Chapter 33:

Chapter 33 [Not In The Mood]


The van screech as it stops inside of the base, the headlight of the van shine at the pissed off, Lucinda, standing in front of the van with both of her hand on her waist and her eyebrow furrow. She glared at me with the intention of ending me, I just rolled my eyes and turn my key in the ignition; turning off the engine.Bookmark here

I pull the handle beside me to open the door but when I push the door open, it falls to the ground followed by the dust floating in the air. I took a step outside of the van, taking off my helmet, throwing it to the driver seat and wiping the dust off my cloth.Bookmark here

Lucinda walks to me and still glaring at me.Bookmark here

"How dare you?" Lucinda fumed.Bookmark here

"What did I do?" I retort.Bookmark here

"You didn't tell me that part your plan is putting my love in danger!" Lucinda snapped.Bookmark here

"What?! I got no mood for this" I said and walk away from, the pain that I felt was like something is pressing both sides of my head, causing me a headache I never felt before, not to mention the pain from the bullet wound, I still can feel it all over my body.Bookmark here

"Don't you dare walk away from me!" Lucinda scolded, then she grabs my shoulder turning me around.Bookmark here

I turn around, my face emit bloodlust from out of nowhere that causes Lucinda to release my arm and reach to her knife at the back of her dress. My breathing becomes heavy, I can felt the anger inside of me, the aftermath of the other me left behind was something else, I almost felt like I was going insane, it, not just anger, its grief, pleasure, hatred mixing together and messing with my mind.Bookmark here

"I said, I'm NOT in the mood!" I warned.Bookmark here

Lucinda keeps on glaring at me, her face shows no expression except anger but her body show otherwise, I can see her hand that holding the knife is shaking and twitching. I turn around and start walking toward the stair that leads to my room.Bookmark here

I climb the stair, taking out the bottle of my pill that I stored in my hoodie inner pocket, and I sighed as I saw the bottle of my pill crush because of the fight I went through earlier. The loud ring begins to surface and the headache becoming worse.Bookmark here

I push open the door, stumbling toward the medicine cabinet, opening the cabinet, I grab the bottle painkiller and chug the whole content into my mouth. I swallow all of them, I raise both of my hands to my face, rubbing the temple of my head to relieve the pain but the pain won't simmer only getting worst and worst.Bookmark here

I stumble to my bed, needing to take a seat but my head throb so hard that my vision begins to blur, I look in front of me and I saw my uncle standing; smiling at me but that was not his smile, that was the other me smile.Bookmark here

Suddenly, I couldn't breathe and my heart begins to beat faster almost like it trying to explode.Bookmark here

I fall to my knee at first then my whole body slowly falls to the side, everything went dark and quiet.Bookmark here

The small alarm clock on my window show 11.59 P.M.Bookmark here

the room was mostly quiet except for the water drips from a leaking pipe and the wind blow through the windows crack. Looking out of the window you can see the snow begins to fall heavily.Bookmark here

The alarm clock showed 12.00 A.M.Bookmark here

I open my eyes quickly and breathe in the fresh air. I rotate my body so I face the ceiling, I start to cough a couple of time, and my lung slowly regains the fresh air I wanted. I touch my body checking whether what just happened was real.Bookmark here

"Did, I just die?" I ask aloud, and the crow outside of my window squawk.Bookmark here

I turn my head to the crow and the crow begins to peck the glass window. I stand up slowly, my leg is numb for whatever reason I couldn't think of, is tumble to the window and open it. The cold breeze brush of my face sending a shiver down my spine, I let the crow in and close back the window.Bookmark here

The crow flew up to the ceiling and perch on one of the beams. I walk to the bed taking a seat at the edge of it.Bookmark here

"Did I just had an organ failure? or is it because of me overdosing the painkiller?" I said aloud.Bookmark here

"Fuck this, I'm going to bed," I said aloud, then I begin taking my hoodies off and throw it on the floor.Bookmark here

Then I move to my kevlar vest, my body still soars as I try to take off the Kevlar vest, taking it off, I throw it beside of my hoodie and then I remove the black shirt I wore underneath, tossing it with the rest.Bookmark here

I lay on my back, closing my eyes and just like that I fall into a deep sleep.Bookmark here

=============================================================================Bookmark here

I open my eyes, immediately blinded by the warm sunny sun, as my vision finally begin to set in, I saw a woman with long blonde hair and fair skin, her gentle smile was directed at me, and her smooth hand caressed my face.Bookmark here

"There you are Arthur, wake up now," mom said.Bookmark here

"Can't I have few moments longer?' I ask.Bookmark here

"No you can't, or your Dad will be furious, come on wake up, don't let the food wait on you," Mom said.Bookmark here

"Okay, mom" I sighed, I move my body so I able to seat at the edge of the bed and stretch my both of my arms upward.Bookmark here

I get up from the bed, walking toward the barrel of water at the corner of my room, I look at my reflection, my blonde hair is messy and face shows a tired expression. Suddenly, the reflection flash someone else faces, I scoop the water and splash my face.Bookmark here

After I splash my face with cold water, I messed with my hair for short while, fixing it into place and making it look proper.Bookmark here

Moving away from the barrel, I enter the kitchen, the smell freshly baked bread is more pungent as I enter the room, it a small kitchen with clay oven for baking bread, cooking food, we have a small table with three chairs each for the member of the family, it also has four doors one of them leading to the front shop, two of them leading to a bedroom and lastly, the last door leading to the backyard.Bookmark here

I took a seat at the small table, I look at the table; a freshly baked blueberry bread with plain water to hose it down. Never once I felt bored eating the same food every day because the food that my mom and dad prepare are always delicious.Bookmark here

"Bollocks!" Dad cursed.Bookmark here

"Darling? Language please!?" Mom scold.Bookmark here

"Sorry, my dear but we seem to run out of blueberry if we don't have the blueberry, how do I make my famous blueberry bread?" Dad saidBookmark here

"Don't worry Arthur can go out and find some for us, won't you Arthur?" Mom said then turn her head toward me.Bookmark here

"Of course Mom, I'll do it right now!" I said excitedly.Bookmark here

"Look like I said, our son is not lazy.. wait now?" Mom said.Bookmark here

"See you later mom!!" I said as I took off into the backyard after storing my half-eaten blueberry bread into my backpack.Bookmark here

"Wait! don't you want to kiss your mom goodbye?" my mom called out.Bookmark here

"No thanks!" I said after turning my body to face my mom and wave goodbye to her.Bookmark here

"Look like he grown, he won't need his mom after this" Dad said, he grunts as mom's elbow his stomach, for what my dad just said.Bookmark here

After a couple while, no it more of a half hour of walking.Bookmark here

I shake my thought away and keep moving following the river upstream. I always love nature, the sound of birds chirping, the water flowing, the warm light breeze caressing my face and the smell of old wood.Bookmark here

I enter the forest on my right side, at first rough terrain was hard to traverse but as time go by I finally found a good trail that I can use, along the trail I try to look for a blueberry shrub, after finding some but it still wasn't enough so I travel deeper into the forest until I found around clearing.Bookmark here

I look at the clearing; it has a little stream that flows beside a giant beautiful tree. I step into the clearing to admire the tree closer but as I got closer, I saw a young girl behind the tree wearing a dark tattered cloak and nibble on something.Bookmark here

I approach the girl, accidentally step on a stick causing a loud snap, the girl turns her head toward me, at first, I was shocked, shocked because her mouth is smear by blood and she is holding a dead rabbit in her hand. As I got closer, I can examine her face, her eyes were something else, at first glance you can see black darkness but as stare more and more into it, you can see beautiful twinkling stars like the starry night sky.Bookmark here

I was amazed by her beautiful eyes that I didn't even realize that she didn't feel the same way, she covers her eyes with a hood and crawls away, she was wary of me, I raised both of my hand to show her that I'm not dangerous as she thought I was.Bookmark here

"Hello, my name Arthur, whats your?" I ask.Bookmark here

but she only growls in response, does she even understand what I am saying, she acts more like a wild animal, as she crawls away from me.Bookmark here

"Don't worry, aah here I got food!" I said, I reach into my bag and take out my blueberry bread.Bookmark here

She stops her crawl, sniffing the aroma of the blueberry bread produce, her stomach growl loudly as she crawls closer to me, wanting to examine the food that I'm holding, she crawls closer and closer until suddenly she pounces at me.Bookmark here

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