Chapter 6:

A man full of himself is always void

The Divine Punishment

Mark, Emmy, and I wanted to go to the senator to warn him of the Londoners' arrival. When we arrived in town, the girl had a bad feeling; she felt like something was going to happen

"Emmy, are you okay?"

"Uh? Oh, yeah cool, I'm just still a little shaken up from the meteor."

"Well I understand, up until recently we were all happy with all our loved everything has changed, without even time to react."

"Well, let's not think about that now. We're fine and we have new people to protect, we have new loved ones and new friends."

"Yeah, you're right. Gotta move on in life."

We arrived in town.


"What was that!!!" asked Emmy panicking.


"Again, why is everyone screaming like that!"

A man suddenly grabbed Emmy by the shoulders and anxiously whispered to her:

"The monsters are going to kill us all! The Bible predicted it! God is punishing us for our sins, there's no escape!"

He finished saying this and continued to run for cover like everyone else.

"Monsters?!" I asked.

"What was he talking about!!!" continued Emmy.

Suddenly objects, debris, dead-looking people, and anthropomorphic kind of things arrived. They looked like zombies, like the ones in video games or movies, they were scary.

"Monsters! People are getting scared of those things!" intuited the girl.

"They scare me, what are they!" said my little brother.

"I don't know, but we have to defend the city. Let's get the Londoners to a shelter and then let's try to eliminate these horrible monsters."

"Let's try?!"

"Sure, you have a kamien too, and you'll definitely help out if you fight too"

"No, I don't know how to use it, I only know how to let out a slight flame only enough to ignite flammable materials."

"Don't worry, I'll personally give you some tips."

Emmy said this sentence to mimic the senator, she felt much more reliable and powerful.

"Thank you... however, I don't think you will be able to teach me in this situation in such a short time."

"I'll do my best to teach you how to use it and help you if you run into trouble."

"So do you think you can do it?" I asked her.

'I don't know, I think so."

I had promised myself to make as few people die as possible, even at the cost of my life, I must do it for my little brother too.

"Well then, let's start escorting the survivors."

"Well said."

We were about to be attacked by a group of 5 zombies, Emmy used the kamien and flew them up and then crushed them to the ground, it almost looked like she had telekinetic powers.

To my left another one was coming, I had to kill it.

"Evan, get the energy out of the stone, run it through your body and then get it out by concentrating the energy in one spot!"

I was scared, I never thought I would have to do such a thing in life, but that and more to follow my ideals. So I did as she said: I let the energy out with an immense force, it was like a shot of adrenaline, it ran through my whole body, it wanted to get out, but I could not afford any mistakes. I held it back and let it all out of my hands: it was like a flamethrower, it made a lot of heat. When the blaze was over, I realized that I had burned the zombie to death.

"Great! You made a great first shot."

"Huh? Are you serious?

I was all blushed, but I had pretty much figured out how it worked.

"Now that the area is clear, we can continue on our way. Follow me and defend your people!"

"Yes ma'am!"

We began to hurriedly walk towards the hideout, many monsters were coming (sometimes in the form of rocks, sometimes animals, sometimes humans, sometimes plants) but Emmy and I took them out with ease.

After a few minutes we managed to get to the hideout: it was a house big enough to hold everyone, with many floors, albeit narrow ones, but for now, it was the best place we could leave them.

"Ok, you guys stay here until the dust settles, you're safe here," Emmy said.

"Evan, we need to go warn the senator that the Londoners are ok"

"Alright, let's go"

"Wait, big brother!"


"Be careful! Those things can hurt you!"

A slight smile came over my face, it made me happy to know that my little brother cared about me. I put my hand on his head and said:

"Don't worry, even if I die, it won't be in vain...but I'll try as hard as I can to make sure you survive."

"Snif, sniff...okay," replied Mark holding back his tears to look more fearless.

"Evan, time to go, we're in a hurry."

"Sure...sorry little brother, gotta go."

And so we left the house to set out for the Senator's building.

With enough ease, we arrived at the place.

For convenience, we entered through a window on the second floor that overlooked the ground floor.

We looked out, and saw that the senator was talking to a man; they did not appear to be friends, we remained hidden behind some furniture.

"You're the German senator, right?.... Lothur Weber... the man who has the power to give people water... haha, pathetic."

"What do you want?"

"Well, don't you get it yourself?"

"I'll never give it to you."

"Then that means I'll have to take it by force. You stay out of this, Reid, I need to try the stone I recovered from the psychopath. I want to take care of it myself, under no circumstances should you interfere, not even if I'm about to die."

"All right...Clark."

The man seemed sure of what he was doing, he didn't have a single ounce of fear. It seemed as if he was sure he was stronger.

"Well, it's time to get started, the sooner we get it done the better. What a hassle to have to break my balls for you."

Clark started with a right punch, the senator dodged it, but it was just a trap to kick him. Lothur defended himself with a water shield, then backed away with a jet. He made a water projectile like the sea guns, but extremely thinner and faster.

Clark managed to dodge it and dropped beings created from pieces of the floor above from the roof using them as a shield, as soon as they fell to the ground, Clark was gone

"Where did he go now? He was here a moment ago," the senator thought to himself.

He, frightened by his opponent's technique, filled the room up to his chest with water, then created a whirlpool in a convenient spot for him. The current pushed the enemy into the trap, he had become a child to be small enough to hide easily, but being small, he could not swim, so he had to transform back to jump on a monster created on the fly and then land on the wall, transforming into a little boy, increased agility, to rise from the wall to the senator.

To defend himself, he created a waterfall in front of him, putting his opponent off guard. This time Mr. Weber had hidden.

We wanted to go in and do something, but we had the impression that Clark's friend who kept watching was very strong, and we weren't able to intervene, so we stayed by the window out of sight.

"Ah, you copy other people's techniques. Good, bravo. I can easily find you anyway."

He made zombies spring up to spot him, but he was right behind him. She punched him straight in the back causing him to fall to the ground.

He couldn't give him the finishing blow because he had to kill the monsters in the room that were standing in his way, if it wasn't for that, he would have made it by now.

"Hey, you're not too shabby for a 50-year-old!" said Clark getting to his feet.

"Enough! I will defend my people, at the cost of my life!"

"Such sweet words! You do scare me so much. How do you imagine hell?"

"You're just a murderous fool! You don't deserve to live."

He started firing water bullets like a machine gun, the enemy dodged them sideways, but they were so fast that the last one hit him.

"Ahh! You bastard!"

"Do you see what happens when you brag so much and kill innocents?"

"Never let your guard down."


A zombie grabbed him from behind, and he didn't have time to get free when Clark landed a powerful punch on his stomach.


He lost 15 years of his life, it was a lot, but luckily he was healthy and could move on.

As if he hadn't done anything to him, he, in turn, threw a knee into his stomach, only to get rid of the zombie and continue to hit Clark repeatedly. One blow after another, she also continued to put water in his mouth and nose in an attempt to drown him. But of course, he reacted by trying to hit him, but Weber knew that with another blow he would die, so he worked hard to dodge it. He broke his shirt, but fortunately, he did nothing. Both with little strength, they continued to try to throw punches at each other or catch their opponent off guard.

"Phew. I have no choice but to try everything," thought Lothur spitting blood.

She made an enormously large beam of water that forced Clark to move so that he could anticipate and hit him. He succeeded, approached him and threw a punch that threw him on the wall breaking it slightly, then he took him, threw him in the air, and shot him with a lot of power. He was down and couldn't take it anymore, but he couldn't give up, so he created a lot of zombies to help him, both to get him up and to keep the senator occupied. He pledged to kill them as much as he could so they wouldn't have a chance to attack him. Neither of them had any intention of surrendering.

To take them out quickly, he used a little extra energy, but considering his condition, it was a lot. They almost couldn't stand up, they were staggering, bleeding all over the place.

Clark had the stone for less time than the senator, enough time to give Lothur the chance to create a secret technique to strengthen himself: he filled himself with water in all parts of his body, to soften the impact of the opponent's attacks.

Clark snapped and hit him ignoring what he was doing, but did very little damage to him, he had lost, in fact, less than a year of life.

But that technology could also be used in another way: by accumulating an immense amount of hydrogen energy in the body, the pressure became too much and was released as an eruption.

This technique, however, required a lot of energy because he had to accumulate it in the body, and then he also had to resist the explosion (which even if he doesn't undergo it, he loses a lot of energy in a short time).

Clark was about to fall, but before that happened, the senator used his last strength to fire one last slashing shot at him.

Thanks to that, he cut off his legs.

"Ahhhhhhhh! Asshole!"

"I'm lying on the ground... but on top of you, I had prepared some water to drop on you. Because of your condition, I'm going to kill you," said the senator, who was now losing consciousness, fatigued.

"Oh shit!"

"Say goodbye to this world!"

He was about to kill him... but suddenly...


I couldn't believe what had just happened, I had never seen such a terrible scene in my life.

He was hit with extreme speed... by Reid, or at least that's what I think was the name of the guy watching.

"Reid! For fuck's sake, I told you to stay out of this!"

"You would have died, master." replied the blonde-haired man.

He took off half his torso, almost lost a leg too. There was no hope for him.

Reid immediately after his move, pulled the kamien off the senator, grabbed Clark, and flew off.

A few seconds after it happened, a scream was suddenly heard. It was Emmy who had witnessed it all, she had been shocked by what she had seen. I too, although I didn't know the senator, had been very shocked. The girl ran from the body to cry over it, it was a terrible scene, I, on the other hand, couldn't move in terror.

"E-Emmy? W-what are you doing here?

"Mr. Weber, your wounds! We have to treat you or you'll die---"

"Emmy...look at my conditions," he said in the slightest voice.

"I don't have an ounce of strength left...there's no hope for me..."

"N-no! It can't be! You can't die! Who's going to control the people coming in! Who will help the people! Who will give water to the survivors?!"

"Y-you guys... you're strong, skilled, and energetic. You are also smart, you can do it. For water, without telling anyone, I filled immense containers with it behind the city. It should be enough for a month"

"That's not the point! You have to live, we can't help the people alone!!!... Mr. Weber?... MR WEBER?!... AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!"

Emmy put her hands in her hair and cried on the floor screaming. I began to recover from the shock and went downstairs.

"... Emmy... "

Ella looked desperately into my face. I didn't know what to do, so I thought about hugging her or otherwise trying to comfort her.

"Sniff...I'm sorry," I told her, starting to cry as well, having at that point realized how she was feeling.

But those boobs, though, were so big that I couldn't reach her shoulder with my face.