Chapter 20:

Battle to the Death

Tears of Wars: The Heroes are Born

Meanwhile...Bookmark here

“I can’t help you. I’m sorry,” Kenue said in a weak voice.Bookmark here

“Get some rest, sonny. Take this pill. Shinra, you eat this too. Julia and I will help Roman,” Torou said, rushing after Roman.Bookmark here

He and Julia followed Roman, who was outside the castle. They were both stunned by what was happening out there. Trees and buildings were blown apart due to Roman and Satyr’s battle.Bookmark here

“Look! Is that really Roman?! What really happened?!” Julia was shocked by what she saw.Bookmark here

So he has mastered Lyra’s power, huh? Torou thought.Bookmark here

Roman was sent flying by a heavy blow from Satyr.Bookmark here

“Why don’t you give up, brat?!” Satyr shouted, lunged at Roman.Bookmark here

“That’s my line, you ugly monster!!” Roman walked up to Satyr and threw a punch at him.Bookmark here

Their fists collided. Roman’s power had increased because he used Inner Power he had inherited from Lyra. He could speed up the recovery of his body and make his body stronger.Bookmark here

“Looks like you’re getting weaker, huh, ugly monster?!” he bellowed, kicking Satyr in the stomach.Bookmark here

Satyr was flung far away. Something is amiss. His power is increasing! What did he do?Bookmark here

“What is it, ugly monster? You still want to lay there a little longer? Come on, get up and fight me!”Bookmark here

“Damn it!! You guys belong to the weakest race!!”Bookmark here

Satyr charged forward to attack Roman with his full strength.Bookmark here

Roman punched Satyr. Before they clashed, Satyr used his other hand to throw sand in his eyes.Bookmark here

Roman’s concentration was broken. Satyr hit his stomach hard, hurling him far away.Bookmark here

Satyr came up to him and pummeled him. Roman could only block the blows.Bookmark here

“Roman!!” Julia and Torou sprinted toward Satyr.Bookmark here

Satyr immediately attacked Torou and Julia. He struck Torou hard. Torou was thrown far away.Bookmark here

Julia attacked him with several punches. Even though they hit him, he did not seem to feel any pain.Bookmark here

“That’s all your punching power, huh?!” He hit Julia in the stomach. Julia doubled over before him.Bookmark here

He grabbed Julia by the neck and lifted her up.Bookmark here

“I’m tired of playing with you guys. Now die!” He threw a punch at Julia.Bookmark here

Slash…Bookmark here

Blood was flowing from Satyr’s arm. Shinra slashed at his arm mercilessly, which was strangling Julia. One of his four arms was cut off. Bookmark here

Shinra carried Julia bridal style. “They say a hero always arrived late. Torou-sensei, thank you for the pill. Hey, you ugly monster, you have to pay for destroying one of my favorite swords and your severed arm is the payback for hurting the girl I like!!”Bookmark here

Ten years ago...Bookmark here

“Sensei, that girl is looking at me. Do you know her?” little Shinra asked Satria.Bookmark here

“She’s a pretty girl, isn’t she?” Satria asked back.Bookmark here

The girl hid because Shinra and Satria were looking at her.Bookmark here

Shinra appeared from behind the girl. “Hey, found you. Why do you keep watching me train? Do you also want to learn to fight?”Bookmark here

“Um, no. I just wanted to see you.”Bookmark here

“Come, let’s train together,” he said, taking her hand in his.Bookmark here

“Sensei, is she allowed to train with me?”Bookmark here

“Sure, but before you speak to strangers, you must introduce yourself first.”Bookmark here

“Oh yeah, I forgot. My name is Shinra. Nice to meet you.” Shinra’s face brightened like the sun emerging from behind a cloud.Bookmark here

“Mm, my name is Julia.”Bookmark here

“Whoa, what a nice name.”Bookmark here

They trained together. A few hours later, they finished training.Bookmark here

“Dad, can I go home now? Roman is alone at home, maybe he needs me.”Bookmark here

“Dad?? Sensei, so she’s your daughter? Wow, I knew it. You’re not only beautiful, but you’re also strong, Julia. Will you train with me again sometime?”Bookmark here

“Um, I’d love to, but I have to look after Roman while Dad isn’t home,” she answered bashfully.Bookmark here

“Who’s Roman? Is it your pet? Just bring him here,” he said, holding her hand.Bookmark here

“Eh, Roman is my brother.”Bookmark here

“Ah, sorry I didn’t know.” He bowed apologetically.Bookmark here

Satria smiled gently. “You guys get along well, even though this is your first meeting. Shinra, I entrust my children to you. If I could no longer take care of them, would you take care of them both?”Bookmark here

“Sure, sensei! I’d take care of Julia and Roman.”Bookmark here

Currently...Bookmark here

Still carrying Julia, Shinra said, “I’m sorry, Julia, I didn’t recognize you when we met in the Monster Kingdom that time. And I’m sorry that I didn’t get to say something very important before. I like you, Julia!”Bookmark here

“Eh? Put me down!” Julia snapped.Bookmark here

“Hey, have you guys finished saying your goodbyes? My hands are itching to kill you two!” Satyr said.Bookmark here

“You will regret this because you’ve harmed the girl that I like!!”Bookmark here

Satyr dashed forward toward them.Bookmark here

“Julia, let’s get this over with. Do you remember our practice back then?”Bookmark here

“All right!”Bookmark here

Shinra and Julia sprinted toward Satyr and split up. Confused, Satyr paused for a moment.Bookmark here

“What are you doing? You think this is a game, huh? I’ll kill this romantic fool first!” He rushed toward Shinra.Bookmark here

Shinra had successfully drawn Satyr’s attention. He ran among the buildings and the trees, while dodging all of Satyr’s punches.Bookmark here

Satyr kept chasing after him.Bookmark here

“Hey, what kind of man are you?! You run like a coward!”Bookmark here

“You should worry about yourself first!”Bookmark here

Suddenly, Shinra made a sharp turn and Julia came from the opposite direction, hitting Satyr with her punch. Satyr was thrown by her heavy blow.Bookmark here

Ten years ago...Bookmark here

“Now, I’ll be your opponent. You two, please come up with a plan to defeat me,” Satria said.Bookmark here

“All right. Come on, Julia, I have an idea,” Shinra said.Bookmark here

Shinra whispered his plan to defeat Satria.Bookmark here

“Done, but you have to attack both of us, okay?” Shinra said.Bookmark here

Satria laughed. “ So it’s a trick, huh? All right, I’ll attack you both. Let’s get started.”Bookmark here

Shinra and Julia tricked Satria. Julia managed to beat him with her fists.Bookmark here

“Ah, I lost. You both win. That was a brilliant strategy, Shinra. However, before using this strategy, you must draw your opponent’s attention to you.”Bookmark here

Currently...Bookmark here

Satyr was thrown hard against the castle’s outer wall.Bookmark here

Shinra walked up to Julia and said, “Our strategy worked. I’m glad to see you again.” He smiled.Bookmark here

“Yeah, so am I.” Julia turned away, blushing.Bookmark here

Suddenly, a boulder flew, hitting Shinra’s body. He was flung far away, several of his ribs broken.Bookmark here

“Shinra!!” Julia shrieked.Bookmark here

Satyr sprinted and dealt a blow to Julia. Julia could not dodge his punch.Bookmark here

Roman ran and kicked Satyr with his knee.Bookmark here

Satyr was hurled into the air, then Roman jumped up after him and kicked him in the back.Bookmark here

Satyr was flung high into the air.Bookmark here

“Roman, catch!” Shinra shouted, throwing his remaining sword.Bookmark here

Roman caught Shinra’s sword.Bookmark here

What the hell?! This sword is so heavy!Bookmark here

“Goodbye, ugly monster. Give my regards to my mom and dad!!” Roman roared, aiming the sword at where Satyr had fallen. The sword plunged into Satyr’s back and pierced his heart.Bookmark here

“No!! I can’t possibly lose!!” Satyr screeched for one last time.Bookmark here

Satyr was slain by Shinra’s sword. In the end, they managed to defeat him.Bookmark here

After Satyr died, some of the royal soldiers woke up. It turned out that they had fainted from his intense killing aura. Darma and Terry were fine. They both just fainted.Bookmark here

Julia walked up to Shinra.Bookmark here

“Are you okay? I’m just asking, okay?” Julia said, turning her flushed face away.Bookmark here

“I’m glad you’re okay, Julia. I’m sorry I wasn’t there when Sensei died,” Shinra said, his voice trembling.Bookmark here

Roman approached them. “Hey, you guys are like pathetic Romeo and Juliet,” he sneered.Bookmark here

“What the hell?! You want me to beat you up again, huh?!” Julia snapped.Bookmark here

A few seconds later, Roman fell and passed out.Bookmark here

Five days later...Bookmark here

“You’re finally awake,” the Torto said.Bookmark here

“Hey, what happened to me?” Roman asked.Bookmark here

“You slept for five days,” Torou replied.Bookmark here

“Ouch! I’m starving!”Bookmark here

They were overjoyed because they had defeated the Monster Kingdom. Moreover, they managed to defeat Satyr. Now, humans and monsters live in peace again like the peace treaty that was once made.Bookmark here

A few days earlier in Zhargun...Bookmark here

“Satyr! You’re always late. Don’t do whatever you please just because you’re the Prince’s son! If you’re late once again, I’ll come and drag you here! Got it?!” Tormentor said.Bookmark here

“I didn’t mean to be late, Tormentor. It’s just… There’s a small problem happening on Earth,” Satyr answered.Bookmark here

“Enough. Don’t be so loud, Tormentor. I’m sick of hearing you complain,” Vladmir said.Bookmark here

“My apologies, Lord Vladmir,” Tormentor replied, hanging his head.Bookmark here

“You know, right? Five years from now there will be an election for a new leader on Earth. Prepare yourself. I want you to be re-elected because I love the way you lead the Earth. We mustn’t be kind to anyone, not even to humans!” Vladmir said.Bookmark here

“All right, I understand, Lord Vladmir,” Satyr said.Bookmark here

“Now go!” Vladmir ordered Satyr.Bookmark here

“Remember, if you don’t come on time in five years, I’ll come and drag you here!” Tormentor shouted at Satyr who had walked away.Bookmark here

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