take out my kunai and stab the man in his hand.

The man cries out in pain, as I twist the kunai in his hand, I then take out the kunai and bring it blade to his neck.

"Where are they?" I said.

"I won't tell you, fuckin kid," the man said.

A smile crept across my face as I expect that he would say that, a small laugh escaped my mouth, I push my arm to his neck keeping his head still. Then I bring the kunai lower to his stomach, and I plunge slowly into it. The man screams in pain as I slowly stab his stomach.

Taking out of the kunai, "the more you refuse, the more the pain you felt" I said.

"If I told you..they w..ill kill me," the man said.

I then bring the kunai to his back of his ear, smiling, I cut his ear off, blood squirt out from the wound. He screams again.

"Okay, I tell you just please stop," the man beg.

"They are at the abandoned motel at the border of Lunarhaven on route 96." The man said,

"Please just let me go," the man said.

I raise the kunai up in the air, "wait WAIT!!" The man yells I bring the kunai down stabbing him in the eyes, taking it out again, I plunge the kunai again in his eye.

I kept on stabbing for a while,  warm blood splashed onto my face, I smile as I finally kill one them. When I finish, I search his pocket, there is a clip of ammo inside his jacket, a motorcycle key, and some cash. He won't be needing this, taking all the item then I place it in my pocket.

I grab the gun on the floor and hostler it in the back of my pants. I look around the bar is empty, the other attendant probably already ran out.

The police gonna come here, I should go. I walk to the outside of the bar, and toward the only chopper left in the parking lot. I take out the keys in the pocket and enter it in the ignition.

I crank the starter pedal with my leg and let the chopper roar as its start, pressing the throttle I let the engine roar a bit.

Next stop, Lunarhaven the city of nights.