Chapter 19:

The Battle Against Satyr

Tears of Wars: The Heroes are Born

Ten years ago...Bookmark here

“You’re still alive. Your body is quite sturdy for a weak race like yours,” Satyr said.Bookmark here

“Y-You guys had m-made a mistake. M-Maybe you think we’re a w-weak race, b-but our hearts are stronger th-than yours!!” Satria stammered.Bookmark here

“Your speech is getting less and less clear.”Bookmark here

“I b-believe one day gr-great heroes will be b-born and d-defeat y-you!! Just you w-wait.”Bookmark here

Julia and Roman, I’m sorry I couldn’t protect you guys. I’ve broken the promise I made to your mother. If we meet again, I promise to become stronger so that I can protect you and Lyra...Bookmark here

Satria breathed his last in front of Satyr.Bookmark here

“Heroes? You think this is a fairy tale world? We monsters are at the top of the food chain!” Satyr said, eating Satria’s body.Bookmark here

Currently...Bookmark here

“I found this trash outside. Is this yours?” Satyr said, tossing Terry and Darma in front of them.Bookmark here

Roman and the others fell silent upon seeing his arrival.Bookmark here

“Lord Satyr, please help me…” The Baramus was injured and could not stand up.Bookmark here

“Um, help you?” Satyr zoomed past Kenue and Shinra at an inhuman speed. He cut the Baramus’ neck with his hand.Bookmark here

Roman and the others were speechless at the sight. Kenue and Shinra were shocked because he had just passed the two of them in the blink of an eye. They could not imagine if he had attacked them the moment he passed them earlier.Bookmark here

Satyr was now standing in the midst of Roman and the others.Bookmark here

“So, when do we start the fight? I’m not going to kill you right away. I wonder who’s the strongest among you,” he said in a calm voice.Bookmark here

“Bastard!!” Roman whirled toward Satyr and immediately kicked from Satyr’s left side.Bookmark here

Satyr blocked Roman’s kick with only one hand, then Julia hit him from the right.Bookmark here

However, he ducked backward and threw Roman at Julia. Julia and Roman were flung away.Bookmark here

“Hey, you two wielding swords and spear, do you want to attack me or do you want me to attack you first?” he asked, inching closer toward Kenue and Shinra.Bookmark here

Kenue and Shinra were still trembling.Bookmark here

No way! I’ll die if I fight him!! No way... Kenue thought.Bookmark here

W-What is this? He’s too strong! I can’t move my body. Shinra was silent, looking at Roman and Julia who were thrown earlier.Bookmark here

“All right, then I’ll attack you both.” Satyr closed in on them and were getting ready to deal a blow to them.Bookmark here

“Hey, where are you looking, stupid monster?!” Julia hurled Roman at him.Bookmark here

Roman’s kick sent Satyr hurtling through the air.Bookmark here

“Take it, stupid monster!! How dare you ignore me!” Roman said.Bookmark here

“Hey, Flashy Prince and The Quiet One, if you guys don’t want to fight, then go away!! Let Roman and I finish all of this!” Julia snapped at Kenue and Shinra.Bookmark here

Satyr rose to his feet.Bookmark here

“All right, now it’s my turn!”Bookmark here

Satyr immediately jumped up and hit Roman hard in the stomach. Roman was thrown against the wall. Julia threw a punch at his face from the front, but he was able to block it with one hand. She punched his stomach hard with her left hand. He shifted back slightly.Bookmark here

Just as Satyr was about to hit her with his other hand, Shinra and Kenue came to attack him. He was forced to jump backward to avoid the attack.Bookmark here

Julia approached Roman.Bookmark here

That punch. I remember something that happened in the past. Satyr recalled his fight with Satria.Bookmark here

Simultaneously, Kenue and Shinra said:Bookmark here

“You have to pay for what you did to my sister!!” Shinra roared.Bookmark here

“You have to pay for what you did to my brother!!” Kenue howled.Bookmark here

Shinra and Kenue zoomed toward Satyr with incredible speed and power, but he could dodge their attacks.Bookmark here

Kenue stabbed his stomach from the front with his spear and Shinra tried to cut his neck from behind.Bookmark here

Satyr just stood still, unable to dodge.Bookmark here

“Take this!!” Shinra shouted, swinging his sword at Satyr’s neck from behind.Bookmark here

Smash…Bookmark here

Kenue’s spear shattered when it hit Satyr’s stomach and one of Shinra’s twin swords also shattered when it hit Satyr’s neck.Bookmark here

Satyr slugged Shinra with his right hand and kicked Kenue with his left foot.Bookmark here

Shinra was thrown, bleeding profusely from his mouth, while Kenue had some serious injuries to his ribs. Shinra and Kenue were unable to stand up.Bookmark here

“I thought you could entertain me when I saw you defeating the monster army. Turned out that this is all you’re capable of,” Satyr said in a calm voice.Bookmark here

He walked slowly toward Julia and Roman. “Hey girlie, what’s your name?”Bookmark here

“Julia!”Bookmark here

“Then, what’s your brother’s name?” he asked as he pointed at Roman.Bookmark here

“Roman!”Bookmark here

“Um, it looks like your brother has a serious abdominal wound. Do you want me to end his suffering?” he asked, poising to strike at Roman, who was sitting against the wall.Bookmark here

“Die, Satyr!!” Torou attacked Satyr from behind using his sword. He stabbed Satyr’s back so hard that his sword stuck.Bookmark here

Crouching in pain, Satyr tried to remove the sword from his back.Bookmark here

After Satyr had removed the sword, Roman, who had been conscious from earlier opened his eyes and advanced quickly toward Satyr, launching a knee kick towards Satyr’s face.Bookmark here

Satyr was thrown back.Bookmark here

After that, Julia jumped and smacked Satyr in the stomach while he was flying through the air.Bookmark here

Satyr slammed hard to the floor. He then vomited blood from his mouth.Bookmark here

Shortly before...Bookmark here

Torou approached Roman and Julia.Bookmark here

“Roman, eat this pill. It will make your body immune for a while and recover your stamina. Julia, you eat this too.”Bookmark here

Roman and Julia swallowed the pill Torou gave them while Satyr was focusing on Kenue and Shinra, then Torou pretended to be unconscious again.Bookmark here

Currently...Bookmark here

“Wake up, you bastard!!” Julia lifted Satyr with both hands.Bookmark here

“I don’t think Baramus killed my father! Because a monster like him would die instantly if he fought my father. You’d better speak the truth!! Are you the one who killed my father?!”Bookmark here

“Your father? I don’t remember. I’ve killed too many humans. I can’t remember their faces and names one by one.”Bookmark here

“Satria is my father!!”Bookmark here

“Ah, Satria... Yes, I remember. Not only did I kill him, but I also ate his flesh and bones because they were so delicious. He’s my favorite food,” Satyr sneered.Bookmark here

“Bastard!! I won’t forgive you!!”Bookmark here

Julia pummeled the Satyr so hard that he was flung far away.Bookmark here

She strode toward Satyr, picking him up and beating him repeatedly. His body was covered in wounds.Bookmark here

She was ready to deal the final blow to Satyr’s face, but unexpectedly, he hit her face with an arm growing from his shoulder. His body underwent a transformation. His body became huge and he had four arms. The wounds on his body had recovered.Bookmark here

“Big Sis!!” Roman shouted.Bookmark here

Roman and the others were surprised to see the changes in his body.Bookmark here

“You guys are pretty great!! I’ve never once shown my true form in 500 years!! Now I’ll make sure that all of you will die here!!”Bookmark here

Satyr turned to Roman.Bookmark here

Roman ran out of the castle, luring Satyr so that the others would not be hit by Satyr.Bookmark here

Satyr chased after him.Bookmark here

“Where are you going, brat?! You’re deliberately luring me out so you can be free to attack, huh? I have the high ground because I have more space to attack you from all directions.”Bookmark here

“You underestimate my power. Bring it on!!” Roman challenged.Bookmark here

Satyr charged toward Roman. Roman was able to dodge his attacks. He came back and kicked Roman hard. Roman blocked it using his brass knuckles.Bookmark here

“Finally, I get use this weapon.”Bookmark here

“Quite a useful toy, huh?”Bookmark here

Luckily I have these brass knuckles. Otherwise, my hand injury would be more severe.Bookmark here

“How about it’s your turn to attack me? It would be fair that way, right?” Satyr asked.Bookmark here

“Okay, as you wish!!” Roman rushed forward to punch him in the face.Bookmark here

Satyr parried it with two hands. He threw a punch Roman with his other two hands, but Roman dodged it by jumping backward.Bookmark here

Once again Roman dashed forward, kicking his knee into Satyr’s stomach. Satyr was dragged backward after blocking Roman’s knee kick.Bookmark here

After that, Roman sprang forward quickly, hitting Satyr’s face hard with his brass knuckles. Even though the Satyr was able to parry it, his punch pierced through the Satyr’s arm and injured his face. However, Satyr managed to hit his stomach, flinging him far away.Bookmark here

Satyr was puzzled. Why does he keep getting up? Has he gone mad? His organs must’ve been crushed. I bet he’s just forcing himself.Bookmark here

Roman bled from his mouth.Bookmark here

“Cough… You’re pretty strong, you ugly monster!! I’ve never felt the sensation of dying quite like this!! Damn it!” Roman shouted.Bookmark here

“You’d better give up and let me eat you and all your friends!! Don’t waste my time!!” Satyr rushed forward to attack Roman.Bookmark here

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