Chapter 31:

Chapter 31 [Punishment]


Who the fuck was that guy? Is the company sending over a new guy so they can kill us? We did our part as I agree, why would they end us now, I have never disobeyed them.

No, that thing is not from the company, somebody else sent him here and I know what they after. They after the Catalyst or whatever that thing is inside of it.

I run into the dark corridor passing through many containers and heading toward where my men store the Catalyst.

I need to reach there and protect it before they find it.

My heart beating faster as I got closer to the Catalyst, I stopped in front of the metal door container, I can hear some kind of humming echoing around me. I look around searching for the source of humming.

I take out my handgun, aiming where the source of the humming should be.




Clank, Clank.

A sound of a metal object hitting the metal floor, I turn my body toward it and fire a couple round directly at it, the bullet hit the metal and spark fly.


"Here I am," someone said behind me, I turn my body toward the source, a sound so loud that it shakes the entire air itself and then enter the silence aftermath.

I look down and saw my right feet was no longer connected to my leg, I scream in pain, letting the handgun I hold fall to the ground then I fell on my back and continue to scream in agony. I try to drag my own body with my two hands and left leg away from the man wearing a motorcycle helmet that standing in front of me and holding a shotgun while my right leg leaves a trail of blood.

I see he loading his shotgun again, "WAIT!" I scream.

Another loud sound echoed in the lower deck of the ship, and silence follows after, I raise my left arm to look but I can't see it, I can't see my hand, I look down and saw the rest my hand disconnected from my arm, I scream again and begin to sob heavily.

the man wearing the motorcycle helmet walk toward me and rest his shotgun on one of the crates beside him, he then squats in front of me and tilted his head to his right shoulder.


"Hey there?" I ask.

"How are you doing?" I ask again.

"I see you have lost a hand and a leg," I said, feeling a bit amused.

"Please let me go.." The target beg.

"I would let you go but where the fun in that?" I said.

"Please.." he begs as blood starting to drip from his mouth.

"The catalyst is in the container behind me, just take it and go" he sob.

"Oh, I don't care about the catalyst, the other guy care but not me—oh, I just had a great idea, Let's play a game, you have to guess what I want," I said.

"What no, I don't want to play," he quavered.

"Come on guess!" I said excitedly while taking out a combat knife and holding it playfully in my hand.

"money?" the man guessed.

"power?" the man guessed again.

"both?" the man guessed again.

"wrong!" I said then plunge the knife into his left thigh.

the man screams in pain, "BING!! BING! CORRECT, I WANT YOU TO SCREAM!!!" I cheered.

"HARU STOP!, he had enough, just go get the Catalyst," Cindy said.

"Fine..." I said then I take out the knife from the target thigh, the target continues to cry like a kid.

I stand up and walk to the metal door of the container, opening the lock when I pull open the door wide a light shine on the large metallic briefcase; it has a biometric scanner on top of it and warning sticker beside the biometric scanner.

I walk to the large metal briefcase and grab the handle, my whole body immediately goes limp causing me to fall to the ground and everything went dark. My life flash before me like a movie reel, it's so fast that I can't see it clear what kind of memory was playing when I open my eyes again, it was not him that was occupied my body, It's me again.

"HARU? you there?" Cindy ask.

"Yeah, I'm here, what happens?" I ask.

"You just suddenly faint for almost five seconds" Cindy explained.

"I detecting a large thermal reading beside your container— shit we got no time left, I'm unpacking and heading toward you, quickly bring the catalyst with you," Cindy said.

I stand up again and look at the large metal briefcase, I hesitantly and slowly reach my hand toward the handle, I quickly grab the handle this time nothing happen, I let out a breath of relieved.

Carrying the metallic briefcase with me outside of the container, I first put it down beside my shotgun then I sling the shotgun over my shoulder. Suddenly a sound of metal being hit can be heard inside the container beside the one I just enter.

I look at the target, his eyes widened and looking around, fidgeting then his faces starting to sweat.


"I don't know anything, I just transporting them" he stuttered.

I walk to the container and aim my shotgun at the lock, I squeeze the trigger and the lock broke apart like a piece of glass. I remove the broken part and open the metal door wide, a strong smell of human feces hit my nose even though I wearing a helmet enough to cause me to puke but I withstand that feeling.

I look inside and saw a dozen kids, not a just normal kid, Powered kids, some of them have hybrid a human-animal powered, some of them have an appearance of almost alien-like. How do I know they all are Powered kid, it's because of their collar, it a power suppressor and it shouldn't exist anymore. They were supposed to be banned and dismantled.

The kids cowered at the back of the container, scared out of the mind, their body sunken because lack of nutrient and some of them had a bandage covered body part. I hear the sound of a growl coming from the front of the group.

I look at the source of the growl and found a small girl; she had bunny ears, red eyes, bunny legs, black hair, and fur in some area of her body, also a bunny tail. She had this hostile stance toward me like a wild animal, is she guarding the whole group, what a brave little kid.

I raise both my hand, reassuring her that I'm not gonna hurt her.

"I'm not gonna hurt you guys, just calm down," I said.

She replies with a growl and hissing, I pull my helmet off revealing my face slowly then I reach, taking out a folding knife.

She looks at what I'm holding and her ears perk up in anger.

"Wait, wait, it's yours if you calm down and follow me out of here," I said.

I unfold the knife and place it on the floor, the young bunny girl looks confused toward the knife, taking the helmet with me, I took a couple step backward.

The young girl quickly reaches for the knife and pointing it at me, I nod then I gesture her to follow me. She carefully follows me out of the container and the whole group kid behind her also follow suit.

The moment she saw the target, she immediately went to a berserk mode and dash toward the man with the knife, I quickly hug her from behind stopping her from doing it, the man screams in fear toward the bunny kid.

"HE NOT WORTH IT!!" I said, she flails the knife at my hand, leaving several cuts behind but I didn't flinch at the pain.

Then I start humming to her bunny ears to calm her down, At first, her breath was heavy, she growls in anger and snarl at the target but as the moment went longer she stop flailing the knife, her anger turns into sadness and she begins to cry in my arm. She went through a lot based on my judgment, I can tell by the scar on her body.

I let her go and she wept while her head lowers to her knee and holding the knife in her right hand. I stand and turn toward other kids, I gesture them to close their eyes with their hand and they follow.

I walk to the man, loading the shotgun in my hands, "Is there more?" I ask.

"Please let me go, I'm just a delivery man" he begs.

"IS there MORE?!" I ask again.

"NO. Now can you please leave me alone," he pleaded.

"I can't," I aim the shotgun on his head and squeeze the trigger, the sound was loud like a thunder and it cut through all sound leaving silence behind.

I cover his body with a waterproof blanket so I can hide the hole in his head and put on my helmet back on, then I squat and pat the bunny girl head, I smile to comfort her and gesture at her so she would follow me out of here.

She sniffs my hand and nods her head, I grin then I gesture to the other kids to follow me as well, after a couple sec of convincing them to follow me, I finally succeed, I was carrying the metal briefcase and walking fast toward the stair.

I stop as I pass a rectangle green wooden box, I walk back to the box and read the description, smiling even more. The other kid looks at the description and not understand what contain inside of the box.

After a few minutes, I was walking with the rectangle green wooden box in my left hand, a large metal briefcase in my right hand and a dozen kids behind me.

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