Chapter 14:

Chapter 14 [Breaking Bones]


I rode the chopper down the route 96, the storm had passed and the star is visible in the night sky. The chopper engine roars in the empty road, muffling the forest noise while the cold wind blows my face as I rode the chopper.Bookmark here

I look at the side of the tank, I can see a double barrel shotgun hostler on the side of the fuel tank. I look at the street again and saw a manmade light shine in the distance.Bookmark here

As I get closer, I can tell that the source of light came from a building, more precise, the motel I was heading. I can feel an excitement in my heart as I getting closer. Bookmark here

I parked the chopper on the other side of the street, getting off the chopper, I would unstrap the holster for the shotgun. I would strap the leather holster over my shoulder and the double barrel shotgun would be at the back of my body.Bookmark here

Taking out the handgun in the back of my pant, I would begin taking out the clip out of the handgun then I would check the ammo. Sliding back the clip in the gun, I would hostler it to the back of my pant where I stored it earlier.Bookmark here

I cross the street to the motel on the other side, I can see all type of men entering and leaving through the front metal door, there are also a few women wearing skimpy outfit standing by the door attracting the men who enter the premise.Bookmark here

This place is a brothel, I notice a sign with a hog on it, under it, is a text and it says 'HogBrawler'. I conclude it the name of their gang or something. Bookmark here

Squawk!!Bookmark here

I look at the crow, sitting on top of the roof, it the same crow, who keep following me. Not that I care if it follows me, just don't get in my way.Bookmark here

I stand in front of the metal door with sliding eyehole in it. I knock a couple time, the woman with skimpy outfit all looking at me confused and wondering what am I doing here.Bookmark here

The sliding eyehole open, the eyes on the other side look at me up and down, examine me, "GO HOME KID!!" the man said then close the sliding eyehole.Bookmark here

I knock again, this time I unholster the double barrel shotgun and I aim it at the sliding eyehole, "I SAID GO..!!" the man behind door didn't even finish what he about to say when.Bookmark here

BOOM!! Bookmark here

a loud gunshot overwhelms the surrounding sound of the motel for a short while, the women that were looking at me started to scream and begins to run away, a sound of a body fall to the ground can be heard from the behind of the metal door.Bookmark here

I then quickly take cover beside the door as the door begins to open when it finally open a flurry of bullets flies through the doorway and hitting the street.Bookmark here

My mouth formed a smile, as the bullet stop, I wait a couple more minute when I hear footstep getting close to the door. When I finally I see the barrel of shotgun poking out of the doorway, I took the chance to kick the barrel upward causing the man to let go of his shotgun and hitting the doorway, I aim my double barrel to his head and pull the trigger.Bookmark here

BOOM.Bookmark here

As his head blown open by the blast and the blood splatter to my face then I grab the top of his shirt and I used the headless man as a cover then I throw the double barrel shotgun away and grab the shotgun on the floor, as I was doing that. A lot of guns is fired at me, but none of the bullets hit me as I used the headless man as a meat shield.Bookmark here

A click sound can be heard from the enemy guns, they all quickly reach for their pouch ammo but they were not quick enough when I let the headless bodies fall, I begin to aim the shotgun at the enemy and press the trigger.Bookmark here

The first man I aim, his head blew open just like earlier then I aim for the second man, I fired again and the spread of the bullet blew a hole in his chest and for the third person I aim and press trigger and the bullet spread hitting his head, blowing his head open.Bookmark here

I breathe in the air, it contains by residue smoke that comes out of from the variety of gun that was fired, 'I can get used to it'. I examine the entrance room, it small entryway with one door leading to the back and a stair leading upstairs. I quickly search the dead body for ammo, after I find them, I store them in my pocket.Bookmark here

The door leading to the back open, a man with headphone still in his ear step inside the room, his eye widens as he saw what happen, I aim my shotgun toward him, he looks at me surprised and then he clumsily trying to take out his gun but he was too late. His head blew open as I fired the shotgun that was aiming at his head.Bookmark here

I walk toward the step of the stair, as I get near the stair, I immediately jump backward as a thousand bullet descend the stair and hitting the wall.Bookmark here

"FUCK!!" I cursed.Bookmark here

I listen to the sound of the shot and identifies there at least two people upstairs with an Uzi and assault rifle. I let out a laugh as I brush the dust off my shoulder.Bookmark here

"Now this is a challenge," I think to myself.Bookmark here

"YOU'RE GONNA WISH YOU WERE DEAD AFTER I THROUGH WITH YOU" The man yelled at the top of the stair.Bookmark here

"Pass me the grenade" I can hear the man said to his friend.Bookmark here

I hear a clink as the grenade is thrown downstairs and bouncing off the step. I grab the front of the barrel of the shotgun using it as a bat, I hit the grenade back upward of the stair, the grenade bounce back midway and explode.Bookmark here

The grenade explodes and blew a hole on both sides of the wall on the stair. In the midst of confusion, I dash forward upstair, in the dusty covered air I can see a glimpse of one of the attacker. I charge toward the man, slamming him with my shoulder and bringing him with me. We crash into the room behind the man then I unsheathe the kunai on my thigh, I aim it at the man throat and shove it in.Bookmark here

The blade, stab through his mouth and into his brain, I can feel the bone being puncture by my kunai.Bookmark here

Grabbing the uzi that the man dropped on the floor earlier, I immediately turn my body and open fire in doorway killing the other guy. I release the uzi and let it fall to the floor.Bookmark here

After standing up, I begin to examine the room and I can see an older man with his junk hanging out while hiding behind the bed, when I look at the bed I saw a woman gag by cloth, her hands and feet is cuff in each corner of the bed, her body is scar and bruise. Then I examine the bruise, it still fresh, meaning this was recently inflicted upon.Bookmark here

I look back the disgusting man hiding behind the bed then I crouch down and take out the kunai from the man skull.Bookmark here

"Wait, wait I can explain," the man said while raising his hand.Bookmark here

I throw the kunai, it pierces the man head and his body immediately falls flat like a bag of potato. Walking to the man I just kill, I pull out the kunai then I look at the woman. I grunt a little because I know what I'm supposed to do.Bookmark here

I begin searching the key to cuff in the drawer, easy enough I found it. I then crawl on top of the woman on the bed and begins to uncuff her.Bookmark here

It took me a while, when I finish with the last cuff, the woman cries and begin to hug me, saying thank you even though her mouth is still gag.Bookmark here

I hear footstep closing in the room, in a split second I shove the woman off the bed and she falls the side. When I was about to jump to the side, a gun was fired, a bullet hit my back piercing my lung then another bullet pierce the center of my chest hitting my heart.Bookmark here

I take out the gun in the back of my pant, turning around I shot a couple bullet, the bullet hit the head of the two attackers earlier.Bookmark here

I fall on top of the woman, bleeding out, I can my heart rate slowing down and blood clogging my throat.Bookmark here

"I'm gonna get help," the woman says, as she was about to leave, I immediately grab her arm.Bookmark here

"No, just get out of here," I said, I don't if she heard me but I can see she a glimpse of her leaving the room.Bookmark here

My leg becoming cold and I start coughing blood, I look up at the ceiling and then turn my head toward the old tv set, I can see the same goddamn crow perch on top of it and watching me.Bookmark here

Am I gonna die here?.Bookmark here

That night I died again for the second time.Bookmark here

Tick, 60Bookmark here

50Bookmark here

40Bookmark here

30Bookmark here

20Bookmark here

10Bookmark here

0Bookmark here

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