Chapter 15:

Chapter 15 [The Revival]



"Hey Haru, what are you doing here?"

I open my eyes to a vast river of Vietnam and my ears are greeted by the same playlist of music my uncle loved. The warm wind blew my face and my hair while the small boat sway left and right.

I look downward finding that I am sitting at the back of the boat and facing the river while my uncle sitting front and facing the other way. The boat was small enough that I can lean on my uncle back, looking downward again I saw a small wooden rod stored at the side of my feet, I then grab the rod bringing it closer to me as the rod is closer to me, I can see small detail carved into the rod such as a rose with two leaves.

Bringing the rod backward then I cast the hook into the river.


"I'm don't know... am i... You know?" I said.

"Dead? Well, are you?" Uncle ask.

"If you want to know the truth, I'm not really sure," I said.

Uncle let out a chuckle, "how do you not know whether you're alive or dead?" Uncle ask.

I shrug my shoulder and let out a breath of relieved as I look at the blue clear sky and cloud that look like it made of cotton candy.


"Are you sure about this?" Uncle ask.

"I'm sure," I said, a frown formed on my mouth.

"Then, Haru, you got a long way to go and I wish you best of luck," uncle Touka said.

"Uncle...I have always loved you like a father," I said, a single tear flow down my eye.

"I know" uncle Touka said.

A crow flies downward and lands in front of me, it squawks at me and then a hand suddenly appeared and grabbed my shoulder from behind. I was suddenly pull back into the air by some kind of force, it felt like I was tied to a plane by a rope and the plane was flying dragging me with it.

The whole world swirl as I was pull back by an unknown source. I look around me and I can see all my memories play like a reel in a movie theater then I notice on one of the clips showing the first time I met Lina.

"Bad day?" Lina said, her hair is a mess and it looks like a mix of different color.

"Yep," I said, while my whole cloth is wet. We both look at each other and begins to maniacally laugh.

I smile then turning my head seeing a memory where Lina and I waving our arm in the air doing the tentacle dance, I let out a laugh while remembering fondly of the memories. I look at another memory and I can see Lina in the class secretly drawing me.


"Only 10% of the offspring with both powered parents receive power," Mr. Eugene said.

I look away to another memory, this time that it shows me and Lina taking shelter from the rain, she leaned her shoulder to mine and I can still remember how her hair smell and her warm body on my shoulder even now.

I look to another, it that time when Lina confess to me when I was about to leave by tackling me to the bed, the timing was awful but somehow I glad she confess because I was too afraid too.

I look at another memory, this time it shows Lina expression when she saw what I had done to Brandon, she was scared of me, scared of what I become. I look away from the memories as it causes pain in my heart.


I look at another memory, This time Lina slapping me across the face.

"Your not a monster," she said, her face showing anger, angry at me for calling myself a monster.

She still tries to reach me but I won't let her, I don't want her to be drag down with me to the path destruction and pain. Even if she hates me, I will always love her.


"You got a job to do.", I look back at the source of the voice and saw who is pulling me, the entity that has my face and he looks at me with that smile. I nod in response to his word.


My heart beat again.

"This fucker just kills most of our gang," someone said.

"Dan, not gonna be happy what happens" someone else spoke.

"No shit, I'm just glad he died," the other man said.

"Drag him faster, let be done with this," the second man said.

I feel my leg being grab and my body is being dragged by one of the gang members, I open my eyes slightly, my sight blurry but I can see two men with a shotgun and assault rifle on them. I examine my surroundings and see that I am in the hallway a few meters from the room that I died earlier.

As I was being dragged on the floor, a wood debris past my leg and closing in toward my hand, I look back to the two-man and they didn't seem to notice that I wide awake. While their head is facing forward and talking about something, I use that chance to grab the wood debris.

Then I use the wood debris to smack the man that is holding my leg causing them to let my leg go. There is a moment of confusion between them, I role backward and jump to another room.

"What just happen?" I can hear one of the men said, confusion in his voice.

"You say he was dead?!!" the other man said.

"He was!! I check, there was no pulse" one the man said.

A massive pain strikes my back and chest, I check my back by reaching the wound that was supposed to be there. There is no wound there and it, not just that, there is not even a scar where the bullet hit. Did my power awaken?, I wince at the pain that is located on my back then I shake my thought away, this is no the time to be thinking, I need to finish what I started.

I look around the empty bedroom, there is a small closet in the corner of the room, a twin bed with an end table on each side and a small lamp on the right end table.

I check my body for a weapon to use. Shit, they remove all the weapon on me. I sigh and my eyes wander to the lamp, I grab the lamp on the end table then I wait for the man to come through the door.

"what you waiting for go kill him?!!" the other man said.

Then I hear as one of the men footstep getting closer to the room, raising the lamp over my head. The moment he walked in, I hit him with the lamp and kick his chest causing him to fall back. He let go of his shotgun, I then grab the shotgun before it falls to the floor.

Raising the shotgun upward, I aim for the man head and squeeze the trigger, Boom. His brain and the rest of his head splatter on the wall. 

I then turn around the corner holding the shotgun in my hand then I aim the shotgun at the last man and squeeze the trigger, Boom. The man stands and slowly look down to his chest, there a hole in his chest where the bullet hit, he takes a couple step and he falls flat on the floor, face first.

Using one hand I slide the fore-end of the shotgun and load the next bullet. I move my shoulder trying to calm the pain down but it is effortless as the pain is still there.

I walk to the dead body and crouch down when I check one of his pockets, I found a bottle of painkiller. Opening the cap of the small bottle of painkiller, I chug a few of the pill in my mouth and swallow it.

I look at the door where they dragging me earlier, I stand up and walk to the door. I step back then I kick the door down, charging inside of the room. I duck and roll on the floor then raising my shotgun ready to shoot.

I look around seeing nobody is in the room. I examine the room it is a bar with two doors leading somewhere, I look at the counter where the booze is then I start walking toward it and lowering my guard.

I lean on the counter, pouring myself a drink. One of the door creak as it is open slowly, looking at the reflection of the glasses, I can see the purple mohawk man wearing military garb and light kevlar vest.

"Look who came crawling out of hell," the purple mohawk said while clapping his hand slowly.

"My name is Rick Sanchez, they call me 'Igni', may I know your name?" Igni ask.

"Call me Haru," I said, a smile crept across my mouth.

"Shall we begin then?" Igni said as he folds his sleeve up.

I breathe in and out, anger rise inside me. I grab the glasses that I pour earlier and throw it at Igni, his reaction was fast, as soon as I turn to throw, he already conjures a fireball and slings it toward me.

The glasses hit the fireball, it explodes in the center of the room. While the fireball explodes in the air, he already slings another fireball at me. I duck and roll toward to the right escaping the fireball. The counter caught on the flame as the fireball hit the counter and explode on impact.

I grit my teeth and keep on smiling.

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