Chapter 15:

HIs Thoughts Pt 2

The Lazy & Carefree Princess

The Princess was really cool. At times she seemed more mature and much older than I was. As if she was wiser and had way more life experience than the average kid... but that shouldn't be possible because she's only slightly older than me.Bookmark here

But then I see her sometimes panicking and being nervous, at those times I am remembered that she is around my age, I'm glad, and my expectations or what you may call my "delusions" of her disappear. Bookmark here

If she was an all-perfect person then that would be so much pressure. I probably wouldn't be able to get along with her as well as I do now.Bookmark here

She even taught me this nice hand gesture that they call the promise thingy!Bookmark here

I had to say I was really relieved to know that the "Stabbing a needle in my eye" was just pretence. If it were to be true...
Bookmark here

I don't want to think about it.Bookmark here

But now I'm happy! Bookmark here

It's a move that only she and I knows!Bookmark here

Later on we went ahead to go to the training stadium for the royal knights. When I first got there I did not know what to expect. One thing for sure was that the stadium was far more advanced, larger and more grand than I ever imagined. Bookmark here

When the topics of future dreams came up again, Princess Lucillia introduced me to the one sir who would become my future role model.Bookmark here

Yep, he was none other than, Sir Lancelot, the captain of the royal guards. Bookmark here

Sir Lancelot was different from the others, while other knights wanted to fight for the honor and glory. He just simply wanted to protect. Bookmark here

Why?Bookmark here

Because he had respect.Bookmark here

To Protect
Bookmark here

Because he simply cared for the king.Bookmark here

With Respect
Bookmark here

For him and his family.Bookmark here

Those few words resonated deeply within my heart. Coming from a orphanage I never had things dear to me. There was no point because I have always had them taken away. I didn't even have a chance to fight back. All their rules were absolute. And of course, in the end, I were always to be abandoned. Bookmark here

Luckily, I got accepted into the royal family, met her, and everything slowly started to change.Bookmark here

Slowly, the world was starting to look bright again.Bookmark here

And so, I found the one thing dear to me.Bookmark here

I, want to protect this moment.Bookmark here

This space.Bookmark here

This relationship.Bookmark here

But most importantly, the one person more precious than the one who is known to be my role model.Bookmark here

In fact, you can even say she influenced me even more.Bookmark here

With her views and thoughts I thought that I can follow her.Bookmark here

I thought that I could possibly trust her.Bookmark here

If it was her, it might be possible to save others like me as well.Bookmark here

And also give them light again.Bookmark here

As turned to look at the one standing beside me I thought, I want to protect this person.
Bookmark here

With her silver hair flowing by the wind, my eyes glistened as I took a glance at her face.Bookmark here

This was the person who gave me my purpose.
Bookmark here

Yes,Bookmark here

She is none other than,Bookmark here

Princess Lucillia of the Weasha Kingdom.
Hello!!! I'm back! I apologise for not uploading last week. I was on a family vacation and so I had no internet. But anyway this chapter is up. Was it cheesy? It was probably cheesy wasn't it. I tried to make it uh, meaningful. I tried. But anyway this chapter was just meant to show Lucillia's influence on Edward and how he is slowly trying to move forward from this past. (His past shall be more elaborated on later in the story, probably as a special chapter or smth like this as well.) But yeaaa, next chap will finally continue on with the story!
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