Chapter 13:

His Aspirations

The Lazy & Carefree Princess

Seeing as how we were still at the training stadium, I wanted to take the chance and allow Edward to communicate with an actual knight in high ranking. Perhaps this may be able to help him with this decision in what he wants to be, seeing as how talking to an actual person in the work force can be a big influence on your future. Besides, what can I lose out of this? It's just for fun and there's no loss, no gain! Or maybe a slight gain or loss depending on how things work out... Bookmark here

Either way, I prepped myself and turned my self to face him. Casually, calling out his name.
"Hey Edward"
"Why don't you talk with an actual knight to get the gist of how things work around here? Maybe learn about them and their own aspirations."
"Sure, why not?"
"It could be a good chance to figure out what you would like to do for your future- Wait really?" 
"Yeah, there's no reason not too am I right?" 
"Oh, uh, sure? Yes, I guess." I did not expect him to say yes that easily, I thought kids hated talking to adults. But it might be different this time since the person is a knight... but still!! I even prepared for a long persuasive negotiation on this!
"Um so, I'll call him now, ok?"
He nodded back to me enthusiatically. Bookmark here

I then pivoted myself in a 90 degree angle to find an experienced knight. As I was scanning the area I saw a person in silver armor who was about to take out his helmet. Bookmark here

Just Perfect, Just the right person I was looking for. Bookmark here

I took in a deep breath, prepared to shout at the top of my lungs. 
"Hey Sir Lancelot!!! Could you come over here for a bit please?"
With one call, he came over immediately.
"Yes, what is it princess?"
"This is Edward, The Roulette's family son. He's here to spectate and ask a few questions."
"Oh, my greatest greetings. I'm Lancelot, a captain of the royal knights."Bookmark here

Edward looked stunned for a moment, and I smiled happily. Knowing I did well. Great, just great. The perfect reaction. It isn't everyday you get to talk to a captain.
"C-Captain?! Wow-! Amazing, nice to meet you!" Edward stuttered slightly while bowing.
"No need for such respect, my title is not much of an concern compared to yours."
"It's okay, no need to worry. Now then-" He kneeled down "I heard from the princess that you had a few inquires..."
"And what may they be? I'll answer them all so lay 'em at me!"
"Er, yes! I'm curious about... your reason for becoming a knight."
"Hmm... my reason?"
"Yes! Because it seems very tiring and you have to go fighting and all... not only that but seems very dangerous because you have to risk yourself on the battlefield..."
"I see" Sir Lancelot chuckled. "What a pure lad you are. But you see, there can be various reasons why one may become a knight. The title, the status, the glory, and even the honor. Humans are quite selfish creatures. They want many things, but that is precisely why they are able to fight. Because they want to fight, for what they want."
"But you know, my reason is quite simpIe. I just simply have a lot of respect for the king."Bookmark here

The winds blew, as Edward took note of the unexpected answer. "The king?"
"Yes, although he may be goofy, he has a kind heart. And I, want to protect the country that he is taking care of. To be more specific, I want to protect him and things close to his heart."
"But why would you want to that?"
"Because I, have a very irreplaceable debt that I cannot pay back."
"A debt?"
"Yes, a debt of gratitude."
"I see... to protect huh..."
"Yes, it can something as simple as that. As long as you have the courage and determination, anyone can become a knight."
"I see..." He said, deep in thought.Bookmark here

After a few minutes, his eyes started to shine brightly as he turned to me and said, "I think I found it."Bookmark here

Shocked and confused at this recent confession, I asked him anxiously. "Found? What?" 
"What I want to do."
"What? Already?!"
"Yes, I also want to have something to protect!" He looked at me with twinkling eyes.
"So I'm going to become a knight!"
"WHATT???"Bookmark here

After a slight pause, Sir Lancelot suddenly bursted out laughing. "Hahaha! Well isn't this interesting! Isn't it fine? Young Lad, Come join the squad. I'll be waiting for you!"
"Yes!" Edward answered enthusiastically.
Nononono- isn't this too fast?
I didn't bring him here for this!
"Hey Edward. Are you sure?" I asked frantically.
"Are you really REALLY sure?"
"Yes! Without a doubt!"
"What's with that..." He suddenly started pouting. "Are you doubting me?"
"No! That's not what I meant, it's just..."
"Pfft- It's fine!" He brushed it off jokingly "Although I may look like this, I'm pretty serious! Just watch me become a good knight!" He pulled out a pose, with a bright smile and thumbs up. With one glance you can tell that he was brimming with hope and filled with confidence .
"Ha..." I give up... what can I do now...
Nono! Don't give up! Not yet! He's still a child, so there's many other options!
Yes! He might just be joking, it might just be a temporary thing! Rely on that!Bookmark here

Afterwards, the hopeful boy, Edward, the slightly conflicted I, decided to return back to the palace. Seeing as how it was late and Edward had to leave soon, I bid farewell and told him to come and play again. Bookmark here

Of course, he smiled saying yes. Bookmark here

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