Chapter 3:


The Girl I Met Yesterday

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        " h-hey, i'm gonna telling you something take your time wisely or you will regret it "
and he immediately ran away from me to go to the cafeteria.
" what does he mean ?? "
I also chased him so as not to miss him.Bookmark here

                           on the way home i was thinking something " I haven't seen her again since incident on her house Come to think of it, it was a very embarrassing incident and I'm really annoyed with myself how I can act like that to her ".Bookmark here

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in the distance i saw a person i knew " i - is that a harumi ? " I saw her like she was being bullied and seduce by an unknown guy, instantly i ran into that unknown guy and punched him in the face " h-hiroshi "  harumi look at me with a shocked face. but he doesn't seem to be hurt after he got hit by me " WHAT DO YOU WANT, LITTLE BRAT !!!??? " He said to me in a loud voice and He immediately beat me so hard that I almost lost consciousness. " hiroshi, hiroshi !!! "  harumi shouting to me with a face almost crying, after he finished beating me he immediately left us alone. and she shrugs my shoulders to her shoulder and she take me to her house.

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after a while we arrive at her house and she immediately take me to her room " you wait here, i'll bring the medicine "  when she went to take the medicine, I directly lost my consciousness.

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" I took advantage of you because I like Keisuke, so please don't be a nuisance in our relationship " she said to me, she also left me to enter Keisuke's house
" what is the meaning of all this, if this is the case there is no one I can trust, harumi is that really you ?, so the smile and the laugh you give me is fake ?? , ANSWER ME HARUMI !!!! "

somehow I always dream that stupid dream, it's like that dream is  telling me to stay away from her or i will disappointed.
I woke up from the fainting and i realized i was waking up in harumi's bed

" ouch " i grumbled.
suddenly i heard someone snoring.
"  oh no, you must be kidding me right !?!? " i said, because i really don't like horror stuff
and when i turn my eyes to the right, I saw harumi was sleeping on the chair while holding my hand
" w-what is she doing ?? " I was surprised when I saw her
I slowly got out of her room to go to the bathroom on the first floor
(" i had to slowly come out of her room so i wouldn't wake her up.")

as i was about to enter the bathroom, a man called me from the living room
" hey kid, come here for a second "
I approached the man who called me with feeling confused and scared.

" W-What do you want ?!?!, ohh i know you must be a thief, right ?!?!?!?! "
unexpectedly he laughed at my answer.
" hahahahah, why can you think like that to me ?!?! "
" because you are so suspicious, and why did you go straight into someone else's house, are you stupid? "
all of sudden he looked right at me like he was observing my behavior and he said to me
" i see, you must be yamamoto hiroshi right ??, I'm sorry she must have troubled you "
" h-how do you know my name ??, she ??, w-who are you talking about ?? "
I was very surprised to hear what he said
" You are a good person hiroshi, but if you stay with her too long, you will get hurt "
" what are you talking about ?!, you didn't even answer my question "
suddenly he disappeared from my sight, I really couldn't believe my eyes but he completely disappeared in an instant like a ghost and that face is familiar to me.
" what just happened ?!!, he was standing right in front of me "Bookmark here

after that, harumi called
" hey hiroshi, what's wrong ??, You should rest a lot because your wound hasn't healed yet "
(" could he be talking about harumi ?? ") i said to myself

" hey hiroshi, hiroshi !!, are you okay ?? "
" yeah i'm fine "
(I'm still confused about what he said, what he meant)Bookmark here

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