Chapter 14:

His Thoughts Pt 1

The Lazy & Carefree Princess

Hello There! My name is Edward. I recently became a family member of the Roulette family, a relative of the Royal Family. Today is the day that I finally get acquainted with my step cousin, Princess Lucillia, the so-called bratty princess of the Weasha Kingdom. 
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Honestly, I'm scared.Bookmark here

I've heard so many things about her to the point I don't want even want to go to visit! What happens if I mess up? What if she ends up hating me? I don't want her too! If I fail to get along with her I'll be a disgrace to the family!Bookmark here

And I've only just joined... Bookmark here

I certainly don't want to be a bother right of the bat...Bookmark here

What should I do... I'm so worried...Bookmark here

I kept on fidgeting and panicking, failing to keep my composure as the castle becomes more and more in view. Bookmark here

Uwwawawawa- We're almost there!!! Noooo!! I don't want to go! Don't take me! Bookmark here

"Edward" The chauffeur called out my name abruptly. 
"We're here." 
"Please make your entrance into the castle. The princess is waiting."
"Oh yes, of course!" I said as I stepped out of carriage- brushing off any dirt that might have been stuck on my clothing.Bookmark here

After I got out, I examined the castle again from my small eye. "Wow- It's so big..." 
It was completely different from the "home" that I used to have at the orphanage.
Everything seemed to be out of my league and the people were actually decently nice... Bookmark here

But... because of this I felt even more scared...
What if someday I do something wrong, what if they hate me?
...Then will I be alone again?
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Those simple thoughts ran through my mind as I held my breath, gazing at the sparkling scenery in front of me. Suddenly I heard a voice calling out my name.
"Sir Edward?"
"Y-Yes?" I turned around to see a maid with light brown hair, tied up in a bun. She was wearing the traditional maid costume, the usual black dress with a white apron. Bookmark here

I have to admit I was pleasantly surprised. It was the first time I had seen one from where I came from. However they were as exactly as I expected, nice, kind and motherly.
Also "Sir" Edward... I'll have to get used to that...
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"My name is Margaret Sherbet. I have been instructed to guide you to meeting room. Please follow me."
"Oh yes! Of course!" I said and tagged along.Bookmark here

The room I entered was quite big, it was been filled with luxurious toys that I couldn't even imagine touching or playing with. As expected of the royal castle, everything is so grand.Bookmark here

"The Princess will arrive in a moment. Please do wait for her."
"Oh- yes..." I said and the maid left the room.Bookmark here

Finally the time was here, I'm at the castle, I'm about to meet with the princess, and I was filled with nervousness... Bookmark here

A few minutes later, the princess entered.Bookmark here

She wore a stunning blue dress that perfectly complimented her appearance.Bookmark here

She really did look beautiful. I feel even more pressured now...Bookmark here

 Luckily, after talking to her she was completely different from I imagined.Bookmark here

She was really nice. No, like, actually nice. She even had this sort of refined air to her... Why did people call her bratty again? They were probably blind...Bookmark here

But anyway, she was nice enough to give me some sort of sweets that they call "chocolate". Honestly it was sweet, and sweet things weren't exactly my taste- however I just went along with the flow and pretended that I liked them. It's better this way since she seemed happy.Bookmark here

And then we continued on to have slightly deep conversations. Suddenly the topic of dreams and future occupations were brought up. I wonder why she brought it up so suddenly... but oh well, I might as well go with the flow. Bookmark here

To be honest, to me, being a child born and raised in the orphanage, dreams seemed to be like a privilege. I couldn't even see myself being any thing, or just having any aspirations in general. That's why... when I heard her say "That just seems sad", everything seemed so strange. I didn't think that she would be sad for me, an orphan who has no relations to her up until now... Bookmark here

It was off, it was certainly off. However that one sentence filled me with happiness. It was as if those words were a warm light that comforted me. I felt happy. I felt happy that someone actually cared. Bookmark here

As she continued to say her own views, saying that "No matter what social status, race or class. Everyone has the right to dream." I slowly felt myself feeling bits of hope.Bookmark here

And as she continued to encourage me to fight for my dreams, I started to realise a few things... Bookmark here

One, this person was really kind... and, I want to follow her.
Eyyyy!! Srry for uploading late, again ;; This chapter was actually supposed to be a surprise chapter, and it was from a different perspective it was harder to write since I'm so used to writing from the princess's perspective. I even found myself going into Lucillia mode for Edward and making him sound more like the princess than himself OTL
But er, I think it worked out ok? Hopefully? 
And to clarify (just in case), what Edward meant by following her, he does not mean stalker!! But more like, being by her side as her support or smth, or just helping her out in general ya know? xD
But anyway, did you enjoy a change of perspectives? :D Or perhaps you thought it was slightly weird (lol). Either way, I plan on continuing this other perspective thing, however if you do not like it then tell me and I'll consider not writing these anymore! 
Also for those who are worried about this dragging on for too long, don't worry! These other perspectives are only meant to be short intermissions! So it will be short, either 1 chapter or separated into parts -like this one- 
Anyway, I hoped you enjoyed this weeks update! Have a nice day! :DBookmark here

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