Chapter 11:

Getting Closer

The Lazy & Carefree Princess

I struggled with coming up ideas for another conversation starter. 
Being an otaku in your past life doesn't necessarily give you superb conversation skills either.Bookmark here

Rather, it would be the opposite. 
And so we had silence...Bookmark here

Until I remembered the gifts I had prepared for him.
Bookmark here

"Oh right! Edward, I have something for you."
"F-For me?"
"Yes, here they are. Open them."
"Y-You didn't have too... I'm honored." He said as he started to unwrap the gift.
Afterwards he stared at it blankly. "This is...?"
"They're chocolates! Totally delicious sweets! You should try them."
"...Yes..." He said as he put one into his mouth.
"How is it?" I asked as he was chewing.
"...It's delicious... really delicious!" He said, looking at me with sparkly eyes.
"I see! I'm glad you like that."Bookmark here

For some reason, in which I don't know why, some kind of protective motherly instinct- or perhaps sisterly instinct evolved inside of me. In my past life I've always been an only child and I rarely had close relatives that would come to visit. Bookmark here

But he seems just like a cute puppy... Bookmark here

Maybe, it wasn't that bad that he ended up being my cousin. Such fluff, I'll just have to make sure that he doesn't end up the way he is supposed to end up. Bookmark here

I don't think I want to imagine a spoiled and mean Edward like in the original story.Bookmark here

But as I was watching him eat peacefully, I noticed that I strayed away from my original goal... convincing him to get an interest in taking over the throne!Bookmark here

"Speaking of which, Edward, have you ever had a dream for the future?"
"A dream...?"
"Yes! Like something you want to become!" I wonder if it's too early to ask him this... He's still pretty young since he is around my age... and I can even remember myself feeling lost when I was asked that in my previous life... 
"N-No! A dream? That's too much to ask for! I could never even dream of having one! Just being a part of this family itself is a miracle." And I remembered again, that he was originally from an orphanage. His backstory even involved him being constantly mistreated. Thus, he had to choice but to put on a selfish ego and eventually ended up going on the wrong path.Bookmark here

When you compare that with me, and my goals, it just makes seem like a coward.Bookmark here

But isn't that just the undeniable truth?Bookmark here

Either way, the way he said how he had no dreams... "That just seems sad... ah-" 
I ended up saying something on my mind.
"...Sad?" Edward looked at me stunned.
"...Yes, no matter what social status, race or class. I think that everyone has the right to have a dream." Back in my days, the kids were brimming with hope, shouting out their goals, dream occupations, and aspirations. "Although you are currently young, once you find what you want to do..." Well, it got crushed pretty early by society thoughBookmark here

It may be contradictory of me to say this. But still, if possible...
I want him to have his own dream. Bookmark here

"Please at least try to reach for it, before giving up ok?" Bookmark here

Even if, it's not to become king. Bookmark here

"...Yes..." It was at this point that Edward gave me a genuine smile. It relieved me. It lifted my spirits. "Good! Pinky Promise me!"
"Pinky Promise...?"
"Ah, by chance, do you not know how to do it?"
"Yes... I've never heard of this concept."
"Hmm... then there's no choice. Give me your hand, I'll teach you."
He handed me his hand and I quickly grabbed it.
"Like this, you entwine my pinky with your pinky then you say... Oh, repeat after me!"
"Cross my heart and hope to die, Stab a needle in my eye!" We both said in unison.
Was that right? Er, that sounded more gruesome then I thought. But it's been a while since I did this so I might've gotten some things wrong... oh well. What's done is done.Bookmark here

"Stab a needle... in my eye?! Princess, are you really going to stab a needle in my eye?!" He looked at me shaking. I sensed a sense of fear which I quickly had to correct. "Nononono-NO! That's just a phrase that we use... I'm not actually going to physically stab you in your eye..."
Edward gave off a slight sigh. "That's a relief... I thought I was going to die by your hands..."
"NO! I would never do such a thing!"
And, suddenly Edward started laughing uncontrollably. 
"Hahaha, I know. I was just joking. I know the princess is too kind for that."
"ME? Kind? Nah... haha" I said, joking around with him as well. 
Eyyyy, author here again! I tried to make this chapter heartwarming, I really did xD Srry if this ending seems to abrupt, I had more but I didn't want too much on one chapter because it might be too much reading for the readers. If there's any feedback on the ending then please do tell! :D And I'm also working on a small drawing/sketch/illustration Lucillia! :D I'll link it here when I'm done! As usual, I hope you enjoyed this chapter :DBookmark here

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