Chapter 32:

Chapter 32 [Loud and Fast]


After a few minutes, I and the bunch of kids exit the container ship; gathering outside and standing near a lamp post. Everyone is looking at each other wondering what to do next, I look at my watch, waiting for Cindy to come. The kids all begin to look at me at the same time, it's like they looking for an answer from me. Well, they are looking at the wrong person; I don't actually know what to do with them actually, I keep quiet and ignore their stare them.Bookmark here

Screech.Bookmark here

A sound of vehicle drifting, from the distance I can see a pink van moving fast heading to us. the sight of a pink van causes the group of kids to become terrified and huddle together.Bookmark here

"Calm down, it's my friends," I said after turning my body toward the kids, calming them down with both of hand raise.Bookmark here

The van stopped and the door slides open; revealing a woman wearing a gas mask, a pink crop top, black jean jacket, short jeans with stocking underneath and big black boots.Bookmark here

"What with the kids?" Cindy ask.Bookmark here

"It's a long story I will tell you later but can you take off their collar?" I ask.Bookmark here

"Let me see," Cindy said then stepping out of the van and approach one of the kids, she seems to be inspecting the collar but the kid that she picks is nervously shaking.Bookmark here

"Suppressor collar? I thought.." Cindy said.Bookmark here

"They were banned, I know" I continue her sentence.Bookmark here

"I can do it but give me a sec," Cindy said and jump back into the van searching for something.Bookmark here

She came out with a device that looks like a gun, I raise my hand with caution.Bookmark here

"Don't worry it not a gun, it a signal transmitting device," she said then point at one of the kids, she then types something to the device and in a few seconds, the collar pop off and fall to the ground.Bookmark here

"Wow," I was amazed by how fast and easy Cindy takes off their collar.Bookmark here

"Let do this quickly," Cindy said, she only need to point and press the trigger and just like that the collar pop off, in a couple second every collar that was on the kid's neck already taken off and fall to the ground, the kid's cheers in happiness as if for the first time of their life, they were truly free.Bookmark here

"Ok let go," Cindy said.Bookmark here

"No need to tell me twice," I said then loaded the green wooden box in the van and then I grab the large metal briefcase, placing it inside of a metal grid square cage that Cindy called Faraday cage. She says that it would block any incoming or outgoing transmission, in case that the briefcase contained a tracking deviceBookmark here

I turn my body toward the kids, they were all looking at me again, with big puppy eyes and pleading me to take them with me.Bookmark here

"We can't take them with us, you know how dangerous it is," Cindy said before climbing into the driver seat.Bookmark here

"I know," I sighed.Bookmark here

With a heavy heart, I shoo the kids away, "SCRAM! GO ON!! LEAVE!!!" I scream, the kid was shocked and all of them began to run away in a different direction like wild animal except for one particular kid, the bunny girl.Bookmark here

The bunny girl walks to me and extends the knife I gave earlier to me, she wants to give me back the knife, I look a the knife and back at the kid, I smile under my helmet and then I push back the knife to her.Bookmark here

"You keep it, kid," I said, then I salute her with my two fingers.Bookmark here

The bunny girl smile, the van begin to move and I wave goodbye to her, I can only wish her good luck at this point. I closed the van door and taking a seat on the floor with my back leaning on the van metal body. My body feels tired and I couldn't help myself but fall asleep.Bookmark here

=============================================================================Bookmark here

The smell of aromatic, fresh bread getting out of the oven, linger in my nose, I smile as I keep on tossing around my hay bed, my eyes barely open as a warm light shining on my face, the feeling of warmth somehow reminds me that I was back at home. I could hear someone bustling in the other room.Bookmark here

I can hear a conversation between a husband and wife on the other side of the room.Bookmark here

"Ava would you please wake up our lazy son," The husband said.Bookmark here

"Our son is not lazy dear, he just tired helping us yesterday," the wife said.Bookmark here

"You spoil him too much, Ava" the husband sighed.Bookmark here

"How could I not, he is our only son," the wife said then I can hear the door to my room opens.Bookmark here

Light footsteps closing toward me, and the shift of my bed as the woman called Ava seat at the edge of my bed, she gently caresses my face and my hair. For a long time, I never thought that I could feel a mother warmth hand on my face once more, I could not help myself but let a single tear drop from my eye.Bookmark here

"Arthur, wake up," the woman said gently.Bookmark here

The world suddenly shakes.Bookmark here

"Wake up," the woman said gently.Bookmark here

and the world shakes again.Bookmark here

"HARU, WAKE UP!" Cindy's voice replace the woman this time causing me to opens my eyes, I move my head around and see bullet holes on the metal body of the van, I duck my head as the bullet start flying again puncturing the metal body of the van.Bookmark here

"Welcome back to the living world, you sleepyhead, you may not know this but they are currently chasing us, and could you please get THEM OFF ME!," Cindy said, the van shakes again as the Suv ram into the van, trying to force us to crash.Bookmark here

I slide to the green wooden box, grabbing the crowbar that hangs on the wall of the van, I plunge the crowbar between the wooden box and the lid. I crack the wooden lid open enough to slide my had in then, I fully open the lid.Bookmark here

"What in the box?" Cindy ask.Bookmark here

"Something that will help us," I said.Bookmark here

I took out the Negev NG-7 Light machine gun, I open the feed and grab the ammunition belt from the wooden box. Then I feed the ammunition into the receiver, closing the feeder back and pull the bolt backward loading the round inside. I lift up the Negev and brought it to the back of the van facing the door.Bookmark here

I'm in control remember that,Bookmark here

This your last chance or I will not let you out anymore.Bookmark here

Fine, I do it your way.Bookmark here

I close my eyes, opening it again, I was no more, He is the one in control right now.Bookmark here

A smile form in my mouth, that evil smile that I know, that evil smile that wanted blood and pain from other, the one who enjoys it and the one who pull the trigger.Bookmark here

I open the van door and aim the Negev at the black SUV, squeezing the trigger, the Negev rip through the windshield, destroying the seat and the people inside of it, their head explodes and blood splatter inside of the interior as I keep firing on the SUV. The car slows down, turns sideways and crash into a pole causing the SUV to flip over.Bookmark here

The bullet flying toward me, as another SUV drive by begin firing their Uzi toward me, I turn my body, aiming the Negev toward the SUV and just let it rip.Bookmark here

Bullet casing falls to the floor of the van and onto the street below as I unload the bullet into the SUV I targeting. The SUV turn right and crash into the store beside the road.Bookmark here

The van itself shake as it being ram by The enemy SUV making me stumble and bump into the wall of the van.Bookmark here

"He on the right side of the van, get him!!" Cindy yells from the front.Bookmark here

I throw the Negev at the wooden box and sling my shotgun over my shoulder, I take a few steps backward, running straight ahead and jump outside after I grab the top edge of the van causing my body turns and landed on the roof of the van.Bookmark here

One of the men inside of the SUV notice me and start Firing at me, I duck avoiding the bullet but two of the bullet hit my arm, I ignore the pain and push through.Bookmark here

I stand up and aim my shotgun at the man firing his Uzi on me, I squeeze the trigger and the man head explode. Changing my aim toward the driver causing the driver to panic and ram the van. I stumble around and fall to the side.Bookmark here

Luckily I manage to grab the edge of the van but now I'm dangling on the Cindy door, Cindy look at me then look in front again but she looks at me again to confirm what she just saw.Bookmark here

"Why are you outside?" she asks.Bookmark here

"Lay back now!" I said. Cindy quickly leans backward.
Bookmark here

I take out my handgun using my right hand while left hand grabbing the edge of the roof, I aim at the driver of the SUV and squeeze the trigger. The bullet hit on its mark, and the driver finally out of the fight.Bookmark here

"Move! I drive! we almost at the checkpoint!" I said.Bookmark here

Cindy moves to the passenger seat and I enter the driver seat now; both of my hand now on the wheel and I step on the pedal.Bookmark here

"Get ready!" Cindy said as she held two triggers in her hand.Bookmark here

We pass through a tunnel and I can hear two SUV tires screech behind us, they are still following the van. Bookmark here

Well, now they won't.Bookmark here

"Press it!" I Yelled.Bookmark here

Cindy press both triggers and the tunnel behind us begin to collapse. The dirt and debris buried the two SUV behind us and it coming straight to us. I see the light at the end of the tunnel, I step on throttle down hard and we barely exit tunnels as it collapses behind us.Bookmark here

Cindy cheers loudly beside me and I close my eyes. The other me leave the body and it my turn to take over it.Bookmark here

I let out a breath of relieved as the pain begins to surface, I just have to hold the pain until I arrive at the base.Bookmark here

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