Chapter 35:

Chapter 35 [Breakfast]


I, Bigjaw and the bunny girl fall down into the hole; as the floor collapse under us. My back landed on a tool trolley while Bigjaw landed on top of me causing the tool trolley to collapse underneath me.

The bunny girl landed on her feet beside me; she shakes her head to get the dust off her hair and ear and then she let out a small quiet sneeze.

Bigjaw grunt in pain as he moves his body away from me by rolling to the side, I let out an incoherent yelp as my whole engulf in pain. I look at the flat screen that I still hold in mine arms.

"Ah! Goddamn!" I yelled.

The flat screen TV is crack and crush beyond repair because of Bigjaw landed on me earlier. 

Ok, let unwind a bit about what just happen; I wake up and saw a half bunny young girl sleeping next to me for some reason, I decide not to deal with it and head to the kitchen to get coffee.

Then for some reason, Bigjaw start throwing a punch at me, I was beating he ass and not the opposite. Suddenly, Bigjaw throws the freaking flat-screen TV at me, the bunny kid came to distract Bigjaw, he falls on me then we fall through to the floor and into what it looks like an underground base. Well with all the shit just happen, the worst part of it all is my flat-screen TV broke.

I tried to move my leg, but to no avail, I tried pinching my leg but I could not felt anything, well I just broke my spine, I need to wait a minute before I can walk again with nothing to do; I place both of my hand under my head and start chilling.

I glance over the underground room: seeing a lot of machinery lying around, tool on the floor, some kind large tube leading somewhere, and something large underneath a sheet cover.

The bunny girl starts to walk around the room and sniffing the air while Bigjaw barely trying to get up. The sound of the warehouse door opening can be heard upstairs and the sound of footstep coming from two different people.

"Hello anyone here!" Cindy called out.

"I'm here inside the freaking hole in the kitchen!" I called out.


"You might want to stay away from the hole since it might be unstable" I warned.

I feel my spine shifting in my back; moving inside my muscle, shifting back into place and snapping back together. Small short pain struck my nerve where my spine broke then finally I can feel my leg again; I can finally move my leg.

Standing up; I stretch my arm and legs. I look around; Bigjaw is heading toward the door, trying to find a way out of here while the bunny girl stares at the large object that been cover by a sheet.

Walking to the side of the bunny girl; she looks at me and looks back at the object.

"Let see what we got here," I said; removing the sheet from the large object. The dust that covers the sheets float upward and slowly fall down after I remove the sheets.

"Wow, it rare to see one here," I said, amazed at what I saw.

"A mech suit, nice design," I said.

The mech suit is large with bulky, sharp edge appearance; focussing more on utilitarian and military. I place my hand on the dark green matte color body; feeling the cold steel with my own hand, The mech suit certainly is awesome but it has been years, I don't think it can run anymore

The freezing cold air finally set in as I stay in this room longer, behind me a sound of a door being open can be heard; turning my head toward it I saw Bigjaw finally find a way out.

"Let get some breakfast, shall we?" I said; looking at the bunny girl.

The bunny girl nod and snuggle her head on my arm, I can feel her soft bunny ears brushing against my skin, I pat her on the head and we both walk straight to the door; exiting the basement.

After a couple of minutes of light cleaning done in the warehouse especially the kitchen area. Me, Cindy, Lucinda, Bigjaw and the bunny girl are sitting at the dinner table; eating the flapjacks that Cindy bought from the diner on the way here.

After a few seconds of awkward silence, I start the conversation first.

"The flapjack taste good?" I ask, looking at Cindy.

"Hmm, a little sweet for my taste," Bigjaw said.

"Ohh, you don't like sweet food, Bigjaw?" I ask.

"I prefer bitter and spicy food" Bigjaw answer.

"That good news, we should get extra spicy chicken wings together sometimes," I said; as I bite the piece of flapjack on my fork.

"I would like that" Bigjaw said, and the awkward silence is back.

"I can't believe you, Lucinda" Cindy suddenly said, "I thought you promise me that you would drop last night matter" Cindy continue; her voice almost sound furious.

"But! my love, this person would endanger your own life just for his revenge!" Lucinda said. 

"I could not just drop what happen last night just like that!" Lucinda argued.

"Besides this man is insane, you see all the pill he took," Lucinda said, her eyes glaring at me.

"Of course he is insane, you think I don't know that? only an insane man like him willing to fight back those monster!" Cindy said.

"if you know what wrong with him, why are you still risking your life for his dumb crusade?!" Lucinda ask.

"because I lost something that night when they took me!" Cindy retort.

"what your stuff and thing that you so valued, I know you, Cindy. Even if you lost that stuff you wouldn't just risk your life just to get revenge" Lucinda said.

"you still don't get it, do you? you always thought that you know me more than anyone else. I guess you were wrong, you still don't know me." Cindy said.

"it not just I lost something that night, I lost the most important thing I own in the entire world; the only picture of my sister," Cindy said.

"Cindy, I din—" Lucinda said but was interrupted

"Let me get this straight, I didn't blame you for what happens" Cindy hissed.

"I just disappointed in your willing to break our promise; how could I trust after this?" Cindy said, her eyes lower.

"Cin—" Lucinda said but was interrupted again.

"Let just drop subject, leave it behind us," Cindy said coldly.

I and Bigjaw exchange a glance; we both feel uncomfortable being in the middle of their fight. Cindy turns to me and smiles like nothing just happen.

"Care to explain?" Cindy said; her eyes drawn at the bunny girl beside of me.

"Hmm, I think she followed my scent here," I said; I look at the bunny girl rabidly eating her flapjack.

"Where is she from anyway, she doesn't look like the local here," Cindy said.

"I'm not sure myself,"I said.

"She from the Red Federation," Lucinda said; Cindy and I look at Lucinda then back to the bunny girl.

"How can you tell?" I ask.

"The bar code on her neck, I have one myself," Lucinda said; I notice a bar code under a grease stain on the side of her neck, after wiping it with a napkin; the barcode reveals itself.

"Doesn't Red Federation under a civil war right now?" I ask

"That explains how they able to sneak those kids out of the country," Cindy said.

"So what we gonna do with her?" Cindy ask.

"We can't throw her out... I guess we keeping her here for a while until we find her a home" I said.

"If she staying here; she needs a bath first because she smells horrible" Cindy remarks.

"I could help take care of her" Lucinda said, Cindy looks at her; her lips form a frown.

"Do what you want, it not like I could stop you anyway" Cindy scoffed.

"Excuse me for asking; How about the mech suit in the basement?" I ask.

"Bigjaw will load the mech suit into a truck and bring it to Ricky workshop, so she could take a look at it," Cindy said; Bigjaw nod.

"If that everything, I will excuse myself, I'm going take a look at the catalyst" Cindy stand up from the chair and walk away without looking at Lucinda.

I glance over at the bunny girl; she just finishes enjoying her flapjack and turns her head to me, she tilted her head at me; doesn't seem to understand what just happened earlier, lucky her.

"Let gets you clean, shall we?" Lucinda said after getting off from her chair and walk to the bunny girl; she extends her hand to the bunny girl.

The bunny girl looks at Lucinda and turns her head to me; looking at me with worried eyes.

"Don't worry, even if she makes a lot mistake but she still..." my voice trail off.

"A friend," I said then nudge my head to Lucinda, The bunny girl slowly extends her hand to Lucinda's hand; she smiles and gets off from her chair.