Chapter 34:

Chapter 34 [Cluster]


The girl pounces on me causing me to fall on my back on the ground with the girl on top of me, munching on the half bread that I offer to her earlier. She was strong, stronger and heavier than I could imagine, the breadcrumb falls to my face as she munches the bread until nothing left.Bookmark here

Her stomach begins to growl out of hunger, her eyes glance to the breadcrumbs on my face, she raises both of her hand to each side of my face, she holds me steady and begins licking the breadcrumbs off my face.Bookmark here

the blood smear across my cheek and lip. I can taste the cooper on my lip. After she finishes licking my face, she gets off me and crawls to the dead rabbit. I managed to sit up again and wipe my face off. She grabs the dead rabbit place it in front of me.Bookmark here

I look at the rabbit and back to her, she pushed it toward me, as a sign of a gift.Bookmark here

"no thanks, I think I already full," I said.Bookmark here

She looks at me and begins eating the rabbit, I smile, stand up from the ground and walk to the stream of water. I scoop the water with both my hand and wash the blood smear off my face. The girl crawls toward me and sits beside me, her eyes filled with curiosity as wondering what I was doing.Bookmark here

I scoop the fresh water and wipe her face; cleaning the blood smear and dirt around her face. She scrunches her nose for a while and smiles at me, I return her smile.Bookmark here

"My name is A r t h u r," I said again, then I point to myself.Bookmark here

"w h a t  i s  y o u r  n a m e ?" I ask again, then I pointed to her.Bookmark here

"Ar thur?" she stuttered and point to her self.Bookmark here

"I'm Arthur, You?" I said then I pointed to her.Bookmark here

She stares deeply into my eyes but at the same, she not looking at me, it like she recalling something, something from the past.Bookmark here

"Ae ter na," the girl said.Bookmark here

"Aeterna," I let out, Arthur voice mixing with mine voice.Bookmark here

...Bookmark here

..Bookmark here

.Bookmark here

RING!!Bookmark here

I open both of my eyes; automatically hit the stop button on the alarm clock with my hand.Bookmark here

"Aeterna" I let out.Bookmark here

Then turning my head toward the glass window; I can see ice frost forming beautifully on the edge of the glass pane. My body shivers as I feel the cold morning air, I look toward the alarm clock; 9.00 A.M.Bookmark here

My body still feels sore from the wound I acquire last night but for some reason, I felt warm and numb on my left arm. I look at the blanket covering my entire body, the strangest about it is the large bulge on my left arm. Lifting the blanket off me; I was shocked to see the half bunny, human girl snuggling on my left arm and also she holding the foldable knife I gave her last night, and thank god the blade is the handle. Bookmark here

I remove my arm from her snuggling hand, the rabbit girl immediately pulls the blanket to cover herself in warmth like an egg roll. I wipe my face with both of my hand, sighing at the situation right now.Bookmark here

"Nope, Coffee first" I let out.Bookmark here

I get off the bed; heading toward the medicine cabinet, I grab another bottle painkiller and head downstairs with a towel over my shoulder.Bookmark here

After I reach downstair; I head to the open kitchen in the middle of the warehouse. I look around the warehouse and seeing nobody in the warehouse, Cindy must be sleeping at Lucinda. as I was walking passed Cindy workstation filled with monitor and many other techs that I myself not familiar with. I saw the large metal briefcase still inside the Faraday cage.Bookmark here

Arriving at the kitchen; I grab a ceramic glass form the bottom cabinet, placing it under the coffee nuzzle, I press the button to pour the hot coffee into my cup. In the distance I can hear a door metal door open and close, it must be them so I just ignore it and wait for the coffee machine to finish it pouring me some.Bookmark here

The machine finish pouring and I grab the cup of coffee of the tray. turning my body toward the sound footstep heading toward, surprised to see Bigjaw heading my way.Bookmark here

"Hey, where are the others and also do you want some coffee?" I ask, smile at him.Bookmark here

Bigjaw takes off his jacket and throws it on the sofa, He begins to crack his both of his knuckle.Bookmark here

"There still some you know? in the coffee...machine" I said, trying to calm him down.Bookmark here

Bigjaw stands in front of me; his chest pumps up, his eyebrows furrow that they almost touching together, he glared at me.Bookmark here

"Fine! you can have mine! jeez! someone grumpy" I said extending the cup of coffee toward Bigjaw.Bookmark here

Bigjaw slaps the cup of coffee away from my hand causing me to let go of it and it falls to the ground, spilling the content.Bookmark here

"What?! that was a good cup of coffee!" I fumedBookmark here

"Lucinda sent her regards," Big jaw said.Bookmark here

"Fuck! Bigjaw please, you don't have to do this" I plead.Bookmark here

He pulls his fist back and launches it toward my face, I dodge to the left and throw a light jab to the side of his stomach. He catches my fist with his other hand; pulling me close, he starts punching my face.Bookmark here

I was disoriented at first but I quickly recover and I quickly throw a punch on his face, his face turn sideways and then he turns his head back to me and slowly shook his toward me, my eyes widen as he begins to grab both my arm and kick me. The kick sends me flying and knocking over the refrigerator behind me.Bookmark here

I grunt, turning my head to the left side, I spit some of the blood inside my mouth to the floor and I notice some kind of crack on the floor. Turning my head to BIgjaw I already saw him standing in front me, then he lowers to his knee and begins choking me.Bookmark here

I grunt and try to pry Bigjaw hand off my throat but it was useless as the grip was too strong for me to pry off, as I begin to lose breath, I try to reach whatever on my right side, finding something, I grab the handle and hit Bigjaw face with it.Bookmark here

Pang!Bookmark here

The sound it makes, as I hit him with a pan, I hit him again and again until he let loose of his grip, I turn my body and launch a kick to his right stomach. Bigjaw grunt as he felt the kick and he stumbles left toward the sofa.Bookmark here

I rolled off the Refridgerator and on my knees, I grip tight on the pan and look at Bigjaw.Bookmark here

"stop!" I beg,Bookmark here

Bigjaw grunts; he stands up again and walks toward me. I quickly stand up, he stands in front of me and launches another fist toward me, I dodge again but this time, I hit his face with the pan and I keep hitting him until he disoriented then I launch a kick directly on his chest causing him to stumble back and fall on his back. Bigjaw fall causes a crack on the floor and I ignore it.Bookmark here

"Stay...down!" I said while catching a breath.Bookmark here

But Bigjaw was relentless, he stands up again and walks toward the flat-screen TV; lifting the TV up then he faces his boy toward me.Bookmark here

"wait! wait! that TV is expensive!" I yelled.Bookmark here

Bigjaw gather his strength and throw the TV at me, I had no choice but to try and catch it, I let go of the pan; it falls on the floor. The flat-screen TV hit my chest causing me to fall to the ground and create more crack on the floor. I hear BIgjaw footstep as he charges at me, I grunt in pain as I try to lift the TV carefully, I curse myself as I was too late but suddenly I hear Bigjaw grunting in pain.Bookmark here

Bigjaw charge was stopped by a brave small girl, not just any girl; it the half bunny girl, at the moment she was on top of Bigjaw bitting his finger every time as he tries to grab her and hitting his head.Bookmark here

"Get off me Kid!!" Bigjaw yelled and the girl growl at him in response.Bookmark here

"Keep him busy, kid!" I yelled as I try to carefully lift the flat screen tv.Bookmark here

The kid begins gnawing on Bigjaw ears causing him to cry out in pain. Bigjaw stumbles around trying to get the kid off without noticing where he step, his feet suddenly step the pan causing him to lose his balance and fall on top of me, with the on top of him.Bookmark here

I grunt in pain as I was pressure by BIgjaw weight, The flat screen TV, and the girl. I notice as the crack grow toward us and making it way around us.Bookmark here

The floor started to let out a sound that really worried me, a sound of something breaking underneath.Bookmark here

Crack.Bookmark here

"Shit" I let out.Bookmark here

And the floor underneath us collapses bringing us down together.Bookmark here

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